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  1. 1) Copy the "bf2142" folder into your BF2 mods folder 2) Extract all the zips into correlating files, I.E. extract common_client and common_server into a folder or w/e called "common" etc. 3) Go in the editor, select "bf2142" and wait a long time for it to load. Go to mod manager or w/e and select all the files like "staticobjects" and all that, and click OK, like in regular bf2 4) Make a new map, name it what you want. 5) When you're ready to add objects, go to the init.con of your map, and then open the init.con of a stock bf2142 map 6) Copy and paste this portion into your map's init.con rem ------------------------------- LevelSettings ------------------------------- rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- gameLogic.setTeamName 1 "Pac" gameLogic.setTeamName 2 "EU" gameLogic.setTeamLanguage 1 "Russian" gameLogic.setTeamLanguage 2 "English" gameLogic.setTeamFlag 0 "flag_neutral" gameLogic.setTeamFlag 1 "flag_Pac" gameLogic.setTeamFlag 2 "flag_EU" gameLogic.setKit 1 0 "Pac_Recon" "pac_light_soldier" "pac_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 0 "EU_Recon" "us_light_soldier" "us_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 1 1 "Pac_Assault" "pac_light_soldier" "pac_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 1 "EU_Assault" "us_light_soldier" "us_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 1 2 "Pac_Anti-Vehicle" "pac_light_soldier" "pac_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 2 "EU_Anti-Vehicle" "us_light_soldier" "us_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 1 3 "Pac_Support" "pac_light_soldier" "pac_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 3 "EU_Support" "us_light_soldier" "us_heavy_soldier" rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7) Set your map's init.con file to READ ONLY after saving 8) YOUR DONE WITH SETTING IT UP except for the obvious objects and all that
  2. We still need a coder and stuff if we're gonna make a custom style Edit: I added a temporary style thats real cool
  3. Imperial Studios, as some of you may know, is working on a tournament for Frontlines: Fuel of War, as well as perhaps projects with many other games, including BF2142. We need an HTML/CSS coder at the moment, because we currently have a graphics designer who knows nothing about coding it in and all that If you're interested, please visit www.imperialstudios.net and post in the recruitment section on our forums. We are recruiting people who are 16+ in age and have MSN Instant Messenger. Also, you must have skill in HTML and/or CSS
  4. Good map I want everyone to know I call dibs on Daqing Oilfields 2142
  5. I would love to see a public server with custom maps
  6. They only care about Sir.
  7. wow this got stickied! Anyways, remember, copy the teams part of the init.con of a stock map into your map's init.con and set it to READ ONLY
  8. Xaritix

    Karkand 2142

    I CALLED DIBS ON KARKAND 2142!!! great work
  9. I'm not a coder, but buzz me up when you need a mapper
  10. Thank god that spider tank was just a joke
  11. Xaritix

    Krylov Fa-11

    The Krylov FA-37 The one I made is an earlier version of the Krylov FA line, like how they have an AK-47, and AK-74, an AK-101, etc.
  12. did it really have spider legs? lol Personally I like it when its realistic but I guess it'll be fun, lol
  13. Xaritix

    Krylov Fa-11

    Hey, maby someone can model it fo me and skin it and I can try to get it in game just for kicks ya know that would be cool? Basically how the texture should look is like the Krylov's ya know kinda silvery? I'm to retarted to model it myself
  14. Xaritix

    Krylov Fa-11

    I meant how the AK-47 is used by insurgents and third world countries and stuff like that, plus it looks more like the Krylov FA-37 so thats why I made it the Krylov FA-11, but I based the design from the AK-101 and changed stuff. I drew the AK-101 then erased the clip and put in a new one, put a new stalk, etc.
  15. I had this idea: a weapon for BF2142 that is the future equivelent of the AK-47 today, like how it is the most widely used most kinda durable and stuff gun today, and is a symbol of rebellion and insurgency Well I drew a weapon based off of the AK-101, I call it the Krylov FA-11. It was developed by the Krylov company in the year 2111. It has since become a very durable, cheap, reliable weapon in the world of 2142, deemed obsolete by the Pan Asian Coalition in favor of the FA-37, and also by the European Union. But it is used extensively by the Union of African States during the PAC invasion of Central Africa I wrote the above description based on my assumptions of future xpacks and stuff - mostly because it was said there would be some invasion of central or w/e africa by the PAC. Thus I hope it has a Union of African States. Or perhaps in that xpack taking place in North America (possibly), maby the weapon could be used by like remaining United States or w/e it is forces in Mexico. Because mexico isn't under the ice, and maby by 2142, North America is all one country or something under the name United States of North America (USNA) What do you guys think? I suck at modeling so sadly I cannot model this, but spread the word and maby it might get in a future xpack somehow or something I'd like suggestions and stuff as to how I can improve it to make it as realistic as possible. by realistic I mean like it could be an actual weapon in 2142
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