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  1. Hi guys. I have been away for a while. Sorry for the lack of support. About the detail texture. The browse button does not work in the detail material editor. This is a limitation of the program. I thought i had disabled the texture view and the browse button, to avoid the confusion, but apparently it's not in the online version. BF2Ecomap does not support detail texture choice, because it's not actually needed for the generation of the detail texture maps (the color coded map). I would have involved modifying the bf2editor project files, to save the changes. For now BF2ecomap just saves it's own project files and generates the color and detail map textures. Just remember add 6 or less detail materials in BF2ecomap. In BF2Editor you can assign the actual detail textures that you want the BF2 engine to display. Detail texture #1 will show on the places where detail material #1 from bf2ecomap shows. I know, it's confusing ... i will try to make it better ... i just lack the time ... If you want some thing to be added to the program or just have a question, it's now the time to ask ... who knows when will be the next time you see me
  2. Augustus: Thanks for the idea It's now in my todo list. I will investigate what i can do specifically useful for terrain texture. In the mean time, there are programs like the TextureMaker http://www.i-tex.de
  3. Bug fixed. You was loading an empty heighfield and the program didn't like it. CheetahShrk, thanks for reporting the bug. Just redownload the file and it will work now.
  4. Can you post the Heightdata.con file of the level you try to load ? With this file i could, probably reproduce the problem ...
  5. EDIT: BF2Ecomap version 0.21 available. Fixes: Division by zero error when loading a black (empty) heighfield. Thanks to CheetahShrk for reporting the bug. Version 0.2 Improvements: - At least 30% faster rendering- Much better quality of the final texture - Memory usage has been decreased by 50% for the final render - No more need to enter manually the scale. The program imports the scale settings from the BF2 level - The scale is now displayed in the main window. - Added support for the surround terrain - Bug fixes ... Website http://www.leetdreams.com/bf2ecomap Download http://www.leetdreams.com/bf2ecomap/downlo...s/BF2Ecomap.zip
  6. The BF2Painter is a neat tool. BF2Ecomap is very similar, but gives you more control on how the textures are to be generated, through an integrated user interface. It has also some advanced features, like directly loading the DDS textures from BF2, unlimited color layers, mixing BF2 and external textures for the color material. However, in it's current status it has it's limitations too. It does not generate the surrounding textures, does not import the scale from the bf2 editor project (you need to enter it manually using your own units), it's slower than BF2Painter. All these "problems" will be fixed soon and many more features will come be added. If you have any suggestion or requests don't hesitate. There is always a place in my todo list.
  7. Version 0.11 is available (fixes a critical bug) This program automates the texturing of BF2 maps. You can control the texturing by set of rules that take into account the geometry of the terrain. That way you can have snow on top of the mountains and rocks on sloppy terrain .. Screen shot http://www.leetdreams.com/bf2ecomap/images...pScreenshot.gif Website http://www.leetdreams.com/bf2ecomap Download http://www.leetdreams.com/bf2ecomap/downlo...s/BF2Ecomap.zip Be sure to read the README.TXT first. You are free to distribute it. PS. Don't forget that this is only the first release
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