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  1. Butcher when you know of the next event please message us, i haven't played in 10 years
  2. The server/DB were updated to improve speed. Thanks, Det
  3. I suppose that's what we'll be limited to with EA not allowing self-hosted servers...
  4. 107,400 spam topics cleaned up in Off Topic, now removing individual spammers
  5. 28800 spam topics deleted so far, upgraded the backed MySQL server to 4 GB of RAM and an SSD for 1 week so I can make the cleanup and version upgrade go smoother. New go-live date is planned for this Thursday if all goes smoother now. Cheers, Det
  6. Upgrade's about 50% complete.. some admin function has been restored, now just cleaning up the DB, should be complete on Monday now. thanks, Det
  7. Site undergoing a forum software upgrade today, should be down for a few hours while we clean up and restore the database and admin functionality.
  8. The site's admin functionality is down due to prior hack... I am working with Invision Power Board (forum software provider) and they are ready to help upgrade and repair the database this week. Once we're on the latest version and the repairs to admin functionality is complete, I will remove the spam and nominate some moderators. I'll also be able to create a BF1 section then. Thanks for your patience, Det
  9. Hey guys, My apologies for letting the site go to shit.... I hadn't been actively monitoring it or participating in the community. I hadn't realized it had even been offline for so long until kano emailed me. I'm working with Invision Power Board (forum software company) to upgrade the database/forum software as it appears to have been hacked in order to send/show spam, and that's why the hosting provider shut it down. Once the upgrade is completed in the next 2 weeks, I will try to force an auto-password reset. My apologies again for letting such a great community down. best, Det
  10. My apologies to the community for allowing the site to go offline for so long. I hadn't been actively monitoring this site and had not realized it was down until i got an email from kano. I will be upgrading the site within the next 2 weeks, deleting spam, and creating some BF1 specific forums. I'll touch base with some mods for preventing spam in the future as well. Please let me know if there's other sections/changes needed. Again my apologies for letting you guys down! Det
  11. Hey, let me look into those issues- I had to do a major version upgrade for security patches but it didn't go very smooth= had to spend a day rebuilding the forum- if there's any content lost please let me know .The count on the number of posts may be wrong but I'll update that shortly. very sorry on the looping, I messed up the DNS settings.. all good now though!
  12. Hey all, I updated the IPB forum software, let me know if any functionality isn't working. Cheers
  13. Haven't been HERE for a whole...

  14. It's that time of year again! I would appreciate any donations to assist with the cost of hosting this website via dreamhost.com, the yearly cost of the IPBoard forum software, and renewing the domain (completed today). It currently costs $150 per year to host the site, so any assistance from the community would be appreciated. I am not looking for another webhost or someone to host the site on the communities behalf as we've tried that many times and it never works out- plus, Dreamhost does a good job maintain operational security of their servers and reliable backups. I know times are tough, so please do not feel any obligation, I will continue to host this site regardless if donations are received or not. Please Paypal detrux@hotmail.com, with a note if you'd like your name to remain anonymous. Thank you for building this great community resource and your continuing support! Det
  15. Hi all, I am hoping to recruit a community member to assist us with converting bfpirates.com to the latest version of phpbb, or to ipb. The main website also pulls content from the forum, so this would need to be a consideration. The forums continue to get hacked as we are running a vulnerable version, but updating will break our main page. Please PM me if you are able to assist our community! Thank you for your assistance, Det
  16. Many thanks to spatchman ($15 US) and Musska ($40 US) for their kind donation and support!
  17. A HUGE thank you and appology to Mach10 and mschoeldgen who donated in February! I didn't receive a PayPal notification email when the donations were received so I apologize for not acknowledging their contributions sooner. Thanks for supporting the community!
  18. The site and forum were hacked yesterday, I've finally finished rebuilding the database and took the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of the forum software. I'd still appreciate donations as none were previously received and I had to purchase a new version of Invision Power Board as the previous license expired. Paypal detrux@hotmail.com to help with the software/domain/hosting costs if you can spare! I'll get the forum re-skinned and website rebuilt soon. Thanks for your support, Det
  19. Can someone in Europe contact the HR Manager Jessica Danielson at +46 8 658 78 00 for more info? The Community Manager is responsible for planning and executing a strategy for day to day communications to the world wide Battlefield community. Key responsibilities include: • Disseminating updates through all available channels including forums, official EA territory community teams, fansites, websites and in-game, deciding appropriate channels and timing on a case-by-case basis • Managing the relationship with and providing information and direction to EA territory community managers to ensure a unified flow of information to the community • Community opinion and feedback gathering through forum monitoring, polls and so on • Manage the whole community and its representatives through forums and other available tools • Monitoring the community and providing input and recommendations to Marketing and Development on existing and new player offerings • Planning and executing player programs including events and organized play in close cooperation with the marketing team and EA territory teams • Communication with EA stakeholders about community features • Updating the battlefield.com portal Other responsibilities • Monitor and communicate with existing mods / look for possible mods to give ranked server support etc • Map making competitions • Q&A for Clans / Mod-groups / media / PR • Maintain community wish list documents for potential future title updates • Manage communication and feedback process for public beta tests Goal Achievement Maintain a strong relationship with the Battlefield community. Stay on top of community opinions and feedback. Ensure the community is continually informed of Battlefield news, game updates and events. This person also needs to be able to formulate hers/his own goals with the job as well as establishing associated measurables. Requirements profile Bachelor’s degree with major in communication, media or equivalent would be preferable Strong social networks/community background required, preferably within the games industry. Alternatively experienced in managing online communities, mods or similar. Knowledge of game editors such as Battlefield, Source or Unreal desirable. Basic web scripting knowledge would be beneficial. Personal qualities of importance This person should be able to take on the role’s responsibilities with focus and determination. The person is going to manage a lot of contacts and must prioritize the duties while maintaining regular communication with both managers and community members. General information The position is permanent and applications will be selected continuously. Apply online with CV in English, for more information please talk to responsible recruiter Jessica Danielson at +46 8 658 78 00.
  20. Despite what Fredrik Liliegren (CEO of DICE from 1988 to 2000, and Studio Manager of DICE Canada from 2001 to 2006) says are "dwindling numbers" for PC users, BF3 will be released for the PC. (source) Here's a thought EA; instead of focusing on expansion packs for BF3, focus on providing solid modding tools and community support. As we saw with BF 1942, not only will this result in longevity of the Battlefield brand and increased sales for years after release by providing repeat game play, you’ll reduce cost by passing on development to the modding teams, taking the core game to places limited only by the community’s imagination. You don’t need to pay a developer like Lawrence to create the modding tutorials. You don’t need to fly mod teams to your studios and shower them with gifts. Just commit to the basic need of providing the community with a solid set of tools with fewer restrictions. As you can see by our BFBC2 modding section, and the amazing past work of BF1942, BF2, and BF2142, the community is more than capable. Here’s hoping we can continue to create mods based on top of the developer’s fantastic work...
  21. If you are interested in developing http://bfbadcompany.com/ please send me a sample of work. You payment would be 50% of revenue for 12 months from Google Adsense after the site has been developed with a CMS such as Wordpress. The site receives a lot of traffic due to it's choice domain name, all it needs is a good design and some content. Send me a PM! Thanks, Det
  22. "Gamestar: What about modding? Is there going to be an editor or other mod tools? Patrick Bach: The player can change settings on the dedicated server but there won't be modding tools included in the retail game. The reason is the same as coop mode. That is, we decided to focus on other aspects because we want to achieve the highest levels of quality possible, rather than a buggy game with average gameplay but with modding possiblities. Theoretically we could still add mod support after release, we just don't know yet. But it's out of the question for the retail version. Gamestar: Are there going to be bots? Patrick Bach: Not on the multiplayer maps. But in the 10 hour campaign one will be fighting against the AI of course. Gamestar: Is Battlefield 3 going to be a further development of BC2 and is it going to use the same engine? Patrick Bach: I won't say anything about this. We haven't talked about this in public yet." Source
  23. Donations would be appreciated (it's really me) lol
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