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  1. reinstal of windows did the trick ....
  2. hey im running in a bit of a ot problem here when im exporting the M1 bazooka im getting only a .dat and a .material file. the output files dir is : C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Battlefield 2/mods/pr_edit/ the other info this is the output after export top 1 is a .dat material 2nd 1 is a material file :S... channel used are none as you can see, i changer the genericfirearm to channel 1. made no differance. check'd channel info whit the AT4 of the US army of the PR mod, those are all none. the folder is NOT set to read only, and the typo whit _genericfirearm is editted to __GenericFireArm
  3. mmm, some how some part where never loaded in 3d max ... , so i have now a level that is for 50% lightmapped o btw a great tools comes whit the POE tools ive used that 1 (had a proper set up ) and youre right 1/2 its saves lots of time onle need to fix the not loading error and then re-lightmap all
  4. yar, that did it thanks, btw if where doing it can i also ad under/overgrowth in to the lightmapping or ?
  5. hey guys, been a while im busy whit making lightmaps for the Dutch armed forces, for PR (finely a dutch mod ) so im following 1/2hawk tut, it is realy help full BUT once ive imported my static objects .con i get this : ass you can see the scaling between the terain and static objects are pretty mutch off ... big time can you guys give me teh light on how to fix it ? thanks ice
  6. hey,, duck still working on this 1 m8 hehe
  7. aint fast ropes just a grappling hook trown on a BH, @ Agentscar no there aint F4STR0P3S in .85 its hard coded ...
  8. there here : http://forums.cgsociety.org/ there are some good scripters out there, but you proberly have to make youre own :/
  9. w/o premission from Rhino/UKF or any other person of PR MOD LEAD mostlike UK_force (general manager) whitch you dont have, i think. if no COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT !!! whe can seu youre ass off ...
  10. shovel looks to clean
  11. if you chamfer the corners on the nose it will look a lot beter its looking good atm
  12. try to camfer the outside of the weels will make the "rounder"
  13. yea i know youre 1337 whit the system of exporting, ill ask around in my mod team for ya
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