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  1. Don't see why that wouldnt work, because most of the coding regarding lightmaps is based on unit distances (0.0 - 1.0)...
  2. These lightmaps look really good so far. Just a couple of questions... - Did you run the ~convert.bat utility to put these on a single .dds texture that now looks blue/green with some spashes of red/purple on it? - Did you put them in your map's lightmaps/objects folder? - Have you moved the object any? The filename for the lightmap is coded with the object's LOD and position (yourobject=LOD=X=Y=Z.dds), with decimals truncated off so if you move it a touch you might need to rename the lightmap file. - Does your map already have lightmap atlases built? If so, the map could be ignoring anything new added. Assuming you got thru these steps correctly, the problem may not be with your object but rather the map's lighting (although, these changes are applied map wide). Check the follow-up lightmaping tutorial for more info: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...or+lightmapping
  3. Sorry to dig up an old thread - but did anybody ever figure out how to tie sounds to triggerables in MP?
  4. You dont need to erase the ZIPs first... it will make new ones for you. Note that if youre working with the Editor, it looks at the unpacked files in your directory. If you're playing in game, it will only look for files inside the archives... so always repack before testing in game. Or better yet, learn how to pack them by hand so you're 100% sure everything is in the right spot, nothing extra is added and nothing got missed.
  5. Hrmm... wonder if this is why we had flying pirate hats?!?
  6. BTW - texturing statics vs weapons/vehicles are two entirely different methodologies.
  7. Statics dont need networkables because they typically dont *do* anything that needs coordination across all the players. (For example, a tank turret does need a networkable so that all the players looking at it see the thing rotated at the same exact angle at a given point in time.) To figure out whats wrong with your texturing, post the following two screenshots... 1) The Material Editor with the shader ball youre using expanded so we can see what textures are on what layers. 2) The Channel Info window (go to Utilities -> Channel Info, click the channel info button after selecting the primary visible mesh) expanded so we can see what uvws are where, which should tie exactly to #1.
  8. Youre putting the new sky.con file in your server.zip right? Otherwise it wont be different in-game. Just checkin...
  9. Aye - that's works good and is pretty easy to do. If you have Armored Fury, check out the Operation Harvest map for details - esp how they did the alpha channel on their sky texture.
  10. Check here: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11145
  11. Yep - cuz in python, the control points are already triggers. (When you enter the radius it starts timers for flag dropping etc). Just got to tap into those methods to do some tests to see whats owned by whom. If you test for certain unique CP names while your at it, you can localize the effect to a specific map.
  12. Should probably stay away from ziplines and grappling hooks for the same reason.
  13. Sexy! Makes me want to shoot stuff.
  14. Erm - cant see your picture but the best setting is to use "Generic Units" from the Units Setup.
  15. Two most common causes are either: - You dragged and dropped a vehicle / aircraft etc onto the map instead of creating it as an object spawner tied to a flag (right click on the map to do that). You can only do that for static objects and when the map tries to draw everything the first time it CTDs without an error message. [its gotta know who owns the nearby flag so it can load the right type of vehicle]. - Your init.con is calling for a team that doesnt exist in the mod youre making a map for. For example, you've mixed up US with USMC. When you Join Game, the scoreboard cant find the right icons and CTDs. If that doesnt help, you'll definitely find other stuff by Searching here for related threads... true enough.
  16. So - way way off topic - but I have this digital camera and lost its USB cord recently. Turns out its a custom connector cuz none of the standard mini-D connectors fit the bastard, not even one of those $60 squid adapter cables. Well anyway, Im in Best Buy tonight and find this All-In-One media reader for only $14. Single internal USB connector and thats its - so I bring that home and pop it in an open bay. Turns out every slot on the thing consumes its own drive letter and I wind up with A: -> M: on my box. Also bought a new DVD burner cuz my old CD ROM doesnt even open since its had the same BF2 disc in it for like four straight years and its completely sogged down with dog hair. So Im six ways of sunday lost on whats what. The Disk Management utility lets me change the drive letters around but you cant rename your optical devices and these memory card slots from there (think you can do hard drives though). Anyways, found this registry hack to give yourself custom drive letter labels to sort out whats what. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\DriveIcons\D\DefaultLabel You might need to make your own DriveIcons key under Explorer ... then add the key for whatever drive letter you want to name. Give it a key called DefaultLabel and whatever value you give it (ex: "Top CD drive") will show up in your My Computer list. Pretty handy and better than the names that come with em, like WS237520_234_blahblah. And I work for Dell and havent a clue what all that is (exactly). Wait ... WTF were we talking about again?!?
  17. Thats actually a cool idea... you could have individual shields on different sides of the tank so you could rotate around if one side was getting beat up too much. The only way I can think to do the repair idea would be to replace your smoke flare with some sort of SupplyObject that drops behind you (or add it to the flare). Would repair other things nearby and wouldnt work if you drove off. But anyways, thats about the easiest way to add HP back to your vehicle without a lot of coding effort. Check the air repair station in the BF2 military objects directory to see how to bundle a SupplyObject to something else and not have it repair enemy vehicles at least.
  18. I have three installs on C:, E: and F: plus we keep full backups on an FTP to boot - and thank heavens cuz my dumbass is always losing files. [bTW - keeping an install off of your C: drive can help find incorrect texture paths... handy.]
  19. Guess it depends what youre working on. Sometimes its easier to work with vehicle stuff in the raw text files - but I do like how you can hop in a ship and sail it around in the Editor as you're tweaking values until its just right. Its just a fancy front-end for all those files, so if you know alot about them you maybe wont use it as much as another guy - however, I like how a lot of the properties are enumerated as lists / options in the Editor so you can see what other things are possible. You dont really get that by searching thru flat text files. Its not like we have an in-depth manual on how everything works.
  20. That *is* pretty strange bro... this isnt some wacky sized Scale 4 map or anything usual is it?
  21. Could be a lot of things at 15%. Its the most common spot to crash other than at Join Game. Run the debugger like Uber showed you and whatever the last error message you get before it CTDs is the culprit. Do us all a huge favor and take a screenshot of the error when you get it, instead of trying to describe what it says. (ex: Yes, we know you dont have an Aphrodite drive).
  22. These maps weren't made to be reverse engineered, so all of the temporary stuff not needed in-game, but necessary to make the editor work, wasnt included to help make the game smaller in size. That said - its not like some of us havent done it either. So a few things to know... Rule #1: Dont dick with the original map, or you wont be able to play online again without re-installing everything. Thus, as soon as you get it open, do a Save As and call it something else. Call it "Yet_Another_Karkand" or whatever you like - this is the most surefire way to get all the little sub-files renamed properly. Sometimes a few get missed so later on when it crashes, remember to go look for the original map name in all your files. Right ... To get the flags, vehicles, etc to show up on the map - you need to recreate a GamePlayObjects.con in the Editor folder. The easiest way to do this is to go into the map's Gamemodes folders for whatever size you're trying to edit and copy/paste it there. Now, the original file wouldve had *all* of the shit needed to break everything out into separate maps using the Layer system so you're kinda up a creek as far as that goes. So just work on, say, the conquest 64 size and edit that around... which brings me to: Rule #2: Only re-pack the shit you know you touched, and you know you did it right. OK - so when you save your 64 size, its going to completely fark up all the other map size files (because it will think whatever youre doing is the same on all the maps). The trick here is to just put the one gameplayobjects.con for the one map size you messed with back into the server.zip - and then unzip all the gamemode files back into your map effectively unfucking the other sizes again. Note that other files might need updating too... for example, if you put a cobra helicopter on Karkand that wasnt there before, now you have a new run statement in your staticobjects.con that also has to be packed in the server.zip... which brings me to: Rule #3: If this is your first time mapping, go do something else. Honestly. It does seem a little backwards. It should be way easier to mess with a mostly done map than start your own, but if you dont know what each and every file in that structure does then you better get some practice with your own maps and start asking some of us for advice. (Nows also a good time to break up with your GF if you intend to do this for a hobby). Right - onto the harder parts... which apply if you're painting terrain. The Editor uses a different type of file format for the images in the /Editor folder that what gets produced in the final result. So, if you just copy the Colormap and Detailmap folders into the /Editor folder youre going to get a mess. The finished ones are a DXT format and are generally 171kb or something small. The editor ones are 1025kb and are 8:8:8:8 format. Youre going to need the nVidia plugins for Photoshop, and have to open/resave each as an 8:8:8:8. This will get you the colormaps back fine at least, esp if you switch into Render->Texture Mode. You'll still have lots of black crap everywhere in the DetailTexture Mode because you are still missing the GroundProperties.con that tells the editor how to setup all of the paint brushes in your TextureEditor. Best thing I can tell you how to recreate that is to go snag one from one of your own maps first and drop that in the /Editor folder. Now open the terraindata.raw file using a hex editor (such as Hex Editor Neo - freeware) and cruise thru the garbldygook for a little bit of english that will tell you at least what detail textures the map was using. Wont be perfect because all of the other values such as the tiling values etc are lost (unless you speak machine language which I dont). *Even then* you still might get black streaks and misc crap because the Editor is just a whore like that. Sometimes you need to just TPaint the entire level and copy in new Detailmaps and redo the details by hand. Or ... refer to Rule #2. Harder still ... lets say you want to add new buildings to the map. Thats pretty easy to do, but they wont look right unless you lightmap them to the surroundings too. Lets just say I'll type out more instructions there if you get that far. Rough steps are to load your map into Max and light the new structures (check the Tutorials section for my thread on how to do that). In an empty Lightmap/objects folder, create a new Atlas. Figure out what the next Atlas number would be (if you have 0-4, then this will be 5). Rename your atlas. Fix your tai file to have the file names set to 5, and copy paste an addendum onto the original tai file. And pack those back in your map too. That was a lot of typing. Maybe you should state what you intend to do with the map and we can be more specific.
  23. Mmm... the Editor does it somehow but the thing we're after really is to have the trees placed in Max so if you have a giant palm tree near a building, then the shadow of that palm can cast up the walls of it. Not so much worried about lighting the trees themselves. If you do this way without trees and swap them in, that kind of effect will be missing. Think Bensta's onto it though... just kicking around that file in Excel a bit, should be able to make a little macro that will convert it into a staticobject like con file which can be read into max after the main statics are loaded without actually sticking them in the staticobjects.con file. Looks to me like the fourth set of transform numbers are the x/y/z coords. Hrmmm... Update: Hey that was actually pretty easy. K here's the mechanics of the the little script I got: - Drop the code on the sheet - Text to Columns, using the delimiter [ ... this gets the transforms in their own columns - Strip out the three middle columns of crap you dont need - Find / Replace "/1]" with "" on the last column - Find / Replace the word "Transformation" with "Position" on the first column - Run a loop up the rows knocking out any blank lines or ones starting with "rem" (UCASE the test) - Run a loop back down the rows testing for "Object.isOvergrowth 1" and nudge in an "Object.layer 1" inbetween - Export that as a con file in your map directory Now you can take the header from the staticobjects, drop that on another sheet and sort it to find all of the run /objects/vegetation calls and put those as a header in your file. Max isnt reading the structure of mine quite right - no trees once you import. Think Im missing something..
  24. Mine crashes right about the time Im *thinking* about saving... not sure how it picks up on those delta waves but its fairly consistent.
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