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  1. To improve on this you could als try one or more of the following modelling tweaks: * Unweld the vertices around the problem area . * Remove the 'Smooth' property for the affected faces , undoing Max's auto-adding to a smoothing group. * Weld the vertices in the affected area. I know this contradict my first point but sometimes its better to have them welded and sometimes not. * Avoid curves in surfaces. Round structures at least do notlightmap vry good with the standard editor lightmapping. This is done much better with the advanced lightmapping in Max. * Avoid parallel faces which are very close to each other, lik a very thin wall with only a few millimeters btween outer and inner wall. * Avoid very small or thin faces in the millimeter range. Keep the mesh as simple as possible for the desired structure. If all this doesn't help overlap the faces for the corner. Instead of | | |______ Do this : | | | ________ |
  2. The name in the map selection browser is always taken from the *.DESC file in the /info folder and can be different from the folder name where your map is in. That means the 'work name' for the map is not necessarily shown in the maplist , but the name inside the <name> Maplist Name </name> tags in the *.desc file. E.g. for Wake Island 2007: The folder name is 'wake_island_2007' . Inside the /wake_island_2007/info/wake_island_2007.desc file its name is Wake Island 2007 and this is shown in the maplist.
  3. Point lighting is most useful for local light sources like street lamps, fires and other local lights. Its probably best to use the 'Sky' run for ambient lighting and the 'Sun' run for casting your main shadows. My preferred way is to setup all lights for the level and then activate/deactivate them for the desired run.
  4. 37: yes, wind does work but it will only affect effects coded for it ( called WindAffectionFactor or so, don't have the exact name handy ) Trajectories and vehicles are not affected,nor is a sailing boat if you manage to build one sv.spawnTime 5 sv.manDownTime 40 Please note that these are server settings and should normally reside in the 'Settings/ServerSettings.con' file and not in the AI code.
  5. No, players in any case need to download your new map file (at least the server.zip of the map). The reason is that clients are not aware of any new objects in the map until they have the correct files matching the server files. Clients will get a network ID error if their files differ from the server.
  6. Welcome to the BFEditor forums ! Are you aware of the fact that all players joining your modified map need to download at least a new map's 'server.zip' ? If that isn't a problem you can either use the editor to add a new ObjectSpawner ( thats the term for a vehicle 'appearing' spot ) or directly modify the gamemode files with a texteditor. The files are found in server.zip/gamemodes/<MODE>/<SIZE> . MODE is gpm_cq for the conquest version. Find the 'gameplayobjects.con' file and open it with your favourite texteditor (needs to be capable of handling pure TXT files,btw ) Have a look at the existing ObjectSpawners and copy/paste one . ObjectSpawners consist of two entries. One is the declaration of the Spawner and the other is for positioning it on the map. Rename it slightly to avoid conflicts with the existing Spawners and position it at your new location. You can find out the new coordinates by either try&error or use the ingame 'renderer.drawStats' command and walk to the desired location. You need to know the exact name of the aircraft,btw, e.g. 'usair_f15' is the F15 jet.
  7. The last link decribes it fairly complete. Don't forget to import host import socket in the endofround.py script, else HTTP services will fail. The key line is message = "POST "+str(sParseFile)+" HTTP/1.0\nAccept: */*\nAccept-Language: EN\nHost: "+str(sServer)+"\nContent-type: application/octet-stream\nContent-length: "+str(length)+"\n\n"+str(trufile) which assembles a valid data steam from the stats input. The try: messlen += sock.send(message) line then tries to send the data to your webserver's PHP script ( after connecting to the server ) The receiving end can be a bit tricky because of the unstructured data . Here's how i receive the stats string within my PHP 'receiver' script: /* parsestats parses the XML file sent by the XWW2 gameserver and feeds the database from it*/ /* with ideas from ELXX, deleted_screen and PiratePlunder coded from scratch by mschoeldgen for XWW2 */ /* comment the next 4 lines for offline testing, these are for online catchin' the XML file from the gameserver */ $mypost = file_get_contents("php://input"); $fp = fopen ("/tmp/tmp.xml","w"); fputs($fp,$mypost); fclose($fp); The string can be found in the 'tmp.xml' file and processed with the usual string utilities to decipher it and put it into a database. For my part i use MySQL but YMMV. Ow, btw if you don't wanf to keep and evaluate the data , your gameserver could easily assemble a complete HTML page and send that directly to the webserver ( instead of 'tmp.xml' ). In that case you won't need to postprocess the data .
  8. Of course you need to copy your map to the /levels folder in the other installation to test it. If it still doesn't show up the /info folder in the map is incomplete.
  9. Two installs of BF2 on one machine do work . Here's what i did to get a second 1.41 installation including the debugger: 1. Install BF2 from the DVD ( mine is the 1.0 version ) 2. Patch to 1.41 and install the BF2Editor. 3. Copy the whole game folder to a second location ( mine is called Battlefield 2_14) . This will be your 1.41 install. Optionally you can get rid of the Editor files in this folder, only keep the debugger components. 4. Create convenient shortcuts to launch BF2.EXE and BF2_r.EXE from this folder . Hack BF2_r.EXE as shown in the BFSP thread. Optionally hack BF2.EXE in this folder, too to use the same profile as the debugger. 5. Patch the original installation to 1.5 . This will be your editing and mapping installation and for online play. All you need now is to copy your modded zips into the 1.41 install to test and run in 1.41
  10. Haha, TS once again . Nice work m8 ! I appreciate the telephone poles and the cables, hehehe. Quite a job to position them
  11. Depending on the type of the model thats ok on todays machines , BF2 can handle that . Only make sure to strip the model on the higher lods to reduce engine load where its not necessary. I have an X-Wing model with more than 20000 polies (triangles) ingame. Not sure about the vertices but its more than 30000 for sure. Thats only the geom1->lod0 model though .The 1P model, higher lods and wreck contain far less. Afai read here,there's heavy problems. Max 9 is probably the latest version without trouble.
  12. Call your picture 'sp1_64_menumap.png'. Yeah,i know it sounds as if sp3..... would be correct but the menu is slightly bugged. There's probably a typo: mode type="gpm_coop"> </mode> Make sure there's really a "<" in front of mode type coop line.
  13. All you can do is to reduce the nameTagDrawDistance for enemies and/or friends. I don't have the syntax handy ( our mod completely disbles nametags ) but i think e.g.PR plays around with it. Look at the gamelogicinit.con of the mod. If you have a running debugger it should help you with the syntax.
  14. Please read this thread first: http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15303 If you plan to run debugger and retail version 1.5 on the same machine, apply this hack to the debugger to let it use a different profile. Further down in the thread i explain my method of running debugger and retail 1.5 . Admittedly its a bit complicated, but DICE decided to a ) never let us have a newer debugger b ) make profile and menu files incompatible between 1.41 and 1.5
  15. Here's a download link for the 3DSMax 9 Trial version: http://www.gamefront.com/files/16729087/3dsmax9.exe/ Use Google,it helps
  16. I only can say that our fly-by sounds do work by coding the sound into the 'Projectile_Looping' template. It might work to create materials but thats an unnecessary effort. If in doubt have a look at e.g. the USART_LW155.tweak file and listen to the sounds : ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_USART_LW155_Barrel_Projectile_Looping ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser nfe ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "objects/weapons/stationary/usart_lw155/sounds/artillery_projectile_01.wav,objects/weapons/stationary/usart_lw155/sounds/artillery_projectile_02.wav,objects/weapons/stationary/usart_lw155/sounds/artillery_projectile_03.wav" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 0 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 1 ObjectTemplate.stopType 0 ObjectTemplate.volume 1 ObjectTemplate.pitch 0.7 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 0 ObjectTemplate.pitchEnvelope 0/1/0.9/1.1/1/1/0/0.97/1.1/ ObjectTemplate.minDistance 40 ObjectTemplate.halfVolumeDistance 70
  17. Ow,sure but did you try to play BF1942 or BF:V on it ? Too bad that those don't run good on multicore machines and tend to crash . And BF1942 and BF:V were probably te best games to mod in the whole BF series
  18. Hmm, in that case its better to completely leave out NDetail. A grey texture is not something which would work - have a look at the original BF2 textures for buildings , both for re-using them on your model and as a template of how it should look like. Btw,its not the worst idea to use BF2 textures as it will save space on your model and ( as textures are loaded once ) save runtime resources.
  19. Yes, i can confirm that the problem doesn't exist with custom waterplanes, just make the collision mesh the same size as the visible mesh .
  20. How did you produce your NDetail texture ? The standard way to make a bump/normal map is to run the NVidia plugin for Photoshop - how did you do it ?I never encountered the 'Base texture too dark' problem ? Even very dark browns and blacks did work as expected - only keep in mind that all the texture layers are multiplied for the ingame/editor result.
  21. LandingZones are no longer used. Its true that a few remains are in game but we were assured by the DICE developers that they are not in use anymore. Remove them from your map. OrderPositions on the other hand are very useful and should be placed inside the StrategicAreas . that sounds like a different error. Check your weapons against other (LAN WAN ) players and make sure you didn't tamper with the damage system or materials.
  22. Thats easy to check: Add an uvmap modifier with channel 2 on the mesh and use the 'Edit' window to see if theres a problem like wild lines and excessive coordinates.You could also switch detail channel to 'on' in all your BF2StaticMesh shaders ( yellow box in the Detail texture slot ) and judge in the viewport. .. and hopefully the /objects folder. All your textures are expected there by the game.
  23. ObjectTemplate.activeSafe GenericFireArm USART_LW155steerable_Barrel You're tweaking that object more than once in your code. Remove the doublette. ObjectTemplate.seatInformation ats_tow -0.258/0.988115/-0.463 0/0/0 You're trying to use the 'ats_tow' as seat parent but your current PCO is the 'usart_lw155steerable' . Change that line. ObjectTemplate.addTemplate igla_djigit_EntryPoint You're using an entry point from another vehicle. There's nothing wrong with that as long as the vehicle is already loaded. Better code your own entry point to be on the safe side. ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USART_LW155steerable_Camera Currently your player camera is added to the immobile base. Its probably a good idea to add it to the USART_LW155steerable_Barrel_Base instead so that you can view along the barrel while turning the artillery.
  24. One of the problems is imo the parent of the seat for the 'driver' controller. Normally this is a part of the vehicle ObjectTemplate.seatInformation ats_tow -0.258/0.988115/-0.463 0/0/0 One has to seperate the seat from the vehicle to be independent on the vehicle position. I guess DEVILMANS idea using the TV hud might be a good way for the camera but first one has to solve the problem of having a vehicle with its physics seperated from the driver. Another way could be to make the vehicle the 'projectile' with TV guided HUD but a custom material so that it doesn't suffer from impact . We can attach all kinds of things to projectiles,maybe wings or wheels would work ?
  25. Yeah sure: ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_arisaka_type38_Projectile_Looping ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "mscho" ObjectTemplate.lowSamples 2147483647 ObjectTemplate.mediumSamples 2147483647 ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "objects/weapons/common/sounds/generic_looping.wav" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 0 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 1 ObjectTemplate.stopType 0 ObjectTemplate.volume 0.7 ObjectTemplate.pitch 1 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 0 ObjectTemplate.pitchEnvelope 0/1/0.9/1.1/1/1/0/0.97/1.1/ ObjectTemplate.minDistance 3 ObjectTemplate.halfVolumeDistance 8 As the template is already added you only need to fill it with a sound. The above is for most of our sniper thingies and contains a swishing soundloop i generated with my DX7 synthesizer.(Yeps,i have one of those dinosaurs )
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