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  1. can the raptors hunt us down and slay us? can we slay them back? epic to be had?
  2. when this map is done. i know for a fact that it better have singleplayer! if you need a navmesher you might findone at the BATTLEFIELD SINGLEPLAYER forums
  3. oh k. lol so its just light settings coools. but yea man. GREAT map!
  4. only one thing bout this map bothers me. but some statics dont look lightmaped. stll fun though!
  5. map is great. def a keeper for assault mod
  6. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD add singleplayer or go o battlefieldsingleplayer forums for help on that
  7. bug ok there is like a small gap closer to american side of the city wher bots get stuck trying to run through this gap in the brick wall
  8. wow looks nice if you want to send it to me peer to peer id like to try it out xfire spartan117gw
  9. great stuff! ONE PROBLEM by the big ramp at the front of the city thers a big uh. cut/gash / chunk of ground missing. look around the ramp area and ul see it on one the upper level corner. over looking the ramp
  10. yeah uh. i ran the mod. ran level. boom ctd. hmm. anything special required for this?
  11. got an updated version to play?
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