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  1. UPDATE, sorry for the long delay but had other things to do etc, but now im back and working on the chinook. this is final render its already 14 000 polies. UVMAP is 50 percent done now
  2. dunno why but the screenshot stopped working, here is new one
  3. We will see.... What I want is copilot being able to open it with up and down arrows, but the default position will be opened because the entry point will be inside the chopper probably Just small update for today, I didnt have much time today. Bigger update tommorow Edited screenshot link to the most recent one
  4. Of corse there is a way to open them but this isnt my priority, now I have to finish model, unwrap it, get it ingame make it fly like chinook etc this ramp is the last thing on the list
  5. Been working on the cargo doors today, this is the result, still needs some details but this is how its gonna look. opened closed but in game the doors will be opened permanently probably Personnel carriage probably
  6. Im still closer and closer to get it done here are the newest wips, now I have to finish interior, add wheels and backdoors. However here are three pictures Thats all for today (maybe not), I guess I can finish the model next week. Edit new picture !
  7. Thanks! Now Im working on rotor blades and interiors, here are some screenshots of the front rotor blades: For now its 5400 triangles.I would like to know whats the limit for a vehicle in bf2. Now im aiming for approx. 11000 triangels isnt that too much ? thx
  8. Hello, After ive succesfuly made the wings for blackhawk and imported them ingame, Ive decided to work on CH47 Chinook helicopter. ** ** ** ******* ***** *** * When I get this done and imported properly. I will probably release it as free vehicle for everyone ! Feedback is welcome
  9. I had to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) contract with Jones when I added him to my MSN.... Now seriously, if you wait few weeks you will know
  10. Its for one of the upcoming maps from Jones
  11. thanks for reply but as i said its already solved here video of the wings in action ingame: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHG1Ex-yEZQ
  12. Anyone got this working ? Im currently trying to get it working with jets/helicopters.
  13. Here is picture of my hierarchy , .con and .tweak file Please if you know whats wrong tell me. EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED
  14. Hello, I have one problem, I have this Blackhawk wings textured and exported in editor as bundled mesh. But when I attach these wings on blackhawk in editor and enable physics, the blackhawk is completely screwed, it flies around like crazy. I dont know whats wrong, maybe hierarchy was wrong I dont know. I couldnt find any tutorial for this. Please if you can help me reply here or contact me on msn or icq (preffered) ICQ 246 523 648 MSN vladodzamba@hotmail.com Thanks
  15. EA sucks again. They are stupid and bitches i wont mod their games again, their mod support sucks. Colin was here almost for nothing. EA didnt announce bf2142 editor or tools nothing and game is out maybe one month. I will not map for BF2142 or what. I dont like them. edit: Watch the language.
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