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  1. Video and samples files removed, sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. junk

    Need Fire

    How the hell this went south is beyond me. For one, I locked nothing. Check the site, I'm not admin anymore. Who Mach10 chooses to help and why he does it and how he goes about it is his own damn business and speculation about it is not only rude, but insulting. Since when did he HAVE to help anybody? I already said I want this for the goddamn fucking whole entire community so if you're not exactly in the loop during the goddamn hashing-through phase, then you can sit tight with your thumbs up your own dumb asses and wait.
  3. Check These, then post an SS of your heirarchy: Flatten the mapping on the collision objects Remove dead verts on all Remove extra map channels Be sure to include a normal map image
  4. I'm an anti-BF2 Lights activist so I'm not for certain here but try this: ObjectTemplate.setStartOnEffects 512 ObjectTemplate.setStopOnEffects 1024 ObjectTemplate.timeToLive CRD_NONE/-1/0/0 ObjectTemplate.randomAgeFactor CRD_NONE/0/0/0 TO ObjectTemplate.setStartOnEffects 0 ObjectTemplate.setStopOnEffects 0 ObjectTemplate.timeToLive CRD_NONE/30/0/0 ObjectTemplate.randomAgeFactor CRD_NONE/1/0/0 for 30 seconds of light? Maybe. I changed the startOnEffects and stopOnEffects because I've never seen them be anything but 0. Though, I admit I have no clue what those lines are for, except that when they're not 0, my effects usually don't show up. Is that the trigger code for a particular animation? How and where are you calling the effect for the zoom animation? This in the animation system inc file?
  5. junk

    Delay Effects

    Yeah, I think it should be possible and the emitdelay code definitely works. You need to set the bundle time to live to compensate for all emit times and all delays. Example. You have an effect that you want to emit for 7 seconds, but delay the start of for 3. Your bundle time to live is 3 x pi / sqroot of 3.6 minus the hypotenuse of a 12.238 degree right triangle, all ran through the pethagorian theorum. Which I think comes out to 10 seconds? You do your own weird math if you want, but you can always just add the times up. Otherwise, you will get an abrupt ending to your effects. Also important to note: I have yet to have any luck with delays when the bundle has a -1 time to live (infinite). EDIT: You must consider this removes any possibility of having the sprites actually move, right? Unless "prewarmtime" works like I think it might.
  6. You can I think. Just use a really small length and it will "fit" the entire animation into that timeframe. Works on weapons anyway.
  7. junk

    Delay Effects

    Mozer, texture sequencing is just a single texture image that's interpreted in blocks as an animation. Look at the ones in BF2, you can see how it's done. It looks like 12 copies of the same picture really small and put into one image. Take a 512 x 512. If you were to segment that into 128 pixel blocks, you could fit 4 of those across the width and 4 across the height. That's 16 frames. The game does this by powers of 2 and the settings for the frame size, # of frames and speed are all in the effects code that's accessible through the editor. To create them, decide on the size of each frame and decide on the number of frames, making sure it can be square-rooted evenly. For instance, 16 frames, 4 frames or 64 frames (1024 image, 128 pixels per frame). It reads like this across the image. #Frame 1 #Frame2 #Frame3 #Frame4 #Frame 5 #Frame6 #Frame7 #Frame8 #Frame 9 #Frame10 #Frame11 #Frame12 #Frame 13 #Frame14 #Frame15 #Frame16 EDIT: There's a buffer per frame that MUST be taken into account or the sides of your animation will be cut-off. I don't know the number of pixels in that buffer that don't get read, but the fact that a buffer is there in the first place is ridiculous and stupid. I think it's something like 20 pixels or even 30. It's pretty large an area and needs to be taken into account.
  8. So we'll be alright without samples then? Here's my deal, and why Bensta is takin jabs: My samples are funky funky. Nothing fixes them. I've gone through and tried every UVmapping combination that I can think of. I've flattened the mapping in ALL channels and left out channel 9. I've left all channels and put a flattened map in channel 9. I've left out every single channel but a flattened map in channel 1. I've tried a flattened map in channel 1 and a flattened map in channel 9. I've tried everything and my samples always come out all jumbled on top of each other, as if it's using my original channel 1, which is stretched way beyond the tile. I have literally tried every combo in-between and can confirm with almost 100% certainty that I'm not looking at problems with the map channels and uv's, rather I've got something funked in the mesh itself. Or the max file is corrupt in an odd way. Then there's the fact that the object I'm trying to get samples from is physically huge. Almost 1/4 the size of a small map. This is what I personally feel is going on and my next test was to try and shrink the object and try it again. Samples shouldn't be all that badly affected. But here's the deal, I fucking HATE samples. I'm so goddamn sick of seeing them being corrupted over this past year and a half that I am now in the practice of completely skipping those heartless, soul-stealing sons of bitchasses. But if we Lightmap in max, we're good right? I'm happy? That can't be right.
  9. junk

    Effect Damage

    I went the first route, the sticky projectile calling both the effect and the supply objects (2 of them, one for soldiers, one for vehicles). Haven't tested yet if no visible projectile will work with this, I'm currently using our washer projectile since it's pretty small, though you CAN see it if you look. Without the sticky comp, the game crashes with "GhostManager", remember that. You can set the max bounce angle to 0 or 1 so that it sticks to nothing and it still works, the component MUST be there, take it from 8 months of experiments. You can also use a regular detonation comp to score off the fire, but the problem is the same as if you used a large collision. Soon as it scores off one guy, the particle goes away, as does the effect. So I opted for the supply object method since, even though you don't get points, it remains for the entire time to kill dozens upon denizens of newbies who happen to trounce through it. It works and it affects gameplay greatly and it's fun as hell to light things on fire. The other method sucks when you see one guy run through and take out your entire trap, even if he dies doing it. Making each fire element do an FTon of damage isn't in my tastes, but it's a way to solve that problem. Also, don't use localsystem in your effects and don't emit things like smoke with speed, let gravity take things upwards or you'll stick it to a wall and get smoke goin slideways.
  10. Use the editor to view the collision meshes and make note of anything that's either larger or moved away from the visible mesh. Perhaps you have some scales to reset in the export scene?
  11. Ok, that's weird. I understood this. This is a big problem. I think you may want to rewrite this so it leaves hundreds of questions unanswered. Very sweet tute. In fact, I'm a gonna go ahead and give this one a shot. ...And that does look pretty damn sweet with the boat lightmapped.
  12. Get Michael J. Fox out of the driver seat. Do you have a really high setting on any of the frictions? LatDrivingFrictionAtSpeed or LongDrivingFrictionPeak or one of those other asininely named settings? Also, too strong of springs will do this aswell. Too much dampening will cause the car to do this too, but slower, like it's seducing the terrain. Makes me horny anyway.
  13. Maybe your computer is a frickin homo?
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