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  1. Try bf1918 airshow. Inside u can find two total costum planes. May be this helps a bit.
  2. On Linux: check out lowercaseDir.py for lower case writings in all folders and files.
  3. Sure its possible and it works fine. We are about the betatests since 2 weeks or so. Server: run BF1918/2 So there is no problem to run a single mod server.
  4. U really ask this question in the bf2 editor board? I dont know much about HL2. But the things u wanna do, were already possible in BF1942. In BF2 most of the things will run also. Take a look in the showcase section. There u can see the UUS Texas made by XWW2. Its a large battleship. So real large objects working in BF2. Also u can find there a Fokker Triplane made by BF1918. Its in game and works well. Personally i think BF2 is the engine of your choice. If u see alone how easy vehicle code is.
  5. Normally it should work and it does for me.
  6. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...ambient+trigger Try to use the search, here are some posts about the ambient, effects and trigger. Could be helpfull.
  7. So many questions in one thread, will see what i can do: free 3D tool: gmax, the BF2 "importers2 were released some days ago For the rest: check ou the Dissusion Main section, were u can find a number of sticky posts. Many of them contains tutorials or links to tutorials. Hope that helps a bit.
  8. Showcase for the famous Fokker DR I plane. Model reworked from BF1942 base with added normals. Ingame, works very well.
  9. Cool thing. Ships are also on our plan for future releases, good to see that it works.
  10. For me its works perfect. You need a version of MS Office or program that can deal with this files, for instance OpenOffice. The Windows wordpad should also work.
  11. Try to analyze and describe the problems a bit more. Theese general statements are not really usefull. Also many problems and bugs are allready disscused in other Threads. Please try to use the search function. This can solve many of your problems. http://bfeditor.org/forum/search.php
  12. Good thing for Lawrence, hope this will be helpfull for all of us.
  13. I heard nothing about Truespace plugIns or exporter. But its may be possible to export the things to maya and bring it ingame via Editor from Maya than.
  14. We talk about such things for BF42 and BFV recently (open doors in unsed vehicles, ejectable pilot cancels). Bascily the problem was the netcode load. It slows down, when u create a larger number of theese. No Idea what happens in BF2, but its a good idea to test it.
  15. http://www.emeditor.com/ Try EmEditor instead of notepad. Some nice features (costum syntaxhighlight, find in files). Normally its comercial, but their is a editon for all people who produce free content (mods, opensorce and so on). I start to use it months ago with BF42. Since this time notepad is death on my PC
  16. I would say; its possible. For BF1918 we need the same things, based on ari. Will try to ask one of our coders.
  17. if u want more special stuffs, just try to join a mod team . There u can find the modellers u need to build and use new buildings. Just an idea :roll:
  18. I had a similkar problem while trying to change some things within the kits and soldiers. Check for changes in the objects. Normally the error is not based on the map. It is ready loaded.
  19. Did this work? If yes it should also work with a "static". Just create the vehicle without enginepower.
  20. http://developer.nvidia.com/object/nv_text...ture_tools.html Try this link.
  21. Create a copy of the BF2 link on your desktop and change like this: "C:ProgrammeEA GAMESBattlefield 2BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/modname The game now starts directly in your mod.
  22. Just create a proper mod by following the tutorial. Then copy the bf2 map of your choice into the mod/levels folder. Normally it should work. for me it does.
  23. Best thing: check it out: http://www.alias.com/glb/eng/products-serv...oductId=1900003 Maya Personal Learning Edition is a special version of Maya® software, which provides free access to Maya for non-commercial use.
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