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  1. Well, 90% of your shareware installers can easily be set up (actually it's mostly standard) that it will show you how much space it will require, and show you how much space you have. Beside the point, when I talk about "hiding it", I'm talking about the CMD prompt window, not the entire installation.
  2. As far as I know, it's the only way to do it right now. Plus it only takes about 30 secs, and if your really good with scripting installers, you can probably hide the command prompt, so people won't even see it.
  3. Or you could use a batch file. Just tell it to copy from the BF2 folder to yourmodname folder. Should work fine. Can use it with an installer(recommended) and script your installer to auto-run the batch file after install.
  4. Thanks dude. You too....
  5. Thank you for spilling your beans dude. See, now if you need something, and I know the answer, I'll hook you up to the best of my knowledge. And don't worry, the mod we are working on is for a Tournament, and not going public anyways....
  6. Not really sure how that helps me dude. First of all, the terrain.con file points to the correct terraindata.raw file, which itself is in the correct location/format/ect... So, instead of trying to act like you know more than anyone else.... don't. If you know something spill it, otherwise, don't send people on wildgoose chases. Thanks!
  7. I was trying to rename a map. It seems to work. I open it in the Editor, and save as. Then I pack it. I still have to manually change the name in the info folder so it will show up, but it still crashes at 15%. Anyone have any ideas. Also, did a search and did not find this topic
  8. Yeah, wasn't too difficult to get them to run. Just have to point some files in the direction of your mod, and make a quick batch file to start it up. I just can't get it to rotate maps without crashing. Using a linux server by the way, if that helps anyone.
  9. bump, I'm sure there is some bright young modder that can possibly steer me in the correct direction.
  10. We are having problems changing maps. Everytime we rotate maps, the server crashes at about 15%. Anyone know how to fix this. We are testing the mod with a dedicated server, and the maps run fine untill it's time to rotate.
  11. If you're thinking of making your own loading music for your map then good luck, coz it won't work. :0) It will work
  12. My bad, ogg. Thanks dude.
  13. Anyone know of a decent freeware program the converts .oog files? I have tried a few different ones, but none of them are working properly. I just want to convert them to whatever, and then convert them back. Thanks in advance....
  14. Hi, we are working on a small mod for our tournament, Fight for the Future. We are making a new version of all the maps with MEC vs China and tweaking some various things to make it more to our liking, and fit better with our interactive style tournament. Although, it is more like a mini-mod for our first tournament, we hope to add alot more things by our next one. You guys will probably see alot more of me around here soon. Cheers!
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