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  1. you didnt supply very helpful information at all but try this http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattl...?showtopic=5210 good topic on crashes
  2. how do i fix this propeller error. what files do i need for it? i thought i got all the files when i added this in but apperantly n ot? anybody a helo expert?
  3. can you show us the tank elevator?
  4. uberduck13


  5. haha i found what was up. somehow i screwed up my menu server, all i had to do was put in my backup copy. oh well its good for some laughs
  6. haha i did none of this i had regular menu and then all of a sudden this came up lol? i guess ill try my backup menu client and see what happens. but yeah the red highlights on the weapons looks sweet lol and that green thing is my mouse
  7. um i decided to add a few vehicles into my game but now this happened to my game i think it might be i messed with some of the atlas files but im not sure. lol if you know how to fix this can you please share haha look what happened to antitank
  8. lol, no it ended up gone after i did the packing thing. can you post how many files you have in the cursor folder so then i can check mine?
  9. hi, i want to make one of my smoke grenades stick. how do i do this? i copied what i thought was somethign about stickyness from a sticky incendiary nade into the tweak but when i threw it the game crashed? what lines should i add that will not make it crash?
  10. alright i got it to work by just renaming some files and what not, but now my mouse is still missing? what should i do to get it back? it works in mods just not bf2
  11. im not sure that worked, because if i run it in bf2_r it still get the same error. but i was able to play for some reason in bf2_r
  12. after i used this my mouse dissapearedwhat should i do
  13. alright i found it and i ran it, but now on the menu my mouse doesnt show up??? what should i do
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