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  1. Gonna be honest, I'm not sure how best to slice that poly while not disrupting the nice curve is has. I've tried a few things like slice but all it does is add inaccurate vertices half way up. But in order to keep that curve all the way down the edges must travel the whole way regardless of how many "jumps" between vertices they have to take. Surly it's doable, people make FAR higher poly meshes than this in the profession and I've never seen them rendered like this, it's just silly how it's rendering them.
  2. Tried auto-smooth @45 and manual smoothing on 1.
  3. Hey chaps, I have something to show you. When I render this model the polygon seems all crumpled, yet in the viewport it's fine. Smoothing has been applied and I have manually done the triangulation. I can't work out why it's showing like this. Any ideas?
  4. That checkered pattern is actually a 10242 texture I made. Since I changed it to Multi-Sub-Object its made it worse, now I can't see it in the view port either. Renderer (F10) checks out. Edit: Hehe, oops. My bad it is actually working now, but as you can see I had Element selected in Editable Mesh, once I switched back to Unwrap UVW it popped up Thank you chaps. But riddle me this... All objects are "renderable" but invisible on render, in fact if I don't have anything selected then I just get a black render... This is using default render settings which you can see in this screenie. :S
  5. Odd, since I applied a texture the renderer isn't picking anything up any more. :/ any ideas?
  6. You did Now I know it's ok to have all the elements on the same UVW (all muddled together like you said) and I can just assign each element a different texture to UVW onto.
  7. Simple question, all the yellow (and red) in this screen shot are one mesh. The red is an element I want to UVW separately (to be used on a different texture), and UVW the rest of the yellow mesh onto a different texture map. Can I?
  8. Mavrik347


    The "terrain" that makes up the tunnel isn't terrain. It is an object textured to look like terrain.
  9. If you could make it soif you pressed a button by an object you teleported... you're on to a winner.
  10. Nice, looking really good. Is the middle going to be just flat or subtle sand dunes? Not sure about the amount of trees on the cliffs though.
  11. Clearly we hadn't seen it. No need for attitude.
  12. I sketch with my mouse. Settings used are brush size "1" and strength "5" with the texture brush set on Colour/Colour. No doubt not as good as a sketch pad but it does the trick.
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