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  1. The Text File isnt working for me either...Could some one send it to me
  2. ok ill make it easyer..ill just make the wheels regular
  3. K i designed a simple car in 3ds...just wanted to get it in the game and working. Ive tried the tutorials but i guess knowledge with setting this stuff up is prerequired. but anyway like i said i have modeled a simple car and i am just wanting to get it in game and working correctly... here is a picture of it as u can see...just a stering wheel, 4 wheels, 2 axels, and the main body mesh...I was just wondering if any one could help me get this set up...I have a Teamspeak up and running all the time so it will be alot easier to comprehend what ur saying...If u can help just send me a PM or email me.. Thank you
  4. For a mod being so pointless i want to play it... That video got me pumped up to go unload a f - ing hopper of paint into a teletubbies face when are u expecting to release it or have a beta come out... I am willing to help u with the mod also i have experience with 3ds...i can show u some of the stuff that i have made i can also get some good screen shots and videos of ingame. I got every thing on High 1280 x 1024, AA at 4x - fps at 80 to 100
  5. just checked it out...idk how that helps me. All its list is what they named there stuff.
  6. model is textured...like i said im just concerened with gettin it in game and nno how it looks...the uv map is already done...the texture is grey.
  7. i just overlooked it alittle sry... well here is a picture of the jet... like i said i dont have anything speacial just the wheels and the fuselauge... and i guess the landing gears. now ive heard that u dont need all the other parts of the jet...u can just add them in the editor...if i am right can some one help me get it in to the game...if im wrong i can always go back into the model and then possibly some one if they are willing to help me they can
  8. dude to far...I want to learn to code it first
  9. i heard that u can just add wing in the editor
  10. Hey that poly gone counter looks pretty nifty...may u post a link to the public
  11. Hi... i have a jet that i have made. nothing special but just pretty easy and basic. i want to get it in the game but dont know how. ive been browing on how to make a jet and im finding threads about the hiearchy which doesnt help. My jet consist of just a body and 3 wheels. I have some experience with getting objects in the game. Ive only gotten Static Objects in the game. Can some one please help me. if you can help me i have a teamspeak were you can just guide me threw it by talking. no need for typing Please and thank you
  12. ive already done that...when i do that it leaves like some of the texture there and the rest is black
  13. ok ive used the search button here and i still cant find out how to Customize BF2 Vanilla Maps... I know how to get them to work in editor but when i pack it and then play it the textures are wrong...u cant see the detail texture. all u see is black for about 20 ft in front of u and then it fades to the color texture... ive tried moving the textures out the editor folder and just makes some of the detail terrain seeable. any one have any clues
  14. Like i said : Create an ObjectSpawner on your map. A long list of useless prefab vehiclespawners pops up. (Useless, as your plane isn't in there) . Press 'Cancel' on this list. The ObjectSpawner is created nonetheless. Now go to the 'Vehicle Team 1' entry in the ObjectSpawner tweaker window and select your plane from the small pop-up menu in there. Same for 'Vehicle Team 2'... If the model isn't in the list, you didn't code it correctly or its still missing the tweak file... @PanCake404 : There are some useful tutorials in the 'User tutorial' section in this forum. Look for the Helicopter one. It explains engine and wing coding to some amount, as well as assigning controls to them. Basic plane modelling can e.g. be learned by working through the 'Model a P38-Lightning' tutorial which comes with gmax. It can be found on TurboSquid. http://www.turbosquid.com thanks
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