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  1. Check the weapon functions for a "ObjectTemplate.Onlyfirewhilezoom" or somthing else that would make sense.
  2. I'm sure for the slower character speeds you might want to look in the "Common" folder under "Soldiers" for some sort of codeblock... As for the weapon being zoomed all the time you can just replace the animations.
  3. From what I've seen with the BF2 engine...Mabye... But you might want to wait from a response from Msch or somthing...
  4. Dude listen to junk man he is always right (usually)... Hes right, it is way way way to late to start now...way to late...
  5. Have you tried to move the animation slider inside the Animation Editor around? Is it read, white, or green? I mean if it is fine ingame and everything I guess it is just another Editor flaw...
  6. There probibly never will be any new tools....ever...unless someone knows Maya like Rexman knows Max...
  7. That is what the topic junk just posted is for...just make it a game animation...
  8. Do you have your arm meshes seperated int oa left and right arms or are there like 45 pieces...? Like, part of the right thumb is connected to part of the left pinky? or half of the right arm is connected to the left index finger
  9. Wait a sec...why don't you just download the regular BF2 Skeleton instead of making a new one...
  10. Get used to it, we are talking about BATTLEFIELD 2 Players and Modders not like a book club...
  11. The thing off the top of my head would be to make sure your guy isn't bigger than the BF2 skeleton... aka make sure your units are set-up properly
  12. I know that you can tweak the timings on the animations on how fast or slow they will play...aslo you can view your animations in-game without launching the game every time.
  13. lmao your gonna be waiting for a long time for that 2142 editor...lmao
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