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  1. Well, I am working on restoring a number of tutorials that are no longer available, as well as creating an indexed mirror for existing tutorials. I was getting frustrated trying to keep track of all the tutorials that I have collected over the years and then trying to find stuff online. Most of the tutorials online are missing images because they were hosted on an image sharing site, which only keeps photos for a limited amount of time. Even with the working tutorials,the download links are probably missing. I am using Wikia, because it allows the images to be hosted locally on the site, it is easy to update, anyone can contribute, and it does not rely on any one person to maintain the site. I Started working on updating tutorials for creating singleplayer, and then expanded it to all areas. The only problems are that since it is Ad supported, there are a large number of ads and that all small images are text wrapped, which can be an issue when using a lot of images or the image sizes have to be increased to prevent the wrapping. http://classic-battlefield-modding.wikia.com/wiki/Classic_Battlefield_Modding_Wikia If anyone has a tutorial that is no longer available, please contact me. I have placeholder for tutorials that I have but have not uploaded yet.
  2. Does this help? http://classic-battlefield-modding.wikia.com/wiki/Change_Billboards_for_BF2142
  3. I admire your knowledge and hope very much for your help.