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  1. Just tested your mod launcher out, but no it can not connect to a passworded server. TBH i would have been surprised if it could as the BF2 "+password" command argument is broken.
  2. have you packed the map? a dedicated server will only run the map from the zip files.
  3. by all means, the more mirrors the better. Though thanks to Alffx tpaint does now have a new reliable home: http://tpaint.alffx.nl
  4. Here is the code I wrote for BF2C that uploads the scores at the end of the round to a webserver where they are logged. The original python code is written as a ModManager module so I have just taken out the bits you need. Game Server End Uses the socket library import socket Register your game status handler host.registerGameStatusHandler( self.onGameStatusChanged ) At the end of round call the sendScoreToServer function def onGameStatusChanged( self, status ): if status == bf2.GameStatus.EndGame: sendScoreToServer() Here is the meat of it all. The data is collected and sent to the server via HTTP POST. def sendScoreToServer(): server = host.rcon_invoke("sv.serverName") server = server.strip() mapname = host.sgl_getMapName() team1 = bf2.gameLogic.getTeamName(1) team2 = bf2.gameLogic.getTeamName(2) score1 = bf2.gameLogic.getTickets(1) score2 = bf2.gameLogic.getTickets(2) postdata = 'server=%s&map=%s&team1=%s&team2=%s&score1=%s&score2=%s' % (server, mapname, team1, team2, score1, score2) try: s = socket.socket( socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM ) s.connect(('www.bf2combat.net', 80)) s.send('POST /scorelogs/record.php HTTP/1.1n') s.send('Host: www.bf2combat.netn') s.send('User-Agent: bf2c_GameServern') s.send('Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencodedn') s.send('Content-length: %dnn' % len(postdata)) s.send(postdata) s.close() except: bf2c_msg('Socket error uploading scores') Web Server End At the webserver end you need a script that accepts the data and logs it. <?ph p // spot the deliberate mistake $server = $_POST["server"]; $map = $_POST["map"]; $team1 = $_POST["team1"]; $team2 = $_POST["team2"]; $score1 = $_POST["score1"]; $score2 = $_POST["score2"]; $fname = $server . ' ' . date('m-d-y') . ''; $f = fopen($fname, "a"); $time = date('h:i:s A'); fwrite($f, "$timen"); fwrite($f, "Server = $servern"); fwrite($f, "Map = $mapn"); fwrite($f, "Score = $team1 $score1 vs $team2 $score2nn"); fclose($f); ?> One log file is kept per game server per day and they look something like this: I think that just about covers it
  5. The editor is bugged and does not recognise a material change so does not defaultly select the correct options at the save dialog. Assign your materials, then bring up the save dialog in the terrain editor via FILE->RESAVE. Check the TERRAIN option. That should sort you out.
  6. This has got to be one of the most obscure and annoying bugs I have come across. If you you find that your mod is crashing on client and server when you change map for the first time you need to apply the following fix: remove this code from mods/YOURMOD/init.con rem *** Load multiplayer free camera here run Common/FreeCamera/Object.con and put it into GameLogicInit.con. Thats it. The editor simply puts it in the wrong place. :shock:
  7. It has already been stated by mschoeldgen[Xww2] that EuroForce mods/maps are illegal due to the way DICE included the vehicles in the maps themselves. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4685 Hope some more good tutorials are written though.
  8. Bump. need this info too. I'm messing round with generate_md5.py but with no success yet. can anybody help?
  9. you can now add anything to the client.zip/server.zip of a map and it will be loaded: skins, statics, vehicles, weapons... whatever. Download the dedicated server from EA and look at the Euro Force levels to see how they added new vehicles (eg. EuroFighter) and statics (eg. great wall of china). They only include the server.zips obviously.
  10. any chance of you posting a link to that tutorial? as I have been searching for it too. thanks.
  11. As of patch 1.2 all you need to do is place your objects folder, containing your custom skins, in client.zip and the game will load them automatically. You can also include your own custom vehicles and statics in the map itself. This is how Euro Forces adds alot of new content with out using a mod. To get a sneak peek at EF, have a look at the dedicated server files as all the server side stuff is already released.
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