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  1. not sure of this but maybe its has to do with lightmaps
  2. hello guys any of you know how to enable log files on a dedicated server?
  3. maybe to save the editor for extracting those folder but not sure if how they are named its going to work. and yes lightmaps should be the last thing so u dont have to spend that time generating
  4. The mod that was there was shattered faith I think
  5. hello we would like it too note my tag its not updated. i am from rising conflicts. this are the server side only files right?
  6. not sure as u notice this was a 3 line change for doing that i will surely need to use max wrapeers and i dont know how to use them right. but if i have the time to search how i will surely post it.
  7. this script will display on max script listener the number of the vertex thats not skinned or have a zero value so u can assing a value and export to bf2. u can acces max listener by pressing F11 the changes its fairly its small i just added 3 lines heres its the code its under RMesh.ms local hadError = false numbervertex = 0 for v in vWeights do ( if v.ids[1] == -1 then if v.ids[2] == -1 then if v.ids[3] == -1 then if v.ids[4] == -1 then ( format "ERROR No weight! %\n" v hadError = true print numbervertex ) numbervertex += 1 ) Download Here
  8. ok its 212 poly u have somebody who knows how to export it or want me to export it too?
  9. i could model a grappling hook but expetct a 60 poly things its not going to be very detailed
  10. i maked a tutorial on that long time ago go check out.
  11. i tought of that shotting the rope but haven tested that could give cool results and a ctd?
  12. for one bundled mesh u can have 8 seats.so that means that and helicopter with 3 meshes thats 24 seats
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