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  1. Poo, the day I'll be gone. - See, I knew we should set up >1 date. Well, that's if he means Aug 19th, which is a Saturday. But if he means Sunday, then that's a whole different story. What special treat? I got a PM but I haven't gotten the treat yet. EDIT: NVM about the treat. I got it for BF2 but they forgot about me totally for BF2142.
  2. Maybe set up a couple dates? It'd be a real bummer if someone couldn't go.
  3. Ooo, if you switch to BF2142 make sure you make a titan. :-D
  4. I'd recommending joining one of the existing WWII mods and buiding your map there. Since all your other stuff will be teh same pretty much.
  5. Actaully next year it won't even be held at teh LA Expo. They want to keep it a lot "smaller" and more "high quality". So, basicly they're now just aiming for the big corporations. Blame it on booth babes. Oh... Back on topic. I'm interested to see how this pans out.
  6. I don't think it's possible beucase it uses different color channels for the Detail textures and so it'd have to be really hardcoded into the game. But, as you said you can still have as many color textures as you want. You can even do the colormaps manually any way you want.
  7. You can only have 26bones per mesh I believe.
  8. All other Dan's in the world owe me some money then, big time. Notice there is Apple computer, and Apple records? Same name, different business. This is a different map, for a different game, for a completely different platform. DICE used Gulf of Oman, and I'm pretty sure I've seen that name used on a map somewhere already...
  9. That's just a rotational bundle on a BundledMesh me thinks. So it's set up like a vehicle actually. The same way the tires are controlled.
  10. It would be quite an undertaking to create a new carrier, texture it, and then get the lift set up. But yes, if the carrier is set up as a vehicle it is possible. Not sure how the collision would go though.
  11. You color it how it's needed. Totally depends on whether it's for a transparency map or specular map. It uses the same UVW as the rest of the texture, so your stuff on the alpha channel should be in the same place as on the color texture. Maybe I'm confusing...
  12. Well, the reason I would consider switching is. 1. The engine is not very flexible at all. Lots of stuff is hardcoded etc. You're limited to mosly just replacing vehicles and stuff. 2. Support, almost zero documentation except for those Maya tutorials. Some DICE guys are around, but it's not like you can do much with the engine anyways. Oh wait, why am I posting this. This is a "Hello" topic. Hello! Maybe you can share some knowledge in the http://bfeditor.org/wiki/ wiki? Actaully, now most teams are mainly concerned with a lack of control and features that would only be fixed in a patch. Having a DICE presence here helps.
  13. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4899
  14. Those turbosquid peeps charge way too much.
  15. you import the 3p or 1p skeleton then you import teh .baf animation for the knife fire and can edit it and reexport for your own weapon.
  16. Photoshop Elements will also work, I used to use that. It's very cheap compared to the latest versions too.
  17. I added staticobject texture info. I would add my alpha channel guide but i dunno how to insert pics. It dont' like the html code?
  18. Objects_Client.zip USJEP_HMMWV_c.dds
  19. Hmm, fuzzy or noisy terrain heightmap? Make sure it looks smooth, post up a pic if you can. Might be wrong .raw format too.
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