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  1. I can't believe not everyone is using Harry's GUI for the bf2materials.exe. It's makes it so painless! I believe it was posted in the WIP showcase thread. Get it, use it, love it.
  2. Just FYI you'll probably find it easier to create a mod to work from. your_mod/objects folder will mirror the folder structure of the objects_client and server zips. You could have nothing in your objects folder but the textures you're working on, the editor will read your custom content and ignore the corresponding stock content.
  3. DFast has a really good explanation of bundledMesh techniques somewhere. Anyone got a link? I don't have it here sorry. It appears someone posted most of it on the wiki but sadly it's lacking the good/needed information. The trick comes down to if you're using an alpha technique or not. I forget the details though so I'm not going to guess. I will say this: The alpha channel of one of your textures will control the specularity. There's only two so get to trying. Okay fine I'll guess. I _think_ if you're using an alpha technique (for transparency) the alpha for transparency goes in the _c's alpha and specular in _b's alpha. If no alpha technique/transparency then the specular alpha goes in the _c. It's either that or the opposite of that, lol. Cheers, -phresh
  4. Might have a look through this tutorial thread to gain a better understanding of bump vs normal maps etc: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4927 In short, you can create normal maps with the above method but it doesn't create a true normal map, more of a glorified bump map in the normal map format, if you will. The link is to a tutorial on doing it this way and getting decent results - with some good Q&A. Cheers to Squirelly for the knowledge droppage. -phresh
  5. PCOs should be BundledMesh. Don't forget geom3 (wreck) and it's cols or you'll likely bomb the game when it gets destroyed.
  6. Check out the print screen button on your keyboard - the universal screenshotter. Just open mspaint and click paste - the screenshot gets put on your clipboard when you press the key. ..the more you know**
  7. Make sure the level is packed when you try to run the playback. If that's not it you'll have to debug with the bf2_r.exe -phresh
  8. Well, changing the stock BF2 files will effectively break bf2. I'm sure you made a backup of the original zips though, didn't ya? Though, if you remove the md5 files you may be able to run it locally, can anyone confirm this? Anyhow, you need to create a mod to do this and then the server and all clients would have to be running that mod. So, did you create a mod? I see that you have the editor. To pack in the editor you go to the mod menu, choose package mod. Let us know, -phresh
  9. Add a jet engine to the parachute. Mess with the forceobjects a bit. You really should try it for yourself, it's not that dificult with some object editing experience. In fact, I challenge you to do it yourself =p I did mine similar to mschoeldgen in that it's not a modded chute, it's a standalone PCO but I didn't use any heli stuff, just a jet engine and some forceObjects, and some dampers. I saw someone do it with just a jet engine added to a chute, and one of the guys from FS had a nice flying chair chute replacement. Here's a lil vid of mine for inspiration or something, not sure why it takes forever to buffer http://media.putfile.com/jetpackWIP-48 GL HF, -phresh
  10. That is unfortunate =\ Would love to hear about it, sounds pretty ambitious =p
  11. Autodesk only sells current versions. The cheapest way to get software like this is via student outlets. Retail for Maya is around $6,000. A student license is around $400. You can search around the web but it's not common. Best bet might be finding a college bookstore that happens to have a copy or two of 6 laying around. Of course you have to be a student to be elgible to buy from such a source but you could pay a semester of tuition and the $400 at most schools and still save over the retail price. If you're just getting into this stuff you might consider playing with Gmax, it's free and works for creating BF2 content. Cheers, -phresh
  12. Not sure this applies but, depending on the shader technique used, you could try minimizing the specular factor. IIRC, the alpha channel of your color texture does it, forget if you want it light or dark though. If you're using an alpha technique though the spec map goes in the normal map's alpha channel. DFast has good info on BundledMesh techniques somewhere. Just thinking it's too reflective so it has that effect perhaps? Hope this helps, -phresh
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