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  1. Don't see why that wouldnt work, because most of the coding regarding lightmaps is based on unit distances (0.0 - 1.0)...
  2. These lightmaps look really good so far. Just a couple of questions... - Did you run the ~convert.bat utility to put these on a single .dds texture that now looks blue/green with some spashes of red/purple on it? - Did you put them in your map's lightmaps/objects folder? - Have you moved the object any? The filename for the lightmap is coded with the object's LOD and position (yourobject=LOD=X=Y=Z.dds), with decimals truncated off so if you move it a touch you might need to rename the lightmap file. - Does your map already have lightmap atlases built? If so, the map could be ignoring anything new added. Assuming you got thru these steps correctly, the problem may not be with your object but rather the map's lighting (although, these changes are applied map wide). Check the follow-up lightmaping tutorial for more info: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...or+lightmapping
  3. Sorry to dig up an old thread - but did anybody ever figure out how to tie sounds to triggerables in MP?
  4. You dont need to erase the ZIPs first... it will make new ones for you. Note that if youre working with the Editor, it looks at the unpacked files in your directory. If you're playing in game, it will only look for files inside the archives... so always repack before testing in game. Or better yet, learn how to pack them by hand so you're 100% sure everything is in the right spot, nothing extra is added and nothing got missed.
  5. Hrmm... wonder if this is why we had flying pirate hats?!?
  6. BTW - texturing statics vs weapons/vehicles are two entirely different methodologies.
  7. Statics dont need networkables because they typically dont *do* anything that needs coordination across all the players. (For example, a tank turret does need a networkable so that all the players looking at it see the thing rotated at the same exact angle at a given point in time.) To figure out whats wrong with your texturing, post the following two screenshots... 1) The Material Editor with the shader ball youre using expanded so we can see what textures are on what layers. 2) The Channel Info window (go to Utilities -> Channel Info, click the channel info button after selecting the primary visible mesh) expanded so we can see what uvws are where, which should tie exactly to #1.
  8. Youre putting the new sky.con file in your server.zip right? Otherwise it wont be different in-game. Just checkin...
  9. Aye - that's works good and is pretty easy to do. If you have Armored Fury, check out the Operation Harvest map for details - esp how they did the alpha channel on their sky texture.
  10. Check here: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11145
  11. Yep - cuz in python, the control points are already triggers. (When you enter the radius it starts timers for flag dropping etc). Just got to tap into those methods to do some tests to see whats owned by whom. If you test for certain unique CP names while your at it, you can localize the effect to a specific map.
  12. Should probably stay away from ziplines and grappling hooks for the same reason.
  13. Sexy! Makes me want to shoot stuff.
  14. Erm - cant see your picture but the best setting is to use "Generic Units" from the Units Setup.
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