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  1. cool i already found out its possible
  2. what i wanna do is 9999 ammo for C4 is it possible to mod that in a map? so people dont have to install a mod , only the map and then it works .. in bf1942 it was possible but i dont know how to do it in bf2 if its possible gr. DiS
  3. I tried to create water with a layer/painting but id ont get water also if i set Material: Water,, So how could i create water?
  4. If i want to paint in the terrain editor i get this error: uncompressed texture! how does it come?
  5. ok i used a map deleted all the objects created lightmaps and some spawnpoints and it works.. it think EA toturial My_Level is bugged :?
  6. ooomggg now i get these 2 errors :!: and not the color map error now.. ( in bfv/1942 it was much more easier this rly sux :x )
  7. I copied the Info map to test my map :wink: but i already have another Info map self made Oke thx for al the replys when ive time im gonna try it Btw is it possible to copy and paste the colormaps from another map into my own map?
  8. oke i downloaded the lightmaps etc. now it doesnt give an error for lightmaps but i get this error: 8) lol thx for helping me so far where can I generate the colormaps? cause that map is empty i saw in the terraineditor mode something where i can add a colormap ,, .tag extencie ... can i download them somewhere then?
  9. Ok i tried it if i generate the lightmaps i always get this error in de mod editor: *** Looking for unsused object lightmaps [modsbf2Levelstest2LightmapsObjects]... *** *** done *** *** Generating atlas lightmaps for [levels/test2/lightmaps/objects]... *** *** Failed *** and this kind of errors for all the objects: [LightmapGeneration] : Error loading lightsampling file: objects/staticobjects/military/uniqueobjects/us_carrier_wasp/us_carrier_wasp_back/Meshes/us_carrier_wasp_back_ladder.samples [LightmapGeneration] : Error creating lightsampling! [LightmapGeneration] : Error loading lightsampling fil so i cant create lightmaps for the objects,, how could i fix that? that must be the reason for the error that i get ingame...
  10. cant fix the newest error can anybody help me? ( *** Looking for unsused object lightmaps [modsbf2LevelsMy_LevelLightmapsObjects]... *** *** done *** *** Generating atlas lightmaps for [levels/my_level/lightmaps/objects]... *** *** Failed *** )
  11. oke ive deleted the MEC medic etc. which were just templates.. now i can load till 50 % and get another error.. i ll first try yo fix it self
  12. oke thx so far ,, Now i can see My_Level in the list and i can load the map for 15 % and then it crashes: why do i get that error? Distract
  13. oke with the toturial i get the server.zip and the client.zip but i also need the Info map.. what should i do to get the info map? .. where can i choose the background which you can see if you load the map and the map logo? cause thats in the info map
  14. Ive created my own map but i cant get the client.zip and server.zip so i cant play them in bf2 .. :? what should i do to get the map playable? greetz, distract
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