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  1. Sounds like a great idea. There was a mod of this type started a long time ago, but it was never finished. They had created a lot of models for the mod. Maybe you could find a contact. if you check the mods on Mod DB you should find details of the mod. (forgot what the name was). ah, just remembered. It was called Echoes of Glory. you'll find details via the following link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/echoes-of-glory Good luck with your search for modders. I'm thinking of doing some mapping and navmeshing, but i've already promised my help with the Battlefield 1944 mod, and as i'm new to the modding scene I don't think i could help as I need to concentrate on one project at a time. Have you asked for help over in the Battlefield singleplayer forums?
  2. It's taken me nearly three years to finally get into actually and seriously making a BF2 map. Though after formatting my discs several times since I played BF2 everyday for at least 2 years, and losing a whole bunch of BF2 files including the editor and AI tools due to a HDD failure (stupidly hadn't got around to backing the files up {over 40Gb's worth}. I no longer have the links to any BF2 sites in my bookmarks that i used to have so have been flying blind these last few days. I'm particularily looking for singleplayer tools such as AI tools , light map tools and of course tools for editing and creating maps. I apologise if these questions have been asked numerous times before, but with two youngish children screaming around my ankles and a head full of morphine (I have to take morphine regularly) I find it hard to wade through the mass of posts that are found here. So please forgive me. Please would anyone point me in the right direction for downloading these tools. I'm really keen to start navmeshing my first map (before I lose the impetus) and then if that's successful to create some maps as well. I've got a renewed interest in playing the game and am determined to contribute something to this fantastic game. Thanks in advance to those who post links to essential and not so essential links or who are generally helpful. Winterhilf has linked me to thi site and Kysterama's AI tutorial so far. Also is there a centralized resource for extra objects that can be added to BF2 maps. That is custom objects created by the community. I realise that using these 'may' require developing a mini mod to accompany the maps. (I reckon I'm being too ambitious, lol) though I do have the time as I no longer work. Regards Whiterabbit p.s. You can see I joined in Feb 2006 over three years ago, but this is only my first post, lol.
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