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  1. Alternately you could get hold of the pre beta versions of Battlefield 2. The C4 accidently stuck to soldiers at that point. Unfortunately they removed it xD [Think the other ideas may be easier to do though ]
  2. I've developed the map over a period of approximately 1 year and a half, however I stopped working on the map for 1 year, ~4 months after I started it, as I lost intrest. I started doing it again in the summer holidays.....
  3. C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2, then there is a file called something like BF2_r.exe Run it, and you should get loads of errors... but keep pressing ignoring them, and Bf2 will eventually load up.... choose your map... load it up... see what happens.
  4. last time i tried to set a weapon (M95) strength to 0, it crashed. try settings the weapon strength to 1.
  5. Download: FileFront | Rapidshare Development Blog: Portland Blog "Portland Island" for Battlefield 2 is a complete remake of the GTA III Island "Portland Island". Pictures are supposedly worth 1000 words, so I guess i'll get myself across better by showing you some images.... Slideshow 1 [8 Screenshots] Slideshow 2 [8 Screenshots] Features: -> 16/32/64 Map Sizes -> Multiplayer Support -> Singleplayer Support for 16 Player Size. 16 Player Size Includes: -> Tanks -> APC's -> Heavy Vehicles -> Boats 32 Player Size Includes: -> Tanks -> APC's -> Heavy Vehicles -> Boats -> Mobile AA -> Attack Helicopters -> Fighter Jets 64 Player Size Includes: -> Tanks -> APC's -> Heavy Vehicles -> Boats -> Mobile AA -> Attack Helicopters -> Fighter Jets -> Transport Helicopters Download: FileFront | Rapidshare Development Blog: Portland Blog
  6. 10m is too close. You only need to place a spline where you want to change a road- if you want a straight for 100m, have 1 at the start, and one at the end... there is no set "interval" for when you have to have a spline. [there will of course, be instances where you need splines close together... e.g at corners, or a bendy road....] One of my roads on my map has a spline gap of 500m...... Another tip as well- set "Octaves" from "3" to "0"
  7. you just redefined screen capturing
  8. Rookie Coders... on BF2 Never...
  9. When I play all on high, it works. However, once I go to medium/ low it goes back to the same issue. I have tried changing the low detail maps, and it does seem to be the low detail maps that are causing the issue. However, I have yet to find one that works with the grass. Even Zatar Wetlands [shit map- but has grass all over] doesnt make the grass like right at a distance. I've found one [Wake Island] that doesnt make the grass look as bad but it still doesnt look right. The maps generating lightmaps atm- currently on object 76/3613 - a long way to go , but i will continue to fiddle once it gets done Thanks for the help guys- much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. The vast majority of the areas that have been affected have never been painted with rock - only with grass. I have tried fiddling with the detail textures, to no avail. I am planning to generate the lightmaps after I have sorted this issue.... I will give this a try- I do have everything set on medium atm, so this may be the cause.
  11. It happens only at a distance, once i get close to it is all fine. I have also noticed that it is only on hilly areas..... This is the last thing I need to fix - (It is a huge map wide problem- very noticable), and then I can release the map.... (after lightmaps) Everything looks fine in editor. Please help! EDIT- Ignore the topic description- its all textures, not just grass.
  12. Will this work for a custom map, or will it have to be a mod?
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    wtf... i clicked "Today's active topics" at the bottom of the forums (lol )
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    Try settings your Battlefield 2 Graphic settings to medium/ higher if they are on low, i had that problem and that is how i solved it Hope it helps. I have found that the error "TBM: Some polygones are probably not correctly clipt" show when the corners of any road do not look right- this is usually because the spline points are too close together, or you are trying to get the road to turn too sharply, too quickly.- However it is only a warning, your map will still load fine.
  15. i may be wrong... but last time i was in the middle of an arty strike.... If you look up, you see the arty smoke thing path coming out of no where. you dont see a path through the whole sky showing you the path. Is this to stop lag... maybe Or the path of the artillery isnt a physical thing. It ejects, disappears, then comes out of x position.... Bit like a supply drop/ vehicle drop- take a helicopter... you see it appearing out of nowhere
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