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  1. Stagnate

    Mounted Mg

    Thanks for you help MS. Still not working though but im so close i can almost taste it, anyway here is where im at (still when i export it makes the folders and nothing else)
  2. Stagnate

    Mounted Mg

    hmm, when i export all i get is the folder name (ptgun) but no content so i must have a problem somewhere
  3. Stagnate

    Mounted Mg

    I wasnt planning on using another model as the gun, that long tube was to be like a rocket launcher or sorts. Still ok?
  4. Stagnate

    NonScreenAligned Glow (IMAGE HEAVY)

    Great tutorial man, I went all the way through without a single problem!
  5. Stagnate

    Mounted Mg

    Great topic, ive been wanting to do this for a while, here is my heirarchy so far. Is this to simple, am i missing crucial things or is this enough? Im trying to keep it as simple as i can.
  6. Stagnate

    Animated Texture

    Thanks for the quick reply MS, basicly im trying to make working traffic lights..any thorts?
  7. Stagnate

    Animated Texture

    Hey guys, Would someone be able to explain an animated texture? Ive done some searching on this site and found it all to be a little over my head. How do you make an animated texture? Is it dds?? Cheers
  8. Stagnate

    Dodgy Colour Texture Squares

    hey dude, This tutorial here might be of some use to you. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=7315 Hope this helps
  9. Stagnate

    Vehicle Driving Problem

    Ok ive got it working i forgot to click Reload Object after making the wheels alot lower. Thanks alot for you replys everyone, i plan to write a tut for this (GMAX) so ill mention you all.. - till next time
  10. Stagnate

    Vehicle Driving Problem

    Ok just made some progress, i made the wheels alot lower and now when i click enable physics it does it alot better but, as if to go from one problem to the next, when i click enable physics, it just starts rolling forwards, if i press W and S, it stops for a second but then keeps rolling :S
  11. Stagnate

    Vehicle Driving Problem

    Ok im working throuigh the tutorial again because i found 2 of my Col1s to be wrong I get this Message [Physics] : Name: jeep: Collision mesh warning: Pivot should be more than 1/10 inside the bounding box to have good behaviour, part: 0, Col0, Geom1, min: -1.12918/0.177864/-1.05811, max: 1.12918/1.85286/2.9929 when i first load the car into the editor. Another 'problem' im having is that when i click enable physics, it falls to the ground perfectly, there is no wobble or anything, just falls straight down (lands on the ground plane) Is there a way i can raise my root spawn? Apart from that, the Col0 and Col1 are ok and i assignd the rubber if thats what you mean
  12. Stagnate

    Vehicle Driving Problem

    Hi, i went with a PGFEngineGrip, not sure if thats the right one to go with or not. yeh ive got hasmobilephysics turnd on from the tutorial i get to 29. Make sure the cursor is over the main window and press the Spacebar again. Now you should be able to drive around using the default W, S, A, and D keys. but i still cant move it
  13. Stagnate

    Vehicle Driving Problem

    Hey Guys, Ive got my car all sorted, in the game working and everything like a charm, you can get in and out and blow it up and all that problem is, i cant move it. I can rotate the wheels but when i press w and s, nothing happens. Any ideas? I folowed the importing a car tutorial by LBrown exactly (at least i think i did) Cheers
  14. Hey guys, Following the tutorial about making a basic plane, i get to the part where he says to turn on physics and the object shouold fall and sit flat on the ground or wobble round abit. Problem is, mine falls right through the ground to infinity. not sure where to go from here.
  15. Stagnate

    Crash When Verifying Client Data

    Ok i just ran it in debug mode and i got this, i see this has come up before and could be due to the fact im using the old editor :: StaticMesh.fx(2): error X1507: failed to open source file: 'mods/xpack/shaders/datatypes.fx' Im using the hack windows 2000 version of the old editor, is there anywhere i can get the windows version of the new editor?