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  1. Hey i was wondering is there anyother way to make a map and place custom objects in it, because the bf2editor is total BS, it is 100% useless(in my Case)
  2. Hi guys i have so thing i have made and exported but when i open my mod in the editor it doesn't want to find them, there in the mods objects folder but i can read them, the editor thinks theres nothing in that folder. Do they have to be made Read only? Or am i missing something?
  3. yes i have also played around with particles in max in some short animations, its pretty damn cool
  4. thats funny cuz for me the cols are always imported and i have to clean up the model.
  5. i used to modd C&C Renegade and i think that bf2 making statics is a total load. Too much time and effort for just one object.
  6. the 3 cols should be listed under the nonvis dummy. search this forum for a list of how the hierarchy should look like.
  7. yes i think you should make a tutorial from start to finish to make a custom static cuz ive been doing it for a while and it still takes me about a week to finish one.
  8. well colapse the 4 uvw unwraps before you export it and for the cols are linked properly in the hierarchy.
  9. that spider tank is like the bf1942 mod parrellel worlds, if its similar to the one from that mod it can fly. Right?
  10. same way as bf2 just put it into the sf folder.
  11. you should really make a map with all this.
  12. wow your making these pretty fast. good job.
  13. this is great, now i can get thunder storm.
  14. that cuz its 3rd person view of the weapon its meant to be one piece not sperate and its mean't to be lower poly. And just follow what he says carefully. under lod1(which is a child of geom1_3p) , clone your mesh1_Fp_gerericFireArm, and link the clone to the lod1 and then clone your 123 meshes and attach them to the gerericfirearm you cloned and linked under lod1. If you have any other meshes not part of the hierarchy you shouldn't need them so you can delete them. If this doesn't work im not sure what will.
  15. hmm try re-export your modle, if not look at the .con file of another object that is similar and your may just create your own .con file from scratch. just change certain things.
  16. im almost positive that dice and ea did not create those rain and snow effects, atleast the ideas because i saw them in bf2 mods long before i saw them in 2142.
  17. lol thats cuz its the wrong directory go to c\programfiles\EAgames\BF2\Mods\your mod and then where u saved it, cuz when u export it has to be there or else the editor will not read it, im sure you can program it to read the content from a different place but thats should be the standard directory.
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