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  1. If you only want a few the easiest way to make them rather then re-exporting them as static meshes, is to simply make them as CPs with these settings: Team 0 Radius 0 AreaValueTeam1 0 AreaValueTeam2 0 UnableToChangeTeams (select) ShowOnMimimap (unselect) IsUnstrategicControlPoint (select) FlagTemplateTeam0 (the name of the flag texture you want) (You don't really need to set all those settings as some double up on each other, but that makes 110% sure nothing is going to be capturing it.)
  2. Wow thats amazing work, good luck with your mod.
  3. I have had ecomap sitting in my install file folder for sometime and after getting frustated at T-Paint I decided to install the program. How ever after 3 days of fighting with it I am still yet to get a working texture out of it. I followed the instructions on the wesite but when I hit render it renders for several minutes but doesn't make any files, it just leave an empty colormaps folder. The only way I have managed to make it export any files is by pointing the export path at a folder on my desktop as opposed the the defualt 'editor\colourmaps\'. Which resulted in the files being created but they were all black. The preview shows the map perfectly.
  4. Just make the actual terrain differ from the complied terrain. The complied terrain is the collision mesh, the terrain is the visual.
  5. If you just want to get a map in game so you can acurately plan out your statics, the best advice I can give you is boot up (3ds/G) max create a plane the size of your city 700x300 meters. Open up photoshop and save you map picture as a .DDS file. Then follow Tutorial 4 "building the bunker" to apply the texture too the model and get the map ingame. Once ingame you can move this map aroundlike any other static. This is how I generally I create maps for FS, because it gives you acuracy down to the pixel.
  6. [quoute](my english is not very good coz im not from us) lol People in England are generally famed for speaking English more so that the Americans.... So far all of your issues could have be solved with everyones firend the search button.
  7. I think [bfsp]korben_dallas said it pretty well, the BF ('42/nam/2/2142) engines were designed to make a good online game, that allowed you alot of fredom in play style. And as such is a good platform for mods as you said with goals for a different themed BF game. Python coding allows you to trig events and if you have a skilled python coder, you may just be able to hack the engine enough to create a good scripted campain. I think you biggest problems will be: Storyline - There are no cut scenes or intro videos Bots - they are controllable only on a very bassic level (ie. you may be able to dynamically use the commander orders function through python to move them round the map, to match the story line) Progressive story line - To my knowledge there is no way to force a server to play maps in a particular order which may wreck your story line. And with text/(replace music with voice over) as your only form of communication with the player communication of story line may be difficut. I guess the basic summary to this is you can; if you have to will and determination, the engine isn't ment to work the way your are trying to make it work. But it may just may be possible. If you do manage to do it, you will probably have the title of the most adventurous BF modder yet.
  8. Hello ArK I work for First Strike (www.firststrikemod.com) we are currently the largest Star Wars mod for the battlefield engine (There were two other mods but I haven't heard from them in a while). We were working on BF2, but a few months ago we realised that Bf2142 was a far more suitable engine for a Star Wars game. After seeing the work of our coding department over the past week since the game was realeased, things that we never could have hoped to do with Bf2, are being made as I type this. So if you are looking for the biggest Star Wars mod around check us at First Strike out.
  9. Mach10 is right I remember hearing about it from dice at one stage (maybe the interview with [DICE]CKMC) but this I believe is the first actual footage of popable tyres to be released on the battlefield engine. so you can lay claim to being the first to make it, just not the first to propose it.
  10. You need to set up the primary and secondary positions then assign the switch to move them between the posiotions. Then something about triggers and trigerable targets. I personally haven't done it in a few months, so I am a bit rusty but that should be enough to get you started.
  11. I have to apologise for my anit-EA/DICE post in the "Will you buy 2142?" thread. I orriginally intended on defneding bf2142 (to a certain extent) but after reading through all the negativity, I got swept up in the mood of the thread and my post just became another 2142 bashing post. Once again sorry for not posting the more two sided post I intended. I wish I could edit it
  12. This is the one and only reason I am buying 2142, after SF I swore I would never buy another BF series product (Why the hell are NAVY SEALs FLYING a ARMY Apache helcopter???) But of course this is the best option for FS, we couldn't do al ot of things in BF2 that BF2142 offers inparticular AT-ST/AT-AT walkers, we tried and came so close, a little less harcoding and we were there . But BF2142 really has almost everything we want at our finger tips, which in some ways takes the joy out of creating something new and orriginal, but BF2 was just not capable of what we wanted to do. I'm certain there will be no aditional benifits other than what we can see at face value in 2142 walkers/sheilds/EMP but we can always hope/pray for the support/tutorials/access and gameplay quality that the product should have. I am sure the game will be enjoyable as all previous BF games have been the fact of the matter is like all BF games it will fall short of the mark due to bugs, lack of research, excessive balancing (mirror imaging teams/maps), not listening to the communities beggings, destructive patching, money grabbing. It will likely be another BF2 situation: Modding: "DICE, I would the like to ask a question abou-" "Hardcoded, next!" Playing: "The guns have far too much deviation, you can miss from litrally a meter away." "Our EA testers have established missing the target makes the game more enjoyable. Please note that bugs/problems in the game are not due to our lack of testing, rather your annoying habit of finding them and for that reason we are not going to fix any problem that the community reports, infact every time you complain we add another error to the next patch." The numbers eggman posted are depressing to say the least, it really makes me wonder why we bother. But despite this FS will plan tocreate the best mod possible for BF2142 whether or not we change engines one day in the future I do not know but for now it does basically everything we want it too do.
  13. General Un-Co

    Map Wip

    I disagree about the brige I think it looks good, but it does look like it has too many pillons but that can't be helped. I agree about the market too orderly. You will also need more props, just to fill some space between buildings asside from that looking great. A minimap shot is always nice to see aswell.
  14. Did you select "Both" before texturing? Sounds to me like you didn't paint the 'colour texture' (low detail) only the 'detail texture.' (high detail) This has been asked a phenominal amount of times Xaritix (and it is written in the tutorials), I'm sure having been around here long enough to have heard of the handy SEARCH button, at least once or twice....
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