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  1. Great to hear that your working on it Detrux; looking forward to having it back online.
  2. Depends on which view port you are moving the vert in. This is what I would do: Position the glass correctly then, Convert both objects to Editable Polygon (or mesh, I lke to work with editable poly), Select the frame object, under the selection sub menu press the element button (this will select the whole frame in red), Under Edit Geometry sub menu click the attach button, then click on the glass object, this will join both meshes as one mesh. If your glass was positioned correctly you can then collapse 2 verts together to seal the deal. There is an easier way to make this glass object without creating a separate object, but using the frame object. I learned how to collapse 2 vertices about a year ago at this web site: http://www.pixel2life.com/ so far I can't find it.
  3. [b]Not Found[/b] The requested URL /wiki/ was not found on this server. Bummer, how long has http://bfeditor.org/wiki/ been down..?
  4. My experience with wields is they work best with splines. Try and use the collapse function in vertices mode. Grab to vertices and collapse them into one.Collapse works best with meshes. Also create faces using the cut tool. Or hold shift and drag an edge to create a new face. Note that there are Litterly unlimited ways to model in 3ds, use what your comfortable with.
  5. You mean the debugger from this post? http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6618
  6. Or you can use a Single Player Method to test ideas: http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattl...?showtopic=8362
  7. Your probably not able to access it from work due to their firewall blocking this site.
  8. How does a tank have to separate meshes, the turret that rotates and the body? Couldn't the same be applied to this? Use the left or right on the key board for the truck and the mouse to control the trailer?
  9. Thanx Detrux Now ya just got to go around and change a few things on the website such as bfeditor.org text as this site is now hosted by gamespy.com.
  10. Got a question, I still have Doomlabs tool installed; do I install this tool over it or?
  11. Ahh... so that is why there is so many weired anomalies with this site.
  12. Navmesh it and it will be perfect
  13. Thanx for the hook up CB, always nice to find more.
  14. CrazyAce

    Zbrush Wiki

    The only thing I don't like about using ZBrsh for texturing, is that it requires the imported mesh to be in *.obj format with quads and not tris. Doing this with low poly objects makes the imported mesh very cubical and once done the mesh then has to be imported back into max for exporting. Now this makes the mesh less and less able to keep its completed structure properly and any edits back into max will render the texture to be stretched...
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