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  1. i've been hanging back from replying to this because i wanted to wait until i had something conclusive to tell you, but i have not yet, and probably never will (i haven't been able to run the game *with mods* for years, so i'm very rusty and with issues like this i really need to be able to run before/after tests) i noticed a couple of small things but i doubt they would affect engys specifically, but anyway... temp for the driver is 350, the other vehicles of a similar type i made for AIX had temps of 80 for driver, 50 for passenger. temps for the vanilla MiA2 were 20 and 7 respectively. temperature is a relative thing and varies wildly and dynamically from point to point during a round, so if all other objects in the game have similarly high temps, then this might not have much effect on your bug. turret azimuth for the ai vs. the actual tank doesn't match, i.e. (if i'm reading it correctly) turret is -15 to +7 ObjectTemplate.setMinRotation 0/-15/0 ObjectTemplate.setMaxRotation 0/7/0 ...but the ai thinks it is -20 to +7.5 aiTemplatePlugIn.setCameraRelativeMinRotationDeg -360.0/-20.0/0.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.setCameraRelativeMaxRotationDeg 360.0/7.5/0.0 ...as a result of using shared ai.*** aitemplate is defined in the .con instead of the .tweak, and is defined twice. not sure what difference that makes if any, it just looks odd to me, i'm used to the 'traditional' layout (that goes for combining all the objects ai into one file, too. absolutely hated trying to navigate that. much prefer one object = one file) it would be interesting to write the tank its own normal ai template and see if the problem follows it, or if it suddenly becomes present in only those other vehicles using that m5a1_stuart_auto_AI template. *** for what it's worth - tobias karlsson (one of dice's ai guys) once told me that it is always best to give each object its own ai - the extra CPU overhead is negligible, the saved HD space from sharing it is negligible, and it makes debugging easier
  2. i have been thinking about this since you posted it but unfortunately these days have forgotten more than i remember, and am unable to run the game to test any theories... are the hitpoints set the same in the armor comp? e.g. ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints 850 ObjectTemplate.armor.hitPoints 850 in objects.ai, what is the basicTemp set to? (basic temperature sets how 'attractive' an object is to a bot - but this affects all bots, not just engies) if you don't manage to fix it, perhaps you could post your .tweak and your objects.ai
  3. did you manage to solve this? still need help with it?
  4. super-shiny materials like you're describing are usually the result of a missing alpha channel (it's not actually missing - the hole gets filled by an all-white substitute, i.e. everything set to max shiny) can you confirm the proper alpha is there? copy and paste from original texture if not there, or kludge your own one together in gimp
  5. yeah, tell me about it. i was the dumb sap who made the 64-player navmesh for Op. RR plus others, and trying to get that clover-leaf section to generate properly was painful. cool that you found the solution i recommend Agent Ransack for times like this, it's a free windows search tool that's way better than stock windows search (i did a scan for the text string 'she_littlebird' and it told me which files contained it) - i'm not an endorsee, just a user who has found it very handy for finding things in BF2 over the years. (i assume it's still free, i hope so)
  6. nope. a runthrough with agent ransack on my install shows that there's only one instance of e.g. she_littlebird.tweak, in booster_server.zip if that's the only tweak, then modifying it should work, unless i'm missing something... (i assume you're doing all of this in local singleplayer, not using a dedi server etc.?)
  7. sorry i don't know what Armored Kill is - (or maybe i just don't remember, it has been several years) - but some vehicles are packed with the map itself; look in the map's server and client zips and maybe you will see 'Vehicles' inside the 'Objects' folder in both archives (as well as any required supporting effects and wreck particles, etc.) the included new vehicles are mounted via the map's init.con OperationSmokeScreen is an example of a booster pack map containing vehicles e.g. at the very bottom of Op Smokescreen's init.con, there is: renderer.globalStaticMeshLodDistanceScale 1 renderer.globalBundleMeshLodDistanceScale 1 renderer.globalSkinnedMeshLodDistanceScale 1 gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 1 "jep_mec_paratrooper" gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 2 "xpak2_faav" rem Effects run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_eurofighter\e_vexp_xpak_eurofighter.con run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_tnkl2a6\e_vexp_xpak_tnkl2a6.con run Objects\Effects\vehicles\explosionsxp2\e_vexp_xpak_tnkc2\e_vexp_xpak_tnkc2.con rem Vehicles run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_faav\xpak2_faav.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_eurofighter\xpak2_eurofighter.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tnkc2\xpak2_tnkc2.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_tnkl2a6\xpak2_tnkl2a6.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_lav25\xpak2_lav25.con run Objects\Vehicles\xpak2_vehicles\xpak2_hmmwv\xpak2_hmmwv.con rem Static Objects run objects\water\tabara_quarry_waterplane.con run objects\staticobjects\military\buildings\aircontroltower_eu\aircontroltower_eu.con run objects\staticobjects\military\buildings\mobileradar_eu_dest\mobileradar_eu_dest.con ...etc. etc. good luck, i hope you get it sorted out.
  8. just guessing, but are they really super high up, and that's why you can't see them? if you fly high enough the plane's physics go wonky, the plane just spins and tumbles without moving very far, and the only way to get down again is to shut off the throttle and wait until you fall down into stable air again. (the ai pilots never shut the throttle off) in all of my maps, at the very end of the map's init.con if have this line: physics.airDensityZeroAtHeight 2500 ...which tames the bad-physics thing a lot try it and see if it changes anything. if it does, it's worth adding to every map FH2 maps probably already have it, but it's worth checking
  9. i take this to mean that the bomber mentioned is behaving normally with other tanks and it's only this specific tank that is getting straffed instead of bombed. open the tank's Objects.ai and check that its setStrType is set to HeavyArmour, like in this example from the Tunguska - aiTemplatePlugIn.create Physical TunguskaPhysical aiTemplatePlugIn.setStrType HeavyArmour
  10. i have versions of those maps that were working*** in my own AIX Dev mod, Juggernaut = Op Road Rage, Buy the Farm = Op Harvest, but i did them so long ago it's hard to remember the exact things i did to make them work if i'm correct, i mounted all map-specific stuff into my dev mod as you would with normal statics and vehicles, i.e. put them in a minimod and remove the need for the maps to call their own objects.con - which has the side benefit of being able to use those vehicles in any other map if you wish. my versions have full-size navmeshes (bigger than the normal 64-size) - there was a lot of crud behind the scenes that had to be done to make the navmeshes generate, but i'm happy to just give you mine instead - you'll have to use my StaticObjects.con as well, because there was at least one change in Op RR made to allow the bots to use the map better (MEC base had a post midway in the base's exit, meaning tanks couldn't get through, so they'd try to go out the back way, and slide into the water. post removed.) - i'm pretty sure Harvest had at least one similar issue, i recall a bridge i had to fudge in some way to get bots using it now then... Battlefield Singleplayer has now gone offline, and with it went my normal place to upload large files and BF-related junk. dropbox doesn't work for me, so if you'd like to PM me with a suggestion about which files you want and the best way of getting them to you, we can take it from there *** this pc is relatively new, and doesn't have BF2 installed on it. all my custom BF2 stuff is here though, including those maps
  11. cheers D, i'm going to go through that tute and see if it fixes any of my current obstacles - but i'm starting to think that my old max v7 is never going to work again outside of a Win XP virtual machine. my new pc is dual Win 7 - Win 10, but max 7 sp1 was never happy running under Win 7 even on my old hardware, lots of memory issues and crashes. i was literally having to save after every single operation...
  12. i just downloaded that map down from fileplanet to take a look, and it has no navmesh or ai. what is yours using, did you make your own?
  13. combat zone? i'm assuming you mean combat area? the combat area is the border around the playable area on your map, if you go outside this you'll hear the 'deserters will be shot' warning and see the countdown. there can be separate combat areas for soldiers, vehicles and aircraft or you can just use a single one for everything if 'usedByPathfinding' is checked for a combat area, it will also define the borders of a new navmesh that you create (so normally the soldier combat area is used for this, because it's the smallest) StrategicAreas (SAs) are used by the a.i. to determine whether they are inside the ControlPoints (CPs) or not - each one will have an ID that matches its CP's ID, and it will also have a 'temperature' to determine how hot (i.e. important) it is to the bots, e.g. if CP1/SA1 has a temp of 50 and CP2/SA2 has a temp of 200, the bots will be more likely to pick CP2 as their destination. note this temp is only a small part of the bot's strategy, any vehicles at the CPs also have their own temps which are all added together to get the total combined temp for the CP you didn't mention OrderPositions, so i'd better explain them too: each CP/SA has an OrderPosition of infantry, and another for vehicles. these determine exactly where a bot will go to try and capture the CP, so the infantry OP *must* always be inside the CP radius - you can be a little tricky with these; i would often place them behind an object or inside a building so the bot capturing the CP had a some cover instead of standing out in the open like a lemon vehicle OPs work in two ways: if it's *inside* the CP radius, the bot will drive up to OP and sit there until the flag is capped. BUT if it's *outside* the CP radius, he will drive up to it and then exit the vehicle, and proceed on foot to the Infantry OP and cap the flag from there. for the carrier in AIX2 i made a custom ramp and stairs for the carrier that make the entire path from the sea to the deck walkable without needing ladders, which bots can't use. if i remember correctly they are called Carrier_Ramp and Carrier_Stairs_inc and are found in AIX2's staticObjects/misc folder. you use them by putting them in your map and aligning them to the carrier before you generate your navmesh OrderPositions for bots on the carrier are a special case: if you try to set them, the OP will snap to the terrain, which is useless. to give them valid positions, i would create 2 temporary spawnpoints e.g. DeleteMe_Infantry and DeleteMe_Vehicle - the infantry one gets put on the carrier deck inside the CP radius (or wherever your CP is in the carrier) - the vehicle one i usually put just outside the carrier's rear hangar, level with the surface of the sea. (put it inside the hangar and it can get congested; put it too far outside the hangar and the bots take too long to swim inside to the ramp) once you have created these spawns and saved the map, you can copypaste their position coords into the OP coords, then delete the spawns afterwards. you can tell if they are correctly placed because they will show up as green circles (vehicle circle is slightly larger than the infantry circle) - if the circles are red, it means their position is not valid. NOTE that this is also true for spawnpoints and vehicle spawners - any showing a green disc are in a valid position for the bots; if they have a red disc they must either be moved or marked as 'human only' so the bots don't try to use them IMPORTANT - you must load your navmesh in the editor in order to see the red and green circles and discs - otherwise they'll all show up as red. in the text boxes select: AiPathfinding > LoadGTSData > click green button in the Render menu select: Render > Ai > Toggle draw ai and then: Render > Ai > Toggle draw infantry navmesh OR Render > Ai > Toggle draw vehicle navmesh ...your navmeshes should show as having green land, yellow shallow water, and blue deep water. i'll let someone else step in and explain the other stuff you asked about. good luck and have fun ----> oh and one more thing - if you render your reflection maps and you see a line of white letters/numbers showing in your water and glass, disable the SP editor, quit and restart the main editor and then render them again.
  14. i'm not a mapper as such but i have made a couple, and modified many... what is the folder/content heirarchy you have set up for the mod? for my own stuff i found it was MUCH simpler to have a separate version of my mod purely just for mapping + modelling this mod contains all of the vanilla BF2 mod plus all of my own mod's files, all extracted* * that is, no zips. e.g. all of the files from MyMod_client.zip and MyMod_server.zip would be unzipped into a folder called MyMod, keeping any subfolders intact. the idea is that the game engine can find any file it requires right there in front of it's face to avoid any errors caused by 'cannot find file nnn' any maps or models i'd completed got copied over to a separate playing/testing mod, for two main reasons: the playing/testing mod didn't need to be quite so bloated as the mapping/modelling mod. the editor can and WILL frequently bork the scripts for your exports. it's not so much a problem for mappers, but for new vehicle exports etc. the editor would frequently add unwanted code, or remove wanted code, or other skullduggery. DICE said that they used this method themselves, which is why the editor never got refined any more than the final version - they already had this technique as a workaround. bear in mind that the editor is v1.3 so you'll need to take into account any differences that occurred between v1.3 and v1.5 - for new models there were a few things that needed adjusting, i don't know if maps had any similar pitfalls. if this mod is purely for your own use, don't bother packing your map - they run perfectly well unpacked (i.e. no server/client zips, just plain files) and it's much easier to edit stuff on the fly without having to unzip-rezip every damn time you make a small change. an unpacked map is typically about 150mb compared to 50mb for a packed map, but this is 2019 and we aren't as scared of filling up our hard discs as we were back in 2005 when BF2 was new. good luck.
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