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  1. squopher8x9x8x7

    BF2 Sandbox (videos too)

    you could throw things at one another for kills insted of guns
  2. squopher8x9x8x7

    Decent Coder/Modeller looking for mod

    Battleship is still looking. We could greatly use your help.
  3. squopher8x9x8x7

    Enabling weathereffects

    one strange thing happens to me when i put in that code though. when i try to jump off of something, it does the normal thing when falling. no use of anything but you can still look around. but i will be stuck i mid air it still has the falling sound and i can look around but thats it.
  4. squopher8x9x8x7

    Good looking textures the guaranteed way

    repack you map?
  5. squopher8x9x8x7

    How to code in sounds in BF2.

    you could just edit the sound file itself and make it louder
  6. squopher8x9x8x7


    that would have to do with the surrounding terrain. did you mess with the surrounding terrain at all?
  7. squopher8x9x8x7

    Battleship Mod recruiting

  8. squopher8x9x8x7

    Getting objects into 3ds max

    where did you get this plugin from?
  9. squopher8x9x8x7

    BF2Editor Memory Hole

    yes ive had this problem too. i think it might be time for an editor rollback
  10. squopher8x9x8x7

    How to make a custom billboard

    hi how do you make it so that one of the billboards can have a differnt picture on the back? ive seen it done before, i think it was in Operation Nightshift
  11. squopher8x9x8x7

    Editor site back on line

    i couldnt have said it better myself:
  12. squopher8x9x8x7

    1.3 compatible editor released

  13. squopher8x9x8x7

    1.3 compatible editor released

    it says there is no such file
  14. squopher8x9x8x7

    How to make maps for Mods..

    kk this is what you should do if not already: 1.extract all the .rar files into the mod folder. 2.create a folder named "Objects" 3.copy and paste these folders and files ino the objects folder you just made Common Effects Kits StaticObjects Weapons Sound Roads soldiers water Vehicles 4.open the mod in the editor 5.click mod>mod manager>editor content> check all the boxes on the left 6.click apply and ok then you should be good to go
  15. squopher8x9x8x7

    Error at generating minimap wtf!!

    this should explain: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...light=uncle+sam