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  1. Mousewheel to zoom, hold mousewheel and drag mouse the rotate.
  2. OK, to get the helo to get repaired and resupplied go into roads --> (one of the two sub-menus) --> you should find a helipad. This will repair and resupply your helo.
  3. All flags aren't Mec, you need to select a flag, and in the tweakerbar you need to change the number next to "team". I think 2 is PLA and 3 is USMC. As for your other problem, you havent actually painted any textures. I suggest you read the tutorials from LBrown which can be found here http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4323&st=0 Good luck with your map. Bencol
  4. Bencol

    Clay Mod

    I think you should calm down, you've already started two other mods in like, a month.............
  5. Since two of our members left we are in DIRE need of people who can help us out! If you can: - Model (anything) - Skin (and UV Map) Thankyou, and if you can help us in any way that will be helpful as were on the edge of giving up the mod. Thanks again, Bencol Conflict Canada Mapper. Please take a look at our Website Sign up to our Forums here.
  6. Im trying to get a map i made for C:C from BF2 into C:C, ive copied the level settings part from another init.con. But my flags do not show up? Why is this? Thanks. Bencol
  7. Just keep clicking continue and you will get to the game.
  8. Forgive my language but that looks fucking amazing, though the guy in the game runs like he's just solied himself..........
  9. One of the best mods ive ever seen! So original. Keep it up
  10. Brilliant. Nice gfx btw!
  11. Are you sure you've added in spawnpoints aside from the flag? Because it sounds to me like you have just added flags and no spawnpoints...........
  12. OK I still have had no luck with this............ My heightmapprimary.raw IS THERE, and i have never changed the map name. Anyone else know whats wrong?
  13. Bencol

    Al Basrah

    WOW! Did you model that Airport Lobby? Fantastic! A veerry nice looking map keep it going
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