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  1. I would love to be able to start making maps for the First Strike mod (2142 based). What method can you suggest to get that mod in the editor to start playing with that? Would one have to re write the unpak.bat to reflect the First Strike directory of objects?
  2. Yeah, I did that step when I set up the mod. I checked all the BF2 content and the folder of 2142 statics I had unzipped and saved. In the "old days" when I had time to spare I would have been working on the idea for days, but the real world has just eaten up my time lately. Only doing this for my community (clan) cause they are really into the idea. I will try again sometime soon and post if it works.
  3. Well, I guess this is not going to work for me at all. I started a new mod, used BF2 as the parent mod. I unzipped the static objects zips (server and client) to a folder called 2142 under objects in both the editor and mod. I got camp g to load up in the editor, but no shaders, no objects show in the menu, nothing really working except the terrain map (but that is easy to get anyway). I can't even open the mod now, as it gives me the unhandled exception error. If anyone makes this idea work, please let me know and maybe share it with our clan. We would like to try this out, but it's beyond me how to get it working.
  4. Yeah, very much a beginner at this "mini mod" thing. I have made maps for BF2, but nothing with importing, exporting, etc of files to a mod of my making. I understand how to start up a mod of my own, and I think I understand that I would still want BF2 as the parent mod. Then if I am getting this right, I would want to hand unzip the objects from 2142 that I want/need. Then I guess I start a new map and unzip the client and server.zips from the original 2142 map over into the new map folder. That's kinda what I am getting at this point.
  5. So it has to be done as a mini mod? Can't do it as just maps I guess. Anyone have a project in progress like this?
  6. I have searched the topic and found very little on the subject. I see that some have been working on and been successful with moving BF2 maps to 2142, but what about the other way? My clan never really embraced 2142 fully and once we all made General we moved back to BF2 now. One thing that many really liked about 2142 was a couple of the maps. Camp Gibraltar is by far the most popular in our group, and I am looking for someone that could convert some 2142 maps into BF2 maps. Can anyone give me either a tutorial on this if it's even possible, or a link to any known maps that have already been done. Again, we are interested in 2142 maps in BF2. Thanks all.
  7. Yea, thanks. I used a 3rd party .bat to pack the map and I guess the exclusions list didn't work so well. I did add *editor* to the exclusion lists, but it still added them. It also added a few other things that are not needed. I'm searching for a definitive list of what is and is not needed in the client.zip and server.zip. Client.zip I have a fair idea, but my server.zip is huge compared to other peoples maps. :?
  8. We did some limited testing last night on the map again and found an error that kept crashing us. :arrow: The base at the bottome of Mt. Suribachi has really toxic smoke coming out of it. Seems that if you get close to that flag you either get kicked to desktop or even crash the server. I think it has to do with the smoke some how. :arrow: The gun on the West side of Suribachi is goofed up as mentioned above. :arrow: There are some dangerous rocks up on Suribachi too. On the front side of the Mt. you can fall in and not come out of some of those rock areas. Working on how to do a small patch for the maps so that people don't have to download a whole new build. Bloody
  9. Hey guys, Thanks for trying it out and the feedback. First, the initial .exe I put up did accidentally include "junk" that was not intended to be included. I had to use a .bat 3rd party program to get it all packed. The editor gives me an error every time I try to pack this map. Not sure if it's the size or what, but someone on the forums here suggested the 3rd party packer and it works well. The packer is suppose to pack everything and exclude the un needed files. You can edit the exclude and include list but they didn't work they way then needed to. :? At least I know now that I have to check the .zips and edit out the "junk" for the final .exe packing. I did so on this map and re uploaded to the same location. The new one is down to 130 Mb or so. Still stuff I can take out I am sure, but being new at this I still am learning what is really needed in the final .zips. :oops: As for that error in the smoke, I heard that from another person too. I'm not sure what causes that, so I will have to investigate. It is on my change list and will either be removed or made to work in the next version. Sorry for the error on that. I also can't get the West Suribachi SMG to work right. If you get in it, it will not let you back out. :?: I'm glad you guys got it to work OK, and keep the suggestions coming.
  10. Hello, My name is Bloody. I'm the leader/founder of the BCO clan. Bloody Company is made up of a bunch of mature players. (read old, but some mature kids too. ) I have recently started to learn and use the BF2 editor. I have made about 10 maps so far. Most of these just to play around and figure out the manager. I have finally come up with a beta version of something I feel I can put out the the public. Iwo Jima 06. This is a huge map, based on real satillite images for the hightmap. I had to mess with things to make it work with in BF2 gameplay, but I feel it's really nice. It features 16, 32, and 64 players sized maps. The 64 player size is huge and epic. The 16 is nice for some small intense battles. Warning, download is big. Download here. http://www.gigafrag.net/bco/BF2Maps/Iwo_Jima_06.exe We play on gigafrags bf2 mod server @ IP = In game photos. http://www.xmission.com/~911man/Iwolightsamples.jpg
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