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  1. [R-DEV]requiem

    Extreme Realism Mod V1.03 Released!

    Good luck with it, realism mods seem popular these days
  2. [R-DEV]requiem

    Ga.net Competition

    I know a lot of you guys are already registerd and active on our board but for those artists which haven't heard of us yet... http://www.game-artist.net/forums/low-poly...ifications.html Good luck
  3. [R-DEV]requiem


    Hi all Ever since I created ga.net it was one of my goals to help out upcoming mods, so I decided to create ModContractor. Excerpt: Hope this may interest some of the BF2 mods out there... sure there are some new ones since I first registered on these forums. Cheers
  4. [R-DEV]requiem

    Ps Cs3

    Even bigger is the talk going on about PS having the ability to paint directly onto 3D models, something that's long overdue from Adobe (tons of other products available for this purpose), lets hope it happens soon. CS3 is a strong release, big fan of the non-destructive tools that have been deepened.
  5. [R-DEV]requiem

    Inshallah Valley Video

    Back on topic Looks fab, used to love inshallah league matches, keep it up
  6. [R-DEV]requiem

    Zbrush website

    There's also Mudbox which now has a public trial. Definitely cheaper on the cost side of things.
  7. [R-DEV]requiem

    My Glock /1st Texture

    Your materials aren't convincing enough at this stage (metal, plastic, grip). If you won't create spec or normal maps, you'll probably also want to add diffuse lighting. This may interest you: http://www.game-artist.net/forums/vbarticl...mp;articleid=13 Cheers
  8. [R-DEV]requiem

    How To Draw A Texture With Photoshop/coreldraw?

    Yeah, probably, just need to find the time
  9. [R-DEV]requiem

    How To Draw A Texture With Photoshop/coreldraw?

    Here's some photoshop actions which get it all done... Can't seem to upload anything.. so sorry if you need to register: http://www.game-artist.net/forums/showthre...=materials+pack
  10. [R-DEV]requiem

    Live Skinning

    Personally prefer DP.
  11. [R-DEV]requiem

    2142 More Hardcoded

    Keyword claim
  12. [R-DEV]requiem

    From Dice/ea

    Guess so, unfortunate.
  13. [R-DEV]requiem

    From Dice/ea

    There was a mod/community day?
  14. [R-DEV]requiem

    Who Is Buying 2142

    In a way it also our own fault, the same thing happens with movie sequels all the time. They ride on the firsts one success but can't (and don't need to) live up to it. Production & revenue cycle is shorter, less risks by investing in items with little ROI, such as modding or "going to extra mile" features. It's a logical step financially. For us mods, who always need more resources, reality kicks in. The only person who was actively part of the BF2 team and which I'll always respect is Ben Smith. Before the game even came out and we at PR had a small and cruddy website, he put us on EA.com, and never again were those amount of clicks matched. Since then, EA/DICE, whoever, has done nothing to even give us some free promotion (like a small link on their website). And I guess for me, that goes past finances & revenues, just plain old disrespect. Think about it, you put in so much work, but at the end of the day, they don't even recognize your existence as a mod. Sad huh? Time to move on
  15. [R-DEV]requiem

    Who Is Buying 2142

    Yep, not buying it either.