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  1. Khrimson


    simpleshadowmapio.raw triggers the shadow effect mapped on simpleshadowmap.raw so it (simpleshadowmapio.raw) should be ALL WHITE except on areas where are buildings that can be accessed on the roof only, so that you don't get the shadow effect when you walk on the roof. check stock maps for references I hope it helps
  2. Khrimson

    sim city heightmaps

    no interleaving in raw files for heightmaps
  3. Khrimson

    BF Vehicles as a static

    hmm, don't think you are allowed to. *I think* you could anyways import dice models in max as explained here around, then you should retexture them and export as static. I don't think is a good idea to have on the same map drivable and not drivable veichles with the same skin, it would cause confusion.
  4. Khrimson

    Operation Amos Beta

    looking at the screens it looks like a really good work. And you managed to place waterflowers ... what is the height difference between water and terrain in that point? :wink:
  5. Khrimson

    Map: Gulf of Aqaba (Beta3)

    ten-four I'm busy too really
  6. 0= no texture 1=1st texture 2=2nd and 3d textures as really they are the same texure rotated 90 degrees for the planemap option (i think)
  7. Khrimson

    per-pixel static textures

    I'm texturing a static object , atm I'm using 2 layers, color and detail. I've read that _de should be 1 bf2cm per pixel, I've tried importing in the editor an object with a stretched _de texture and seems there are no problem really pic: the grate on the windows is mapped on channel 2 (_de). Textures around are choppy because I collapsed everything aside hull and windows without applying un unwrap for channel2 anyone can explain me the reason why is better to have per-pixel layers in statics (for _de for example)? Is there a faster way to generate them other than raw measure tool in max and a calculator (render to texture?). Thanks
  8. Khrimson

    Map: Gulf of Aqaba (Beta3)

    To build my own navmeshes for zhanjiang I followed mscholeden procedure and to understand the tricky clicking involved in neighbouring I read kysterana's one. which tutorial are you referring to?
  9. Khrimson

    Map: Gulf of Aqaba (Beta3)

    well really you don't need to press that button, the navmesh itself is generated outside the editor by a python script, in the editor you have only to assign strategic areas, neighbours and waypoints
  10. Khrimson

    Map: Gulf of Aqaba (Beta3)

    ehm... the tutorial about navmeshing is not mine then I wouldn't spend much time navmeshing it since I have a navmesh already done to fix and a more accurate one is probably coming shortly. About the woodencrate error I don't know really, I had no fatal errors generating the navmesh
  11. Khrimson

    Map: Gulf of Aqaba (Beta3)

    downgrade no serously I didn't test it under 1.2 yet, I'll see if it CTD for me too EDIT: I just launched beta2 version under 1.2 and it works correctly, Are you trying SP? both beta 2 and beta3 have no navmesh so it crashes for that reason if you launch SP game- If you downloaded beta3 and it crashes creating local game please let me know.
  12. Khrimson

    Map: Gulf of Aqaba (Beta3)

    @korben dallas I'll post answer to you here becuase I'm not sure PM inbox is working correctly, I had 20 unread PMs and counter was showing 0 plus I didn't get emails. Sorry to anyone who wrote me and did not get a reply.
  13. Khrimson


    and is coded on lightmap atlas files on red channel (as someone pointed out a couple of months ago)
  14. Khrimson

    Does this work (Lightmaps)

    the other being the sun
  15. Khrimson

    flip uv map

    next time use symmetry modifier, UVW coords will be automatically applied to the other half