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  1. I've tried everything I know to get the bots firing the TV Guided Missiles from the Attack Choppers.... I've done this in the AH1Z weapons.ai.... rem * TV Guided Missiles* weaponTemplate.create AHE_AH1Z_TV_Guided weaponTemplate.indirect 0 weaponTemplate.minRange 30.0 weaponTemplate.maxRange 200.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Infantry 0.01 weaponTemplate.setStrength LightArmour 9.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength HeavyArmour 10.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength NavalArmour 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Helicopter 7.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Airplane 0.01 weaponTemplate.fireRate 60 weaponTemplate.allowedDeviation 4.0 And I've done this to the AH1Z.tweak... rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.floaterMod 0 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.material 56 ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate AHE_AH1Z_TV_Guided rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_Fire1P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_Fire1P_Outdoor ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_Fire3P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_BoltClick ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_TriggerClick ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_SwitchFireRate ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_Reload1P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_Reload3P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_Deploy1P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_Deploy3P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV_Zoom rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate agm114_hellfire_tv ObjectTemplate.velocity 75 But, after testing, they still just fire the chain gun... I have searched both here and Battlefield SinglePlayer Forum, but I still cannot find an answer for this.... Is it that that bots cannot us the PIAltFire function?
  2. D_Lusted

    AT Mines

    I want to make the mod I'm creating as realistic as possible.... So, do to this, I need to find a way of "sinking" the AT Mines, once deployed, into the ground. I want the top of the Mine to show, but I don't want the whole thing visible. Is the a possiblity you can do this?
  3. D_Lusted

    Attack Choppers

    I would like to know how I add two types of Missiles for the Attack Choppers. My aim is to give the choppers both Laser Guided Missiles and TV Guided Missiles. I know how to do the Laser Guided, but I don't know how to set them as different opinions, like in the handheld weapons... Can anyone guide me in the right direction? No pun intended.
  4. D_Lusted

    Commander Asset Problem

    My map is technically finished..... All I gotta do is just tweak certain objects, and finally get the SP version sorted.... After playing it on my Server, I see that the Commander Assets are unusable and you don't receive points when destroying it..... They are all in place, as object spawns, but I don't understand why it's not working?!?
  5. D_Lusted

    Paratrooper Bots

    Is there a way I can make bots to spawn as Paratroopers? I've seen that codebasher's COOP 4.0 MOD, bots para out of the choppers from different heights..... EDIT: Ok, they are paratroopers now, but they tend to go out of the Combat Area, or land on a bit where is not navmeshed. Is there a way I can plan their path?
  6. D_Lusted

    Where to learn python....

    Might have posted in the wrong section, but where do I need to go to learn Python? Is there tutorials out there to assist my learning? Is it a learning porcess that takes forever? I'm really interested in learning this to develop new gamemodes etc but have no idea where to start. Thanks
  7. Can someone put me in the right direction on how to create an aitemplate for the she_littlebird that the AF Booster pack gives us? The pilot has the aitemplate of ahe_ah1z, but the passengers left and right don't. I have tried giving them the uh60_passenger1 and passenger2 template, but for some reason it doesn't work and I get an error whenever I try to load a level with it on. Thanks
  8. D_Lusted

    Creating Navmeshes using Gmax

    Can I do this? If so, how? As I want to make my maps and giving them bots support, that and I don't have Maya. Thanks, D
  9. D_Lusted

    Missiles on Littlebird ?

    Thanks bud, but there's something wrong with link.... :S
  10. D_Lusted

    Smoke and Laser Guided

    I've noticed that the Smoke that vehicles use doesn't affect the Laser locks. Normally, the smoke will disrupts the laser, preventing or extends the lock on to the vehicle. What can I do to make smoke more affective to this extend? Thanks in advance....
  11. D_Lusted

    Missiles on Littlebird ?

    Can you share your mesh with us? I have no idea how to model (yet) and would like to add the pods on vehicles to make variations Thanks EDIT: Email sent
  12. D_Lusted

    Where to learn python....

    That'll be great How do ya prefer to send them? I can give you my email address, or I can set you up with FTP access on my web server...... Thanks man
  13. D_Lusted

    Missiles on Littlebird ?

    That will only give the invisible dummies for the Hydras..... I think what he wants is to add the hydra pods that are on the AH1Z and A-10 meshes. Did EA give us a mesh for what I'm on about.
  14. I want my mod to be as realistic as possible....... In RL, if you shoot an armed missile with enough force, the missile on the aircraft/vehicle will blow up. How do I mimic this ingame? Do I add the destoryable lines to the dummy tweak file? ie. 50cal Cannon hits a Hellfire on the Attack Chopper, blows up the hellfire and starts a chain reaction with the other rockets, causing damage or even destorying the Attack Chopper. Thanks
  15. D_Lusted

    Import .mesh into gmax

    How do I import an existing mesh from BF2 in Gmax for editing? I want to add a silencer to a few weapons but just need to know how to do the above. Thanks
  16. D_Lusted

    Flag poles invisible

    Is there a way you can make the flag poles invisible? I have recreated BHD, but it looks a bit naff with a flag pole next to the BH. I want the CP to show on the Minimap, and I want the transition that happens below a flag when capping it.... Is it possible? Thanks
  17. D_Lusted

    Smoke and Laser Guided

    If that's true then why did EA/DICE add the countermeasure to the vehicles if it doesn't affect the targetting..... Hmmm.....
  18. D_Lusted

    Add radar to vehicles

    So if you can add radar to vehicles, is there a way to stop it from doing a 360 sweep and just do a 45 degree from the center of the vehicle, as aircraft don't have a full 360 radar as the radar is within the nose.
  19. D_Lusted

    Prob: Own mod Crash

    What percentage does it crash at?
  20. D_Lusted

    Setting Missile Dummies to be destoryable

    Thanks Junk I won't bother then....
  21. D_Lusted

    GL @ artillery impact

    You want the explosion effect from the GL to mimic the Artillery? If so, change that detonation part of the code where it says explosion effect to exp_xlarge I think the above is correct but I can't be sure as my PC with BF2 and the editor is being repaired.
  22. D_Lusted

    Attack Choppers

    I mainly use Notepad to add things onto vehicles like adding new generic fire arms and adding meshes like the Hellfire_dummy. Then, use the Editor in ObjectEditor mode to finalise it.
  23. D_Lusted

    Flag poles invisible

    That's cool..... This there a way I can change the properties of the flag, ie add a line to isvisible 0, and call it "flag_x_invisible"?
  24. D_Lusted

    Project Reality looking for Talent

    Tried to PM you back, but I can't due to either your Indox is full or you have disabled that function
  25. D_Lusted

    Project Reality looking for Talent

    Egg, will the PR team be doing a MOD for BF2142? I've been developing a MOD of my own for the past few months with LordVtX. I'm handy with both coding and mapping. I'm still learning, but I learn fast, and am willing to try something new out. Trial and Error is my method of learning when coding. Basically, our MOD is getting somewhere but it's getting time consuming. We are aiming to do something that you're doing. If you like the sounds of us... PM me