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  1. suds

    Maya-> 3dsmax -> Bf2Editor

    hmm maybe cheers
  2. suds

    MOD team

    sounds pretty cool man, are you coding this or do you have someone? i can provide some content
  3. suds

    Request for DICE/EA

    decent idea i'll second that second although i would much prefer to make my own models and have ppl be able to play them in vanilla bf2. its a real pity our creativity is being stifled, surely the security of the game would not be compromised with new models...
  4. suds


    he means noice unless he doesnt. do you use a registered version of terragen or the free trial one?
  5. suds

    Map Specific Objects in BF2?

    this is a serious problem surely this should be top of the list for updates if we cant add new objects then all the new maps are going to end up looking the same.
  6. suds

    Lambert material to cgfx_shader material

    i'd definately be interested. i guess it wont work on 6.5 though? nice of you to offer your work around, cheers
  7. suds

    Two problems requiring help please

    i have 2gb of ram (win 2003, dual 2.0 opteron 246, 6800gt) and get that same crash error after exiti ng bf2 with the editor open, ill try it in window mode when i get home tho. takes so long to load editor and maps its gonna be nice to be able to leave it open cheers.
  8. suds

    Maya Tools Installation Issues.

    i'm guessing you arent interested in hearing from maya 6.5 users at this point?? pls help us!
  9. suds

    Teamspeak for Modders

    good idea
  10. suds

    POE Update 45

    not sure but i think the text on the tail looks misaligned. or the lettering starts small and gets bigger, should be other way around if its gonna do that small crits, but constuctive, i was gonna do one like this myself but civilian style, can you repaint it in red or something. just for cool factor, would be fun to have someone shooting out the passenger side suds
  11. while we wait for plugin/editor updates could someone suggest a way to import maya objects into the editor? even as placeholders until we can do it properly that way i can get on and work on my maps in the mean time if its possible that is, u guys are smart make my day i dont care how ugly it is, i just need to be able to see my models in game so i can create some content and know if its to scale etc I CAN USE MY IMAGINATION, HELP ME PLEASE im sure you will get alot of love from the other too cheers suds
  12. please! (keep it up top ppl)
  13. suds


    heh this just gave me the idea: if you dropped your kit you should go into civilian mode. no weapons. would be pretty funny anyway you could make it that if you got shot as a civilian the enemy would lose points, kinda like surrendering simple coding anyway, not worth going on about tho really JUST A THOUGHT
  14. hi so many questions, thanks for your support i'd like some indications of how the engine sees polys. ie can the engine see through the terrain or are polys behind mountains effectively non existant? do the same rules apply to the objects in game? ie the buildings etc are there specific ways to definately hide what the player cant see? are multiple copies of the same object (eg a tree) taking up seperate part of memory or are they read from the same file many times? finally a guide to maximum numbers of polys in a map (even if its a vague number of a standard building or a max number of trees) ive found a few more vague requests for these things using the search tools (great tool i learned a lot) i come from a quake 2 mapping backgound (aq2 more specifically) where r_speeds (basically poly counts) were very important given the required speed of the game. i'd really like to continue to make high performance maps so more players with lower end machines can enjoy them too. (it makes me feel clever at the same time) thanks a lot suds