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    Modlight: Operation Peace Keeper

    Here is the Q&A from the OPK Team Where are the members of your mod team located? OPK Team: Most of them live in Europe, many in Germany, some in Poland, Austria and Switzerland. Some of our Betatesters are from the United States. How long have the members of your mod team been involved in the Battlefield community? OPK Team: Many since BF1942 (Desert Combat), some coming from other games like Operation Flashpoint, Day of Defeat or Counterstrike. We also have one Modeller from the Sim City Community[/b] What is the average age of the members of your mod team? OPK Team: Most oft the Member are between 16 - 40 Years, the average age is 20-something (hab das 20-something aus dict.leo.org, ich hoff das geht so) What was your inspiration in creating the idea for your mod? OPK Team: We want to play the modern german army, and there was no Mod for BFV or BF2 who included germany. And we needed an good opponnet, so we found serbia as powerful army with tons of new euipment, like the BOV-3, the modified Black Hummers and the Zastava Arms Handweapons linecard. What are your teams’ favorite aspects of making Battlfield Mods? OPK Team: More realism in BF, but a good level between realism and arcade in the game. Another point is to create high detailied maps, a try to show more or less real places. but with correct buildings, correct build villages or cities. The third point is to give all weapons and vehicles as much details as we can and BF2 handle. Real Euqipment, with a little bit freedom for upcoming equipment parts in the future. It's also a target to create interesting and unique new gameplay modi and other coding stuff that will make our modification different to all the other mods. Which part of the Battlefield community do you feel would be most interested in playing your mod? (i.e vehicle centric player, infantry centric players, competitive players, etc.) OPK Team: OPK is trying to develop a mod with teamwork. The idea of creating a map is to make it unique like all the others are. We don't want to create a scenario wich is a copy of a copy of a copy of a map. It's also important for us to give everybody a chance to "survive" on the maps . It doesn't matter if you are a pilot, a tankdriver or an infantryman. You always have the chance to change the ending of the battle for the benefit of your team. Bogovina is a tankmap, but you have good chances to survive as soldier too. Airfield is more or less an infantrymap. Our idea is to include different parts of gameplay on every map. so we try to make it more specific on the maps. What aspect of Battlefield game play do you feel your mod highlights? OPK Team: High detailed vehicles & weapons. Including to give every map their own scene. A more realistic gameplay with a better teamwork. Another point is the nice BF2- squadsystem. The commander is more or less removed, because this position killing the gameplay on many server. We will try to give him more function in later releases. What was a major challenge your team faced when creating your mod? OPK Team: We try to upgrade the teamplay, on maps and for squads. What we did in the past is only the beginning. Another point is to tweak the weapons more realistic. Does your mod utilize any alternative ranking system? If not why did you choose to not pursue this aspect of Battlefield 2? OPK Team: We working on it, we will test some ideas. The community like the ranking and many ask us if we can do it. And everbody can see, that already all maps inlcude the ABR Code. Since we released the first version. Wink What aspect of your mod are you most proud of? OPK Team: We're not proud of skins, models or coding stuff. We're proud that we're a team what survived many bad situations and got thrilled together about all the good situations. We are an officially sworn in team, we met us many times in real life and every time we see us you can feel that there's a friendship between us. We have good contacts to other teams and we think... or hope Wink ... that they also like and respect us as colleagues and not as competitors. and that's what we're really proud of. We are not a bunch of modders who only make a mod. We are ONE team, who works together, plays together, laughs together. And that's our most precious manor. You can create a good skin in photoshop or a stunning map in the editor, you can all learn it by and for yourself. But it's harder to get a camaraderie that we have in OPK.

    MODLight - The Mod Spotlight review!

    YAY! I need to re-install BF2 so I can check the news pop up. My BF2 install is still corrupted from our ad-hoc J-10 tuning tests.

    Inteview With Lars Gustavsson

    No additions to the BF2 editor are planned at this time.

    Old Maps Lying Around?

    The winning maps would be added to ranked rotation. That is the second most important point in my opinion. 1-2 months. Excellent! Anyone confirm or deny this thought?

    Inteview With Lars Gustavsson

    The change has not really had an impact here at DICE. We have been unable to track down any key reasons some players have shown a decrease in performance. There have been reports from players that 1.4 made the game unplayable for them while others swear up and down that the game has been made anew with everything running better than ever before. So short answer - no there are no planned new code changes for BF2. No risk retrofits using 2142 fixes are being reviewed but anything that goes back to BF2 has to be an honest no risk change.

    Old Maps Lying Around?

    No custom objects - groups or individuals may enter Really the legal road blocks (which I am looking to eliminate today) are halting any forward progress on the other aspects. Though I have a question for you guys - How long do you top mappers feel it would take you to put together a map that is of release quality?

    Old Maps Lying Around?

    Dare I ask for a definition of 'red-tape condom'? Its not the map content that is a main concern but actually the definitions of a competition on an international stage.

    Modlight Operation Peace Keeper Review Thread

    This will be in the quick review that will be going up soon but I wanted to post the quick comments from Lars here first: What strikes me when playing OPK is how well everything comes together. The team has done a great job of delivering really crisp vehicles placed in sceneries that really gets your adrenaline pumping. - Lars Gustavsson

    Modlight's Community Servers Online

    We had an unfortunate failure to launch for my initially planned start date. But getting things sorted and rolling.
  10. [DICE]CKMC

    Inteview With Lars Gustavsson

    Demize99 has taken some time to update the current tutorials to give some more details on existing and new tweak items. So if you see him around send some love his way.
  11. [DICE]CKMC

    Inteview With Lars Gustavsson

    Yes the Franchise will be continuing past 2142. I will be trying to conduct some live conversations as time allows. Though these forums are a tool for exactly that. You may also harass detrux if you want to make sure my attention is drawn to a certain topic or point as he has alternate means to contact me.
  12. [DICE]CKMC

    Inteview With Lars Gustavsson

    Major engine changes are not going to be part of any retroactive patching. Fixes that have to do with client stability and hack protection are being review for additions to Bf2 but we need to make sure these changes wont impact anything else in the game.
  13. [DICE]CKMC

    Inteview With Lars Gustavsson

    We are already looking into which fixes can be implemented without risk and which cannot. Speaking with Lasse about game design is a real treat. I still geek out whenever we talk games.
  14. [DICE]CKMC

    Old Maps Lying Around?

    Any contest situation where there are winners have laws governing the participation and conditions of winning. Also these laws vary from country to country so it can get complicated. I *think* I have eliminated any legal problems with the maps themselves.
  15. [DICE]CKMC

    Modlight Back On Track

    Well we are working to ensure that there are no more bad patches ever again. So yea I suppose I am going infront of the firing squad on that question. But is that a bad thing?