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  1. Agree with you here, cave. I've read the money-things also here. I can say that the mods have been the thing that would tempt the people the most to buy BF2 so mods DO improve the interest that people have for a game. Other gaming companies see the BIG dollarsign in this, EA is way 2 stubborn to see this. They drop the community which has brought them money on a simple shiny plate.
  2. I returned to mapping for BG42. And I like it. No more stress.
  3. I have clicked the search button FOR you, I've put these words: undergrowth and black What do I find after 3 seconds (yes, I timed it): http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...dergrowth+black
  4. Good luck to all you guys!!! Sidenote: what the hell is going to happen with like let's say this forum? Will it still be EA-supported or will they let us down once again?
  5. I wondered how that can be done. Is it allready covered?
  6. Search is very handy: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...objects+karkand
  7. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...+default+ingame Is this a solution?
  8. No, the search button should be sticky, along with a guide how to use it (enter keywords and trial and error ...)
  9. You need to UNZIP!!!! Read this: I took it from the very first page of this thread. If you had taken the time to read this, you would have seen it. Man man man. Ok. Here it is. Plain and simple. If you are working in the editor with the standard BF2 mod, you can only use the existing road templates (unless you wish to alter the provided templates and rename them with an existing name). If you wish to create your own templates, you must be working in your own mod. Here are the instructions for creating a road using the existing templates in the BF2 mod. Before you begin, go to the Mod Manager (top menu) and make sure the road folder is not checked. In the level editor, click on the road tool. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Resources box. You should see a Road Templates option. When you click the plus sign next to the Road Templates, you should see a list of various existing BF2 road templates. If you don't see them, don't panic. You have to unpack them. Unpacking Road Templates Procedure: 1. Go to the following folder - ...Battlefield 2modsbf2 2. Open the Objects_client.zip file and extract all the splines folders to the following folder - ...Battlefield 2modsbf2ObjectsRoads. You should now have a Splines folder in the Roads folder. There should be a bunch of con files in there. 3. Open the Objects_server.zip file and extract all the splines folders to the same RoadSplines folder. 4. Now go back to the BF2 Editor and click on the blue plus sign in the Resource window (load resource). 5. Choose roads/splines. Now the road templates should be available in the level editor. Check by choosing the road tool in the level editor, then scrolling down the left side of the resource window until you see the road templates. They should all be there. Making roads with the road tool: 1. Right click on the location where you want your road to begin. Important: the first point is a control point and won't show road texture. 2. Therefore, your second spline point should be added very close to the first one. You can add it by right clicking and choosing add spline point, or by holding down the alt key and left clicking. 3. Once you have added all your spline points, you can adjust them as necessary. If you are trying to make a ramp, I recommend elevating each point a little of the existing terrain. Eventually, when you apply the spline, it will elevate the ground to the spline points. 4. Choose a road template for the road from the resource window. You can adjust the width, etc in the Tweaker window. 5. Double click on one of the middle spline points to select the whole road spline. 6. Click connect in the right window. It will ask you for a name for the road. Name it. 7. You should now see the road connecting the spline points. 8. Adjust any spline points as necessary. 9. Click apply spline and it will attach the ground to the spline (note that it does not attach the road to the ground). 10. After you are happy with all the roads, click "build all final roads" Let me know if this helps. If so, I will post it as a separate tutorial so people can find it. Let me know if you have questions.
  10. You have to edit the files in the editor folder of you map. The editor compiles the map with these files.
  11. Nice effort and appreciated by me for sure!
  12. You allready answered your own question in your first post. Is it then needed to have an extra link to that same topic??? :?: :?: echo :?:
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