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  1. Butcher when you know of the next event please message us, i haven't played in 10 years
  2. The server/DB were updated to improve speed. Thanks, Det
  3. det plz add me as a admin m8, the spam is back! i want to help!


  4. I suppose that's what we'll be limited to with EA not allowing self-hosted servers...
  5. 107,400 spam topics cleaned up in Off Topic, now removing individual spammers
  6. 28800 spam topics deleted so far, upgraded the backed MySQL server to 4 GB of RAM and an SSD for 1 week so I can make the cleanup and version upgrade go smoother. New go-live date is planned for this Thursday if all goes smoother now. Cheers, Det
  7. Upgrade's about 50% complete.. some admin function has been restored, now just cleaning up the DB, should be complete on Monday now. thanks, Det
  8. Site undergoing a forum software upgrade today, should be down for a few hours while we clean up and restore the database and admin functionality.
  9. The site's admin functionality is down due to prior hack... I am working with Invision Power Board (forum software provider) and they are ready to help upgrade and repair the database this week. Once we're on the latest version and the repairs to admin functionality is complete, I will remove the spam and nominate some moderators. I'll also be able to create a BF1 section then. Thanks for your patience, Det
  10. Hey guys, My apologies for letting the site go to shit.... I hadn't been actively monitoring it or participating in the community. I hadn't realized it had even been offline for so long until kano emailed me. I'm working with Invision Power Board (forum software company) to upgrade the database/forum software as it appears to have been hacked in order to send/show spam, and that's why the hosting provider shut it down. Once the upgrade is completed in the next 2 weeks, I will try to force an auto-password reset. My apologies again for letting such a great community down. best, Det
  11. My apologies to the community for allowing the site to go offline for so long. I hadn't been actively monitoring this site and had not realized it was down until i got an email from kano. I will be upgrading the site within the next 2 weeks, deleting spam, and creating some BF1 specific forums. I'll touch base with some mods for preventing spam in the future as well. Please let me know if there's other sections/changes needed. Again my apologies for letting you guys down! Det
  12. Hey, let me look into those issues- I had to do a major version upgrade for security patches but it didn't go very smooth= had to spend a day rebuilding the forum- if there's any content lost please let me know .The count on the number of posts may be wrong but I'll update that shortly. very sorry on the looping, I messed up the DNS settings.. all good now though!
  13. Hey all, I updated the IPB forum software, let me know if any functionality isn't working. Cheers
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