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  1. I see, well that is more than I really care to get involved with seeing the desired use. Not opposed to making my own vehicles, but not for this mod. Maybe some other time.
  2. I see. Strange that they are there in the drop down of objects though, and shown in the spawner drop down list too. Kind of deceiving, sort of. As for changing the entry radius, I wouldn't want to affect all models for sure, just select ones. So individual object spawns can be changed in the "tmp.con"? I have a folder in the editor folder in my level, but the folder is empty... C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\traininggrounds\Levels\My_Level\Editor\tmp So, should there be a copy of tmp.con for any object to be adjusted, be placed in that empty tmp folder, or someplace else? It seems any file that gets adjusted has to be a copy in the mod in the same location as bf2, which basically overrides the vanilla bf2 file?
  3. I think it's safe to say that the Battlefield series modding will die off rather quickly if no editor is released with a BF3.

  4. I have not ever used the Object Editor or messed with materials or changed settings like this. Could you be a little more descriptive? And just how is what you speak of done? Not every reader has even a clue what your talking about, including me. You tend to make an awful lot of assumptions in your replys and give little details. That just breeds more questions. Since you didn't actually answer my question, I assume that it is not possible as mentioned in that thread link "Make Objects Penetrable"? I'm really trying here to get info on how to do this stuff right, but getting clear answers here is like pulling teeth from a whale. As I have said before, I really appreciate the help that has been offered, however cryptic it may be, but some of the replys in this forum are so lacking in details, it's no wonder you guys get mad at people(isn't a forum for asking and getting help?) for asking questions because the replys that I have seen here usually just causes even more questions most of the time. If this place is for the modding community to find out how to use the editor, then why are people chastized for asking questions, when the search function on this site does not even work properly, and threads are scattered all over this forum? Lots of organizing here would go along way in reducing questions and reduce the frustrations of moderators having to address the same questions over and over. That's my rant and I'm stickin' to it!
  5. Well, I don't doubt that your up on the editor seeing your experience with bf2 modding, but I do know what content is in my editor. That said, I may have placed content that shouldn't be there maybe? Regardless, they are there... (yes, I'm familiar with the civilian static cars and trucks you speak of as I have just about all of them in my mod.)
  6. I've used the several destroyable signs and changed the textures on them, and some of them I'm using for targets, but the current damage/material on the signs doesn't allow small arms fire or a knife to destroy them. I would like to change that to a sign can be destroyed by a single pistol round. I also would want to change the spawn time on the sign. Is this possible as mentioned in the thread here...(make a copy of the existing signs and assign new material and settings?) Make Objects Penetrable
  7. I noticed in the editor that there are statics of all the vanilla vehicles and aircraft, but they won't appear ingame, which I understand is because that would create an issue with spawning vehicles you can use? My question is how the stock object vehicles can be used basically as static "statues" or targets. Can those vehicle statics somehow be used? Or at least with the spawnable vehicles, adjust them so that no one can use them, though they retain their damage levels, etc. You just can't get in it and drive it, or use the weapons it may have. It would be nice for setting up target practice, especially if the spawn settings can be adjusted.
  8. Oh, well that would explain it! Removed the lod and col. Ingame check okay. Didn't realize the con had a collision already.
  9. Dragged all 3; con, lod , and col.
  10. How about a good tutorial on Overgrowth/Undergrowth with images? I found one that uses the undergrowth raw for placing the Overgrowth, but I'd rather just paint them manually.
  11. I placed a bunch of the object palm trees with their LOD and Collision and the LOD won't fade away. It stays visible right up to the tree. Why is that?
  12. Well, I haven't done the heightmap utility seeing I messed with the terrain shape a little then decided to try lightmapping the primary on med. and the seam issue went away. The water area that transitions from the primary to the surrounding I leveled based on the surrounding height so as to bring the primary terrain up to match the secondary and the water texture gap went away, so I think the seam there is good now. No funny looking stuff now. I suspect it was the leveling the terrain that sealed up the seam rather than doing the lightmap, but the lightmap did resolve the water itself being more like I want not being so transparent. Looks alot better. Now that is fixed, on to the next project. Over and Undegrowth.
  13. Any chance of getting some images for the ones missing in this tutorial?
  14. Okay, that's what I was thinking it would do. And I agree because as I thought about how it works, it makes perfect sense, unless a person wants radically different surrounding terrain than the primary. I end up having to get creative with the surrounding because I use virtually all of the primary, so the Combat Zone is set right at the outer edge of the primary so I can make full use of the whole primary area. I'll backup and give it a go! Thanks again.
  15. Okay, did a search for the BGFHeightmap tool and got v2 from your link, downloaded and unzipped. I have not installed it yet. But I've yet to find instructions how to use it. I did find a mention that it can copy the primary, flip it (invert?) and use the primary copy to form the surrounding maps. Seems this take a few "flips". My question is, when the primary is used, does it maintain it's shape throughout the map? So in effect the surrounding terrain becomes an upside down copy of the primary? That could look interesting, but I'd want to drop more of the surrounding terrain to have a larger water area in the surrounding, which feeds the river in the primary.
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