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  1. You can try downloading it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=acb2b1b...33f12c7f91fa741
  2. If you feel particularly adventurous, try running flasm over the main menu and find/replace the colorcodes. flasm is a command line tool, you need to use CMD to be able to operate it. Just running it will print help. To get the best effect: -Download flasm -Open menu_client, find mainMenu.swf (there are other swf files, endOfRound is the only one that actually gets used, for, you guessed it, endOfRound information, but also loading). -Extract the file to some (empty) directory. -Run flasm over the file and decompile it. It wil lbe practically unreadable. For cross referencing, try flare aswell, thoguh you cannot compile that, it is usefull to pinpoint interesting values. -Open the decompiled file in any texteditor. -For the normal menu, there will be some particulary large values around line 26718 (yes thats 26k lines). These values are the default UI colorcodes. -Adjust the values. They are in decimal, to make colorcodes, convert to hex using window calculator. -Recompile the output from flasm with flasm. -Put the file back -Run bf2.exe Replacing all colorvalues with the value 11259375 (= 0xABCDEF) (that is, the values near the line I gave), my menu turned quite blueish: Note that some colors are still different. Though the main UI elements follow the default colors, not everything is made from standard UI components and thus follow different rules. Also, I did a find replace on 0xFFFFFF to 0xABCDEF so all text was blue too. Also, making everything blue isnt particulary clear for the user And note: DICE didnt allow users to publish modified content of theirs. Just saying.. All in all, I recommend either just keeping the original menu, or just make a new one. The latter option is quite difficult, but not impossible. I just dumped an old tutorial of mine.
  3. Hi everyone, After digging through some archives, I found some old material I was working on when I was modding BF2. The project died a long time ago and I'm not sure if there is any usefulness in it, considering it applies to BF2 only, and BF:BC and BF:Heroes are already way through the pipeline. Anyway, I though of looking here and there is still a lot going on, so I'm just going ahead, it probably wont hurt anyone. Most of this comes from reverse engineering the original menu. Because of that, there is some DICE code from the original menu in the package. I have no idea of the legality of this, if its not allowed, give me a heads up and it'll be gone before you know it . Its mainly used for reference. Some base classes that are implemented in BF2 itself are given as stubs, because it cannot compile without them, even though the swiffplayer overloads those functions. That and they help when testing the movie without bf running. (is EA personnel still around btw?) Anyway, the package has an .fla file named scroller (first thing to be implemented was a scrollbar), folders dice (stubs and code), harry (my code) and mx (from dice, though not sure if it can be stubbed out). Also a folder hudImages that has the images my example uses when in the HUD configuration screen. And the most important: flashtut.pdf, file has a description of how the thing actually works. The ideal setup is to remove mainMenu.swf from the Menu_*.zip files, make a new folder in the mod's folder with the path "menu\External\FlashMenu" and put mainMenu.swf there. Add a shortcut for bf2 there and you should be set. As for compiling (I believe its in the notes), needs to be flash 7, _uncompressed_ (the fla file has this set already). Theres some debugging in there, but it runs. It also shows some cool filters you can apply when browsing, like Linux/Windows only Also, please note that this menu allows you to do stuff _without_ selecting a profile. This can result in crashes if you start doing too much. The actual 'package': flash.zip All in all, have fun with it. I'll keep peeking here now and then, unless the thread dies a silent death.... Oh, it requires some ActionScript knowledge and the ability to make something out of my code. I never said it was going to be easy Harry PS: some screenshots:
  4. Harry

    Need Fire

    I am unlocking this thread. Although what seems to be going on here isnt really suitable for all ages, I dont think its fair for Junk just to close his topic. Unless of course we need to trigger a new rant, you got to love those ones . Also, I personally feel that if posts are being removed, remove all posts that have a "negative" content, not jsut the one. Its not fair (althoguh a flamewar isnt fair) to the guy whose post was removed. Flamewars are fine, as long as its in the context of this threads title and first post, eg using a flamethrower. Wasnt python able to track players who lost 50% of their health to someone, and when killed assistance points were given? Maybe you can see how much the direct damage of the flamethrower did and give "asistance points" based on that. If the resulting healthloss was most likely not causes by enemy fire, give the guy with the flame the full points. Havent looked into this very much but it might be an idea.
  5. I suggest the usage of the [codebox] tag isntead of the [code] tag. These large scripts make it particulary hard to read the posts The bracket at line 271 isnt being closed, do so at line 274. Idk if oyu already do so, but use a program with syntax highlighting for python, it can help finding brackets and braces that arent matched correctly by giving wrong highlights when selected (Notepad++ is a good program, but python comes with its own IDE if I am correct).
  6. Problem is, those are the shaders that get compiled during load. When the BF2 shaders are compiled, they arent recompiled for your mod, they removed that feature in version 1.2 or something? SO even if you can get BF2 to read those shaders, only the uncompiled versions get used, the rest is read out of the cache (atleast thats what I got when I tried).
  7. You can supply the soundname, althoguh i dont know the command off the top from my head. Create a new sound and set the filename to nothing. You could also set the delay really high (or the volume low, idk if thats a settings for the lightning)
  8. skydome is what you see in the sky of the map and you cannot get rid of it, although I doubt you actually would want to get rid of it, because if you do so, all what is left is a void (and youll get render issues:))
  9. It was the glowshit object, which is glowing and dynamic if im correct. The hierarchy was Orb -Flag inside orb --Glowshit destroying the orb made the lights go out.
  10. Idk, I think only the glow object was addtemplate'ed it it does flicker for me. I dont have the source at hand so I cant look it up atm (but you should dld the mod anyway =] )
  11. You just apply the bundledmesh material in the 3dsmax materialeditor and you made a bundledmesh. I believe the hierarchy of bundoledmeshes and staticmeshes are the same, except for the root, which has to be named root_bundledmesh_NAME instead of root_staticmesh_NAME.
  12. Yes you can. If you add a light to a destroyable object (PCO for example), the engine will hide the light when its in wreck mode, repair it and it comes back. The light will turn off (if you have ever played Desert-Conflict, you might have noticed a flickering behaviour of the flag-orb in CTF when the flag is carried around). Im not sure if the light is hidden if you tell the engine not to hide children when the PCO is wrecked, but you always set that boolean to false. Ofcourse, when you play on low settings lights are always off
  13. turn of antialiasing from your video control panel (not the one ingame) might help. Also, if details are the problem, dont post pics in JPEg but rather PNG, your jpg is WAY to lossy Might also be the resolution of bf2, the higher it gets, the smaller the text.
  14. Heh, how do you think I got to the code? Buying bf:sf? But you're right tho, its not extremely detailed, more a kick in the right direction. It doesnt even make proper note of the editor, I believe it should be able to handle triggers (I didnt have the latest when I wrote the tut) As for you, sxdemon, most of the times if you know why something doesnt work its an easy fix in battlefield :-P Have you tried loading the map in the editor or the debugger? Maybe some error pops up which could help you identify your problem
  15. if you want it for the editor id say the more powerfull singlecore, I havent seen bf2 utilise dualcore properties of processors, seems all the hard work is done with one thread.
  16. You're in luck: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9862
  17. A hacky way is to rotate the pivot 180 degrees and then putting the door in upside down, so it looks upright but the game will rotate it the other way around. You can also try to set the rotation to a negative value, maybe that works if you aready havent done so
  18. Haha, nice way to punish ppl for something bad they did . Yeah I noticed it was a bit short too, oh well.
  19. Well, you want to change the GUIIndex to (I think) 0 for the gun you talk about. In the editor there should be the WeaponHud section in the tweakerbar for said weapon where you cna alter the guiindex. save the mod afterwards
  20. well, there is Nametags.setCullDistance (TagType Vec2) I know only of the following tagtypes (TagType?) (from nametags.con and renddx9.dll) ICArmorBar ICAmmoBar ICSquadOrder ICCommanderOrder ICTarget ICObject ICObjectVehicleDrop ICHealthBar ICVehicleMedic ICVehicleRepair ICVehicleAmmo ICAmmo ICRank ICRevive ICMedic ICRepair I dont think any of those apply to the controlpoints tho, and idk why it has to be a vec2 edit: also: TTObject TTOrder TTPlayer maybe TTObject orso
  21. Maybe some idea: use the disable function of Mach's script to enable a rocketpack on the back of the soldier as soon as he hits the water (or some waterengine). Make it very weak but still capable of allowing the soldier to float a little. As soon as he gets out disable it again ofcourse.
  22. heres a list on the bf2 technical wiki, has similar info on the subject: http://bf2tech.org/index.php/GameEvent BTW, if you dont have a ranked mod you can hijack the medalevents aswell I wonder if you can twist the blur in such a way that if someone enters a vehicle w/o the proper kit, vision gets blurred. Or if the player doesn something else unwanted.
  23. this is a limitation of the engine and itll inform you you passed in an illegal argument. Alls firerates have to be a divisor of 1800, as the physicsengine runs on a limited fps and so cannot handle any arbitrary firerate. So its either 900 or 1800, but 1000 isnt valid. Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, imo its not. Youll jsut have to stick with something close (Id say 900) and make the audio sound like its 1000, personally I tihnk its hard to tell the difference.
  24. What if you use a completely white texture for the 3rd slot (the specular one if im not mistaken). That one takes care of the shadow, maybe if you disabled it for a while it might change things (the horse should turn completely red w/o any shading). Its no solution but it might clarify something?
  25. Harry


    Well, you can set the GUIIndex of the smokegrenade to that of a helicopter, but im not sure if its possible to retain the HUD when in freefall, as usually the hud just disappears. If that happens, you'd have to mod the main hud and not the hud of the weapon (you can still set the guiinjdex if needed but it becomes way more advanced imo)
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