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  1. ProPilot, Are you having a competition with Xatrix on who can start the most mods?
  2. No personal offense Droid, and I have all the modding respect for you in the world, but unless you work for EA/DICE, I don't think it is appropriate for you to make *Official* posts.
  3. I debated whether or not I should post my thoughts in this thread. Reading back through some of Junk's jewels gave me the motivation/inspiration I needed, so here goes.. This thread is a prime example of how the BF2 modding community is misguided. You guys want to get together on teamspeak and waste a bunch of time complaining and making requests that Colin has little power to fulfill, assuming he attends. The BF2 unlock system will do your mod no good, not now, not ever. If your mod is good, players will play it alot, unlocks are unnecessary. Expect nothing from DICE on unlocks. Alternate ranking as it stands now requires dubious and overly complex server changes. Server operators (particularly Windows servers) can't/won't use it. Mods and custom maps will never be allowed EA official ranking. Expect nothing from DICE on ranking. The BF2 .con/.tweak scripting system is what it is. The BF2 server/client network code is what it is. The BF2 python code is what it is. DICE isn't going to make any changes to these tried-and-true systems just so you can do something "cool" in your mod or map. DICE can support the BF2 mod community by giving guidance on achieving the standard gameplay of maps, vehicles, and weapons. But expecting something new for BF2 this late in the game, (while you spend your time playing the BF2142 beta this week), is dillusional. There is no magic bullet. Want attention and fulfillment? Release something playable!
  4. Switching BF engines is a good idea only if the content that comes along with the engine will benefit the mod. For example, very few of the sounds, weapons, munitions, player models, and new effects in 2142 would benefit a world war 2 mod. I don't know much about 40k, but if it is futuristic, then it's a good idea to switch to BF2142 like First Strike is doing. You get all the new capabilities plus alot of default content you can use initially.
  5. I wasn't aware there was a place to join? I certainly hope DICE will review us.
  6. Thanks, Colin. This should be good for mods and the BF2 community. If it's not already part of the process, I'd suggest giving each mod a heads up a few weeks before the review. That would allow for providing official mod logos, artwork, and screenshots, if needed.
  7. Wow that was fast work Kiff! Does this code go in scoringCommon.py? Does the output go to the console window or a text file?
  8. I am requesting, and I think it would be very useful to many modders, from you Python gurus an in-game system which allows me to drop markers (like a smoke grenade or other small object) inside a map and find positions/distances between the markers. The system wouldn't necessarily need to work on a ded server, though that'd be nice also. The output preferably would be a text file which has the absolute positions of the markers, as well as their absolute distance from all the other markers, and their relative position to all the other markers. Some of this could be achieved with 3d icons and huds, but not all of it, and especially not a nice text file as an end result, so I'm thinking python would be a better and more flexible way. example output: Marker 1 Absolute map position: 104/32.5/-25 Position relative to Marker 2: 22/-1.5/20 Absolute distance to Marker 2: 29.77 Position relative to Marker 3: x/y/z Absolute distance to Marker 3: ##.## Marker 2 Absolute map position: x/y/z etc etc
  9. Greetings Lex, Will you mostly be commenting on newly-created threads, on a thread-by-thread basis? Or can we ask you questions directly? Nice try Junk, but your evil 1, 2, 3 plot is foiled. I printed all of your rants out and had them framed. They are mounted on my wall. Some of them truly are masterpieces. And if you think you can go back and 1, 2, 3 all your old posts like a red-faced baby, it is to no avail as it will only increase the eBay value of my hard copies.
  10. Allied Intent .2 mod for Battlefield 2 9 custom maps + 10 stock-remade BF2 maps, all playable in SP/Coop/MP. New jets: F16, Mig21, Mig21m, & Mirage III. New kit & weapon items: binocs, timebomb, flashbang, incendiary, and teargas grenades, M224 Mortar, RPG-7, throwing knife,Tavor and XM8 automatic rifles. Language support for Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, and Swedish. New helicopter variants, new effects, new vehicle and soldier reskins, plus much much more! Please visit our news page for up to date mirror listing and other items: http://www.alliedintent.com/web/index.html Fileshack Allied Intent .2 client (673MB) - http://www.fileshack.com/file.x/9056 Allied Intent .2 linux server (115MB) - http://www.fileshack.com/file.x/9055 Allied Intent .2 windows server (116MB) - http://www.fileshack.com/file.x/9054 Battlefield 2 Files @ Filefront Allied Intent .2 client (673MB) - http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/;65894 Allied Intent .2 linux server (115MB) - http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/;65893 Allied Intent .2 windows server (116MB) - http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/;65892
  11. Waypoints are alternate in-between-points that bots take from one strategic area to another strategic area. Unresponsive or idle bots is caused by a plethora of other reasons.
  12. objectTemplate.keepProjectiles ### specifies the number of seconds a projectile can live after its originating weapon is destroyed (or player dies). objectTemplate.maxprojectilesinworld ### specifies the number of projectiles which can exist in the game world from a specific weapon instance.
  13. They've done similar in several patches. They'll change the collisionmesh on statics to prevent glitching and wallhacking. They'll also put in the death material 666, presumably to kill those who try glitching or wallhacking in a known area.
  14. It is defined in the file /mods/{yourmod}/settings/serversettings.con sv.communityLogoURL "http://www.mycoolwebsite/my_cool_logo.jpg" Not sure about the exact pixel dimensions, but it will resize the image if it's too large (may look squeezed though). Try 480 x 120 and see if it looks ok.
  15. Hope this isn't hijacking.. Can ControlPoints be moved in game? Network info issues?
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