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  1. I have to code animations for a four legged vehicle (ATAT) and a two legged vehicle (ATST) for the First Strike MOD.
  2. Ok, the problem is that I'm using tracers. The tracers start from the MultiFirecomp and turn towards the barrels. EDIT: Fixed this problem after changing the "TracerConverageDistance" from "100" to "-1".
  3. I finally understand! I didn't understand how a multifire component worked. I thought it loaded the projectile data from it's barrels, not the projectile template. I made a projectile template, copied my wings (rotbundle) as an instance, linked them to the multifire and made them a barrel. It worked! I'm having problems still but I can work them out, I can't thank you guys enough!
  4. Where is this weapon located? I loaded the hmg_m134 in the stationary weapons directory and the code is nothing like what you posted. It has one firearm, and one projectile. I also checked the one attached to the blackhawk but it loads the stationary one. It has one firearm, with a singlefire comp and one projectile?
  5. I have four generic firearms, which are the lasers on each wing. Each is set to fire as PIFire but that doesn't make them all fire at the same time. It makes four seperate primary weapons that you can cycle through. It doesn't matter what index number it is, they don't fire at the same time. The only method that I've found so far to fire more than one projectile at once is the MuliFireComp. To do this, you have to make the projectile a barrel of the MultiFire, but the projectile has to be a child of that MultiFire. I can't use a multifire because the projectiles are childs of the firearms, which are childs of the wings.
  6. So basically you're saying to duplicate the wings without geometry? That's not getting me anywhere, it's just doubling the amount of children in the hierarchy. Thanks for your continued effort to help, keith.
  7. The M134 is a bad example. It uses a singlefirecomp. The firearm is attached to the minigun which is attached to the PCO. When the minigun rotates, the firearm rotates with it. The projectile is a child of the firearm which also makes it roate. The firearm doesn't call for a projectile that's from a differant parent, it's projectile is a child of itself. The firearm on the X-Wing has to call for a projectile from a differant parent as it's barrel, which is impossible. What do you mean by "they float on their own invisible rot bundles"?
  8. We have backup plans such as what you're talking about and other ideas but I'm concentrating on getting the initial concept to work.
  9. I can't add them as barrels because you can only make barrels to projectiles and firearms that are children of the firearm you're trying to make barrels for.
  10. Here's my hierarchy. Notice that each laser is attached to a wing, and the wing is attached to the PCO. For me to be able to make the lasers a barrel, they have to be a child of the genericfirearm that's attached to the PCO, but they can't because if they aren't a child of the wings, they won't rotate with the wings.
  11. I already have the X-Wing's laser tips set as a GenericFirearm. I can't make them children of the parent GenericFirearm (Which is a child of the PCO) because they're children of the wings.
  12. It's the same in-game. I'll play around with differant settings and see what I can do.
  13. Thank you very much Croupier. I'm trying to make a laser that will be used as a tracer. I applied the staticmesh shader and named my root dummy as you said and it worked. I couldn't see it in the editor until I applied it the AK47 as a tracer and it worked great. This also solved my problem of not being able to scale the particle as a tracer like you can with other bf2 tracers. The problem is that it's extremely bright now. Here's an image of the laser rendered in color mode with a bundledmesh shader so you can't see the lighting error. This is the brightness and look it should be. Here it is as a MeshParticleMesh rendered in normal mode, it's extremely bright. Have any ideas on how to adjust the brightness? Maybe it depends on the lighting of the level? Thanks again for your help. BTW, I love the reavers weapon test video, BF:A is looking awesome.
  14. The ability to assign a barrel to a projectile linked to a differant parent besides the actual MultiFireComp. Right now you can only assign barrels to projectiles linked to the MutliFireComp.
  15. No it doesn't have collision physics, but that doesn't change the problem I'm having and it has nothing to do with it.
  16. Has anybody figured out how to bind multiple firearms to one key? I'm coding an X-Wing for my MOD and it has four lasers. I can't use a multifire component because each projectile is listed under it's own parent (each wing) because they rotate. And I can only make a barrel for a projectile that's a child of the multifirecomp I'm using. I've tried making instances of the projectiles and linking them to the multifirecomp but it doesn't work. I've tried manually adding the "ObjectTemplate.addBarrel TestBarrel" to the code hoping it finds my projectile from the wing parents but it also doesn't work. I'm running out of options. Anybody make any progress or have any ideas?
  17. I've looked at that bundledmesh before. It doesn't use an alpha technique so the static shader must read the alpha channel. I've tried applying the texture to the dirst, crack, detail, and any other layer there is but to no prevail. If I give it the alpha technique, it works but loads a default normal map and puts me right back where I started. EDIT: There's a check box in the geometry "Default" flag named "DoNotGenerateLightMaps" and "LightMapOverride" but it won't let me check them. I've tried adding the lines into the .con file but they don't work.
  18. I found out how to change the material ID's applied to faces, that'll work for now.
  19. I do that but material is still listed under "scene" in the Material/Map Browser. And when I create new materials they're automatically applied to the meshes like it's loading the old material or something. It's confusing and frustrating.
  20. How do I delete a material that's been applied to an object in the scene? Once I apply a material, I can't get it off that object and it causes alot of problems. I'm using 3D Studio Max 8. There was a "Delete" button in Gmax but there doesn't seem to be one in here and I'm getting frustrated.
  21. Doing that changes the amount of reflection and doesn't help me any. If I give the normal map an alpha technique it glitches. It's a bunch of planes shaped into an X, based off the BF2 mesh "p_tracer_r" mesh. Is there any settings I can change to make this object have no lighting? If I render it in colormode everything is perfect. It's the normal map with alpha transparency that's messing it up.
  22. I'm trying to apply alpha transparency to my colormap only and not my normal map. If I give the normal map an alpha technique it causes it to glitch and have bad lighting. Does anybody have any ideas on how to do this? I've tried applying multi-materials and having more than one bundledmesh shader but it only reads from one of the bundledmesh shaders.
  23. I'm editing the F35. I removed all engines and started from scratch. Right now I'm using a helo engine. Also, wings shouldn't be a big deal because the plane has zero gravity.
  24. What's the purpose of showing me this code? It doesn't look much differant than the code for my plane. I have the main engine, the roll engine, pitch engine, and yaw engine. They work fine but when you activate the main engine, it's P, R, and Y overides the other engines.
  25. When I add an engine to a plane for forward motion there's a pitch, roll, and yaw engine built in. How do I remove the pitch, roll, and yaw? I want the P,R, and Y to work off seperate engines as the F-35 when hovering. My problem is that the engines P,R, and Y don't have enough maneuverability. Any alterations I make to the max rotation or acceleration doesn't affect the P,R, and Y. I've tried editing the inertia and everything, I can't make this thing not have P,R, and Y.
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