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  1. Could be they've got corrupted - in which case your best bet is to copy back in your backups (or if you haven't any, get them from a new map of the same size).
  2. Yes, to see the navmeshes you need to have the SinglePlayerEditor loaded, and then Draw AI and Draw Navmesh.
  3. You're all very welcome - and feedback appreciated!
  4. If I remember rightly - and it's a long while since I exported a tank - the skinned mesh should be collapsed on all lods apart from lod 0 to avoid this error. To make it easier to edit later, I used to save the file (without collapsing) before exporting it, then collapse the skinned mesh and export, then close without saving (so it wasn't permanently collapsed).
  5. Do we have anyone at DICE who listens to us anymore, like the old Community guys? I need to ask a question, and the last DICE post on this site seems to be about 6 months ago. Specifically, having converted two BF42 maps to BF2 (Kursk and Kharkov) I want to ask them if they have any issue with it (it's interesting to see they didn't exclude that option in their clarification). Does anyone know how to contact them?
  6. At the risk of stating the obvious, you can open the heightmap.raw file in a paint package and print it/save it as a bitmap, if you just want a greyscale image of the terrain contours.
  7. Yes it is possible. I have written a program that converts maps from BF42 to BGF. That won't be a lot of use to most people until BGF is released, of course, so I have made available a tool that converts the heightmap: http://forum.opkmod.com/thread.php?threadid=7407 The basic procedure is as follows: - Create a new BF2 map. - Use the tool to convert the heightmap. - Copy across the textures. - Recreate the control points, static objects, soldier spawns and vehicle spawns (our main converter does all this, but of course the WW2 vehicles and buildings won't be available to you until we release, so just do it manually with BF2 objects for now). Here's Kursk automatically converted (including vegetation): http://www.bgfmod.com/index.php?lng=eng&am...news&page=9 Exactly what the legal situation is if you want to release the map to the public I'm not sure, and we haven't made a final decision on releasing the BF42 maps.
  8. That's all you need, plus the textures folder holding the skins. So long as the object is in its own folder in your objects folder you should be able to find it in the Editor and load it in. As soon as you make some code changes it will also create a my_bunker.tweak file.
  9. You almost certainly have hidden transforms on those meshes - use Hierarchy/Reset Transform & Scale and/or Utilities Reset XForm to get rid of them, and make sure you have collapsed all modifiers (do a search if you need more info on this issue). The other possibility is you have given the wheels the same name as other wheels already in the system, so make sure you export with the Prefix Subparts option.
  10. Render/Toggle the colmeshes in the Editor to see how DICE have done them for existing statics.
  11. Alternatively you can use Ecomap, and then just select the texture directly. It's a powerful application, but not very user friendly.
  12. Sounds like your collision meshes might not be setup right (assuming you have the engine and wheels done correctly like in the tut).
  13. I know how you feel, but we've all done it. I know how you feel too, as I am in a similar situation with my conversion of Kursk. If I solve my problem, I'll post the details here.
  14. That's BF2 modding in a nutshell!
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