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  1. Hi guys! Is it possible to make the actual head up display disapears on the edges of the projection frame when making turns and rolls on aerial vehicles? If you dont know what i mean the following image should clarify it, i am not sure if a speical blend mode of a invissible texture that would be placed around the borders would make it or if shaders could make this possible:
  2. Hi battlefield community and alpha project fans! After a long waiting period we are finaly back in action, our second installment is ready for a release! Again i wana than all our contributors and developers for their support, this mod would have never got this success without the help of all involved, we are realy proud, finaly being able to share this work with you all and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! As this is still alpha stage as our mod name says you can expect to find some bugs in it, if so please report them via pm to me or someone of our devteam so we can try our best to fix those problems! Enough said, happy fragging soldiers, this is an order! ;)/> JONES out Downloadlinks: BFSP Download 762-Ranking Download Developer/Contributor Credits: (let me know if we missed someone, detailed credits are included in the downloads credits.txt) Features: -> fully integrated weapon/class customization system with kit remember function -> 3d scope zoom shaders for scoped/magnified weapons -> new ragdoll enhancement project tweaks for soldier physics -> vehicle missiles and bombs can now destroy bridges -> updated weapon, explosion and distand soundeffects -> working ironsight switch for mounted machineguns -> new engine and distancesounds for jets and helicopters -> various new weapon animations and 3d sights -> new cockpit camera position and hud for some jets and most armored vehicles -> added antiair missiles to attack choppers -> new armored apcs, mobile self-propelled artillery and light observation helicopters -> placeable tripod hmgs and grenadelaunchers (only offline supported in this version) -> stationary tripod hmgs and grenadelaunchers 128 Player Server & Custom Ranking: 762.Ranking Alpha Project Awards www.762-ranking.de 762.Ranking | BF2Awards Forums www.762-ranking.de/forum [DGC] Clan Homepage www.die-german-crew.de Content Reveal Trailer: YouTube Full HD Video Stream ModdbVideo Stream Screenshots/Render:
  3. Info + Server: [762]RANKED Alpha Project +IP+Port: + Date: Saturday 10-27-2012 + Time: 1900 Berlin/Paris Time (UTC+2) + Mod: Alpha Project 0.1 + Close Combat Mappack + Map Gulf of Oman + Download: click here Rules: + No racism/National Socialist ideology, no flaming, insulting. + No teamkilling on purpose/wait your turn for weapons & vehicles. + No fighting commander. + No attacking of uncaps. Maps: + Crossfire + Divided City + Gulf of Oman + Lost Jungle + Morning Breeze + Pripiyat + Strike at Karkand + Town Strike + Vacant + Zatar Wetlands I would be happy if i see some of you guys on our server, happy fragging and cu on the server! Original Post: http://www.762-ranking.de/forum/showthread...ime-%28UTC-2%29
  4. Hi guys! I need you help, can someone explain or lead me to a tutorial whats the best or fastest way to change the idle animation position on screen in 1p? I dont have any animating or modeling knowledge so i am pretty much helpless without your help guys.. our team lacks of animators atm and id like to change the position of the weapon on screen, basicly you would call it the "origins" in css as far i know. Basicly only thing i wana do is moving vanilla origins more to the center so the weapon holding feels more "real" similar as how the idles are in project reality, this is my reference of where i wana have the weapons on screen at the end: I am thankful for any help i can get on this one!
  5. Hmm i got the same, you might know what could have fixed it? Its pretty annoying i am on win7 64bit now aswell but already had the draging problem on vista....
  6. Yes, if you wana continue work on it i would realy like to skin is as soon your ready
  7. For anyone who wana play some alpha project 0.1 join the [DGC] ALPHA PROJECT SERVER NOW!!!!

  8. Realy nice work, we could realy need manpads in our mod, you got that stinger uvmapped? If yes hand me over the uvmap and i skin it for you, of corse only if we can use it in alpha project
  9. This is incredible, telling from my experiance when serving this is very close to what it sounds irl, i realy like to get my hands on this for alpha project, il send you a pm on moddb!
  10. JONES

    Bf2 Oasis Mod

    Wow man that looks realy damn nice, everything custom makes bf2 look so much better as it used to look, amazing work as always!
  11. Yes dont forgett the leaked gameplay footage which was recorded with a mobile wile a bf3 presentation at the gdc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwwtuON9oHQ That earthquake basicly blown me away, i never seen something like that in any game, its incredible, now lets hope the mp will be as good as the sp is, tbh i dont care anymore for modsupport, even if i wish the game got one, lets see it from another perspective: The frostbite 2 engine is basicly new, since the wrote it from scratch, so we still have a chance to build our own if we are lucky, same as it was with bf1942 back then, we didnt get modtools for it eigher, now its up to us again
  12. Day/Night Cycles confirmed <- http://www.videogameszone.de/Battlefield-3-PS3-221015/News/Battlefield-3-DICE-demonstriert-beeindruckende-Lichteffekte-auf-der-GDC-2011-814568/galerie/1498035/ You have to run the link throught the google translator if you cant read german, pictures are included
  13. Yes i agree with you beex, i see so much negative comments all around, on the forums the most, people are realy, realy sceptical about how bf3 will turn out! I can somehow understand it, dice realy lost more and more attention to the pc community after bf2... i hope we get it back now with bf3, i am again optimistic since along time, i hope they deliver!
  14. Hello community, i see noone has yet posted something about the unbelevable, noone would have ever thought, groundbraking news about battlefield 3! With all the years i am a fan of the battlefield franchise, the last time i was so excited about a game was bf1942 back at the very beginning, dice seems to not giving empty promises at this time, today so many stuff got confirmed, everything you can dream for as a true bf fan! So lets start up with the official website: http://www.ea.com/battlefield3 Some wallpapers and coverarts: HD wallpaper 1920x1080 HD wallpaper 1920x1200 Additional informations: Now if this dont blow you away, what else, this game have alot potential to be a big bf game again, lead platfrom is pc again and 64bit is recomment for the game also a dx11 card, seems this will be something pretty big that needs alot of power What do you guys think about all the informations that come to light today?
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