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  1. I believe night vision.con NightVision maxpower and normal.con nightvisionmaxpower will affest how long the NVG lasts. Also the regenRPS will affect how fast it regenerates.
  2. eggman

    Help With Cluster Bombs

    Hey Gents, Have been fiddling with SatNav's cluster bombs. They are awesome! But... they do not work on a dedicated server. What happens is that the bomblets freeze in mid air when dispersed from the bomb unit. The bomblets are dispersed as emitters. The emitters are defined as simple objects. SatNav indicates there is a problem with using anything other than "particles" as emitters. Here is soem info from SatNav: Any ideas or pointers much appreciated. Cheers! eggman
  3. Check this thread: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9750 Basically pretty easy once the object & collision meshes are set up correctly and there's a post in that thread that includes a download link for hte Project Reality Razorwire. Enjoy! eggman
  4. eggman

    Problem With Barb Wire

    Hey Gents, Thanks to D_Fast from PoE and matt.b from the Project Reality team we were able to get this working great! As a "cheers mates" gesture, we're making this razor wire available for all mods to use freely (as long as you are not reselling the product the razor wire is used in). You can download the Razor Wire here: http://www.gloryhoundz.com/prmm/downloads/pr_razorwire.zip There is a read me included that indicates the material changes needed to make it work, which are the same as those described by D_Fast above. Cheers mates!
  5. Can anyone point me toward any info on the hack that allowed 128 players in a BF2 server? I am referring to 128 human players, not 128 bots. I *thought* someone hacked up the .exe to make 128 players available .. but I can't find any info on it now. I understand the server requirement issues, etc, etc.. would probably prefer to try some number more than 64, but less than 100. Any pointers much appreciated.
  6. eggman

    Anyone Want A Coder?

    That's a great gamut of stuff to have fooled around with to learn BF modding If you have any interest in realism type stuff and completely fuxx0ring with the BF2 engine you can check out project reality. We're also part of black sand studios which gives you an opportunity to work on lots of mods with an international group of very talented folks.
  7. eggman

    Setting Name Tag Distance

    That worked a charm! tyvm!! This is how they are set up in PR ( from nametags.con ). The enemy tags never display and friendly tags only display out to 30m. rem ***Enemy NameTags NameTags.MaxEnemyDistance 0 NameTags.EnemyTagFadeInTime 999 NameTags.EnemyTagFadeOutTime 1 NameTags.EnemyTagDelayTime 999 NameTags.EnemyDotLimit 001 rem ***Enemy NameTags NameTags.MaxFriendlyDistance 30
  8. eggman

    Setting Name Tag Distance

    can you give me an example of the syntax I would use to adjust those values? And would I stick it in nametags.con? Would it be something like: Nametags.setCullDistance TTObject 300 to set "object" nametags to fade out at 300m?
  9. eggman

    Setting Name Tag Distance

    I never had any luck attempting to edit the draw distances of things like the flag icons and distance indicators. I'd prefer them to draw at .. say 300m. But they always seemed to draw at about 1000m .. anyone know a way to change this?
  10. eggman

    Simrad Laser Painting Wip

    KingOf Camelot did a bunch of testing with it embedded in the effect and ran into some problems.. not sure what they were and he's kinda gone into hiatus atm.
  11. eggman

    Simrad Laser Painting Wip

    nice work I got a stationary one working.. had it at 15 sec ttl iirc. Was lockable, where as draggable ones were not (or at least I couldn't get them to be) because the target object would expire before the weapon systems could get a lock on it (constantly expiring and being replaced by a new one to make it draggable made it impossible to get a lock on it). I think I had the 15sec one to the point where it could be locked on even if the SIMRAD was no longer being used by the target designator. It was basically just a projectile with a laser_target_vehicle attached to it iirc. The problems I encountered was that the projectile could sometimes bounce off the target a little bit. It was not too bad, but it was not 100% reliable for moving or smaller targets and at certain angles against buildings and such it would bounce.
  12. you can make a static into a PCO and spawn it like a vehicle spawner.
  13. eggman

    Problem With Barb Wire

    Interesting idea .. you saying that you can specify 666 as the material type for a wreck ? Seems like a potentially simple way to make burning wrecks hurt players... would that work?
  14. eggman

    Problem With Barb Wire

    Yes thanks D_Fast! We got damaging razor wire again but without the lag. That's also a great idea wrt the wreck fires and such.... have to think about that. I hate the fact that wreck fires don't cause pain.