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  1. Great work on this character Tac, the clothes are looking good. Look forward to see this complete with a proper shader and some fine details in the skin. When can we expect to see this guy in the UDK?
  2. Great looking updates... I look forward to playing this.. I registered on your site and filled out a recruitment thread, I want to help any way I can.
  3. Nice tool for the community, thanks. I'm quite sure he's working for Kaos Studios but I could be mistaken. Where would Battlefield modding be today without Rexman and the other pioneers?
  4. I'm wondering what affect this patch will have on current 1.41 mods, does anyone have an answer to this? I'm downloading now and will report my findings.
  5. Nice progress so far, organics are always more challenging to me. Once you get more comfortable with getting your base mesh ready to sculpt, you should switch gears over to highpoly sculpting then when you're finished, you can retopo down to a low poly version for baking the necessary maps. http://eat3d.com/free_mudbox_head This tutorial is excellent for learning facial structure and sculpting techniques. Even good to watch when learning the basics since he goes in depth on facial anatomy. **EDIT** Found this just now: http://www.face-and-emotion.com/dataface/anatomy/anatomy.jsp BTW, you ever going to get back to me?? Did you get the file? Later, Jon
  6. EDIT I guess I didn't catch everything you wrote in that last post, I still wouldn't mind seeing a wireframe screengrab of your "smooth-ready" mesh. OLEG-RUSSIA, That is a very good looking HIND. This will make for a nice addition to your portfolio. Information for the BF2 Engine regarding mesh density: Class 1, i.e. Hummer or Attack Heli. Airplane etc. Max 3P Triangles - 5500 tri's, incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh Max 1P cockpit Triangles - 1000 tri's (Vehicles with entire interior could use up to 2000, i.e. Hummer) These numbers aren't realistic maximums as I've seen vanilla BF2 models with substantially more tri's but it would be wise to stay close to whats listed. To help in your quest to make this a BF2 worthy game model, you need to decide what details are going to be visible to the player in 3rd person (3P) and 1st person (1P). All mesh geometry a player will not see should be deleted, extremely small details especially around the main rotor should all be normal mapped to a lowpoly mesh. In order to make this play nice in BF2 you will need to remove a lot of details. Your best bet is to learn the BF2 hierarchy for Attack Heli's. There's a lot to know. Then try converting your HIND. Good Luck EDIT P.S. I love that T-90 you made.
  7. showNOmercy

    Parenting A Scope

    Good to see you too man, I'm always lurking... O.O Hows AUS been treating you mate? Looking at your mat manager is giving me a headache! Firstly, are all of your textures the proper DDS format? It is ok to use JPG's and TGA's for checking your work in GMAX but in order to export, you have to have the correct path location for your DDS textures present in your materials. Therefore, prior to exporting, you need to have all your textures saved as the correct DDS type and have them located in your weapons texture folder with the material pointing to them. Does GMAX support DDS image types? If not, it doesn't matter, it also doesn't matter that they do not show up in GMAX as long as the paths are correct. Here's an example of one of our DCON weapons: objects\Weapons\handheld\CAR15\Textures\car15_scope_c.dds Are all of your textures the proper dimensions? Powers of 2? (256x512, 512x512, 128x256, 1024x1024 etc...) It is not possible to export an object for BF2 unless the correct shader and shading names are present in the materials. EVERY material in your setup (for textured not collision meshes) should have the BF2 Bundledmesh shader applied with the naming convention Mr. BEEX explained previously. Realistically, you should have a max of maybe 4 material slots for this weapon. Like BEEX mentioned previously, it looks like the weapon you imported was broken up into many sub-objects. Those objects need to be welded together and all parts that share the same texture and shader style should have the same MAT ID's. Also, and this isn't necessarily a must but something I like to do. Looks like you have your collision and textured meshes sharing the same "Multi SUB/OBJECT" material. I would personally setup two "Multi SUB/OBJECT" material's and use one for the textured objects and the other for the col meshes. Makes things cleaner and more organized. This has always worked fine for me.
  8. showNOmercy

    Parenting A Scope

    GMAX is a chopped down version of 3ds max, you should still have the ability to attach geometry at the sub-object level. With your weapon selected, goto the "Modify" panel and you'll see the "Attach" button. Click it, then click on the parts you need to attach, like the ACOG. When you're finished right-click to exit Attach mode. If you haven't, I'd still reset the XForm on all your meshes, this is a part of every workflow for a game asset or any mesh to be exported. Certain cases where you need to be careful is when you have pivots that do not align with the world, Reset XForm will destroy local pivots.
  9. showNOmercy

    Parenting A Scope

    This looks like it could be an XFORM problem. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING SAVE YOUR MAX FILE...... You cannot undo an XForm I'm thinking that the best way to solve this is to unlink all parts from the hierarchy (you do not want any meshes linked, not to helpers or each other), select all meshes and apply "Reset XForm" located on the "Utilities Tab" (in case you're not sure). Then, with all mesh pieces still selected, convert to poly or go through and collapse the stack on each item. If you get inverted faces after this, just select them and "flip" located under poly tools. Now, rebuild your hierarchy and export, all should line up perfectly. If you want, you could unlink each mesh item one at a time, apply XForm, collapse and then re-attach to the hierarchy. Which ever way works best for you. If you are still having issues post screens again if it's something new. GL. **EDIT** I'm wondering why you have the scope parented (Linked) to the gun instead of "Attached" on the poly level? Is there a reason for this I'm not aware of?
  10. Well, no grey's per say but I did manage to pull a few hairs out. It was a brilliant April fools joke, well played.
  11. That will be a welcomed surprise when it comes.
  12. I will admit that I was blinded with the hopes of full mod support with BF1943. I want so much for there to be a cool new Battlefield game that is extremely modder friendly that I completely forgot what day it was while reading mschoeldgen[Xww2]'s post. I then blew up Kiff's MSN with the link and some quote.... Then did same to Doorstop, lol. After I hit up Door's MSN it hit me... CRAAAAAAP IT's April 1st. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! Got me.
  13. I was just thinking about something like this and to stumble across this today makes me smile. Thanks for the contribution to the community.
  14. PLEASE TELL ME THIS ISN'T AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE. IF IT IS THEN I'm SO GONA GET YOU!!! - I wonder when they will be releasing asset information regarding poly count etc? - What kind of tutorials will there be for asset creation? - How compatible are BF2 assets before export from 3d applications? - Are hierarchies the same/different in regards to COL's/LOD's/GEOM's? - How are animated parts handled like tank tracks? - What are the texture format/dimension requirements? - So many more questions to ask..... - If much of this information is already available where can I find it? Wow I cannot wait to dig into this new game/engine, I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  15. Congrats PR team for another great release.
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