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  1. I use Vista64 and 3dsmax 2009 and the dds plugin from nvidia works fine. Make sure your viewport is set to direct3d and not openGL.
  2. I use the soulburn scripts at work all the time to do mass replacing. They are free and there are plenty of excellent scripts in this pack including "object replacer." Object replacer allows you to select all the meshes you wish to replace and then you pick the mesh you wish to replace it with. Click apply and its done. Remember to center pivots to the base of the trees first (Use the "Put pivot" script in soulburn to do them all at once,) so the replacement mesh sits in the same spot in the ground. It also gives you the option of keeping the scale, rotation and position of the original meshes which is handy. http://www.neilblevins.com/soulburnscripts...burnscripts.htm Hope that helps
  3. I have already dealt with him and he was very appologetic in the end once I explained how much it hurts to have your hard work stolen. He was amiable enough and removed all links to his modification and promised not to do it again.
  4. After just sorting out someone who had stolen AIX work and put it in a ghost recon modification without permission: and what's worse, making out that he had created the content, i would like to point out to anyone else who may come to this forum and see this thread, that it is definitely NOT okay to steal the intellectual property of others. His argument was "well there's a tool available to import bf2 meshes into max, so its not my fault," to which i kindly pointed out that i may have a gun but it doesn't give me license to shoot you (although I'd like to.) Content stealing is the worst thing that can happen to a 3d artist who spends so much time creating a unique mesh/model/texture for free for the general gamer. I would hope that this is common sense among the majority, but because of this last guy, I felt it was necessary to come here (He pointed me to this thread as his source of information for the thievery) and make it perfectly clear that stealing other peoples work will not be tolerated and is breaking copyright laws just as much as if you do it to a big game company. The bf2 mesh importer is a learning tool for bf2 modders, not a license to take what you want. Sorry for the rant regulars, but this whole experience made my blood boil.
  5. Objects_server.zip\Weapons\common\RemoteControlledObjects\ArtilleryControlObjectUS.con and ArtilleryControlObjectMEC.con If you extend the "ObjectTemplate.minTimeBetweenActivation 60" to higher than 60 seconds, this should work. From memory, the downside is that the recharge time indicator in the commander screen still takes 60 seconds to recharge no matter what time you put in. So if you make it 5 minutes, the commander screen still shows that its ready in 60 seconds, but for the remaining 4 minutes the commander won't be able to actually deploy an artillery strike which can confuse players because the button appears ready and you can click it, but it does nothing. To add insult to injury, there is no indication in the commander screen for when the time limit is actually up so you have to keep clicking and trying (unless you have a stop watch, lol) until it's ready and it works.
  6. The "keyboard" section in the customize user interface menu is a virtual gold mine for finding out things like this. Check if you have anything besides space assigned to either "Lock Horizontal Rotation" or "Lock Vertical Rotation" Hope this helps When i press space during walk through, I get the same situation you are describing. My best tip for Max is to really go through the customize user interface section and find out what all the shortcuts are to your most used operations. Its unbelievable how much quicker my work flow has become since studying up on these shortcuts An alternative to walk through is to zoom extents on selected faces and never lose your spot on the model. You can even make selection sets on single faces if you like for easy retrieval on complex models If you set your arc rotate to the first one in the drop down list (drop-up in this case, lol) like so.... ...and while in poly edit mode select a face on the section of the model you are working on, then press P (perspective view) and then Z (zoom extents selected), your camera will focus on and rotate around the selected face, even if you deselect the mesh all together. This keeps you focussed on the one spot at all times until you change views or change your zoom extents selection.
  7. Thanks Msch No one else had reported the issue before so I wasn't sure if it was just us or not, heh.
  8. Sorry to bump, but AIX 2.0 is releasing soon and I wouldn't mind squashing this little quirk before hand. Does anyone have an idea why the pickup spawners are losing their rotational values on servers only?
  9. Just a quick question! Aix has had pickups for a while thanks to the great contributions in this thread, but we find that the rotational values of the spawner disappear when used on a server. In single player, the pickups sit the right way in their weapon crates. But on a server, the pickups all reset to 0 degrees rotation and thus stick out of their weapon boxes (statics) at funny angles. We've been using Msch's small col mesh for it and short of making all our weapon crate statics all be at a 0 degree angle (which looks silly on most maps), we're not quite sure how to stop this problem. Any way to stop this from happening?
  10. kysterama

    Need Fire

    So the game is nearly turning 3 years old next month and I was wondering if anyone had ever come up with a way to get a supply object like an incendiary grenade give the player the kill points? We've had an incendiary in our mod for 2 and half years and it's still just a "last resort" weapon used only when you've got no other way to take out the enemy, lol. It would be nice to be able to make it a "scoring" weapon once and for all. Is this categorically just not possible in this dear old engine of ours?
  11. Check out how Satnav did it -> http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattl...?showtopic=6585
  12. Thanks Rhino, you saved my ass. One map was being a real bitch about not rendering certain statics and your editor script file saved me Cheers!
  13. damn! I don't envy you the col work. You bought that? Pretty expensive.
  14. Thanks for the big reply 1/2hawk I've been modeling for 2 years+ now and all those things are second nature to me now with checking for a clean mesh and unwrapping techniques. I may have corrupted max tools or something so I'm going to reinstall the lot and make sure everything is kosher seeing as I seem to be the only one with this particular smoothing issue. I'll report on my success or failure, heh. Cheers EDIT-> As promised, here's an update. I never got the texture warping to go away in the max viewport, but the warping did disapear once exported into the editor. Still working out why another static of mine still shows the warping in the editor, but at least this one is appearing normal in the game so thats a step forward.
  15. Thanks Blitz, but the unwrap is frighteningly simple, heh Hardly takes up any tiles at all. To your second question I haven't gotten around to exporting it yet. I'll check the other static though. EDIT-> The only thing that comes up in the ed is -> Ignored Warning[Geom] : Object aix_trident_fort has texture coordinates outside specified range [16,16]. Largest coord was 682.728/214.162.
  16. Thanks for the reply catbox I've tried various unwrapping methods but all give the same result unfortunately. I'm not that new to modeling or texturing as i've made over a dozen handweapons and a few vehicles for AIX, but this is my first go at multi-layer textures (staticmeshes) and I'm stumped as to why this is only happening once I start working on the detail channel (2) and why smoothing groups are causing it. This has never ever happened when I was only working with one unwrap channel on bundledmeshes.
  17. I've been banging my head against a wall as to why this weird stretching is happening on my detail channels on 2 seperate statics now. On a hunch i cleared all smoothing groups and the textures were fixed. So now I know the cause of the stretching, but I definitely need smoothing groups on certain parts of my model such as the base to this radar dish -> Max 7 I've achieved an okay fix by adding a turbo smooth or tesselate to the mesh, but that increases the poly count of this piece from 250 to 1000 so it is not an optimum fix and one I wish to avoid. The first shot on the left is without smoothing groups and you can see the color and detail layers are perfectly alligned. The second shot shows a smoothing group applied and the whole texture looks like neopolitan ice cream in a washing machine! Anyone have a clue as to why this occurs and how I can fix it? As you can see, I only have 2 UVW channels and the STL modifier shows no errors. The texture just goes crazy with a smoothing group on it. It doesn't matter if its 1 smoothing group or a few smoothing groups...i get the same result. The stretching occurs in the editor as well, so its not just a max viewport thing. This same thing happened on various faces on another fortification static I have made. It's totally bumming me out! This is my first foray into static modeling (and i thought it would be easy! ha!) so perhaps i've just been a tool and gone about things the wrong way . Can anyone offer a clue?
  18. We also see a ship-load of state 181 errors here as well. I would love to know what they are!
  19. I don't know what it is....no matter how many times I shower....
  20. Apart from the rule LBrown stated about it being forbidden to import and re-export Dice meshes, what you are looking at are the Level Of Detail (LOD) models. When a model gets a certain distance away from your point of view, the engine switches between lod's to save on system resources. (ie, when a model gets far enough away, it switches to a lower polygon model, and then when its really far away it switched to the lowest poly model in the hierarchy.) The human eye can't make out details at that distance anyway, so the engine doesn't have to render such a high polygon model anymore. In your screenshot the arms are the 1p view and the 3 lod's are the 3p view of the model which get rendered at various distances from the player. With vehicles, you have the "internal cockpit" model as well as the 3p model in the hierarchy. The 'cockpit' model generally does not have lod's as the player sits in it, while the 3p model usually has 3 lod's. The texture automatically also switches to lower res versions of itself as the mesh gets furthur away. The mipmap levels in the dds govern this particular trait for us fortunately.
  21. You know you'll all buy it, lol Its battlefield!
  22. I think the coop menu in-game only offers you a maximum of 48 to play against. For 64 you would need to setup a dedicated server. For you against 48, set your bot numbers to 48 in the aidefault.ai file in the mods AI directory. Then in the in-game coop setup screen, set your "number of bots" slider to 48 and your bot ratio to 100. This should pit just you against the 48 bots. I put more info on our site about coop ratios if you need more info -> http://aixtended.com/faq.html
  23. Do a search in your localization file for "MAINBUTTON" You'll find all the entries to change the button names in there
  24. Thanks Msch, I'll keep sifting through the logs. Btw, the mod doesn't crash, only the debugger does. Just trying to remove as many errors as possible. Cheers EDIT-> For others tracking down this debug error, i'm still not entirely sure what it means, but I discovered it was definitely not causing the debugger to crash. It was a bad colission mesh on another model. Hope this chunk size error gets solved one day because i'm sick of seeing it in my debug logs! lol
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