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  1. clivewil

    need some (a lot) help

    i'm not a mapper as such but i have made a couple, and modified many... what is the folder/content heirarchy you have set up for the mod? for my own stuff i found it was MUCH simpler to have a separate version of my mod purely just for mapping + modelling this mod contains all of the vanilla BF2 mod plus all of my own mod's files, all extracted* * that is, no zips. e.g. all of the files from MyMod_client.zip and MyMod_server.zip would be unzipped into a folder called MyMod, keeping any subfolders intact. the idea is that the game engine can find any file it requires right there in front of it's face to avoid any errors caused by 'cannot find file nnn' any maps or models i'd completed got copied over to a separate playing/testing mod, for two main reasons: the playing/testing mod didn't need to be quite so bloated as the mapping/modelling mod. the editor can and WILL frequently bork the scripts for your exports. it's not so much a problem for mappers, but for new vehicle exports etc. the editor would frequently add unwanted code, or remove wanted code, or other skullduggery. DICE said that they used this method themselves, which is why the editor never got refined any more than the final version - they already had this technique as a workaround. bear in mind that the editor is v1.3 so you'll need to take into account any differences that occurred between v1.3 and v1.5 - for new models there were a few things that needed adjusting, i don't know if maps had any similar pitfalls. if this mod is purely for your own use, don't bother packing your map - they run perfectly well unpacked (i.e. no server/client zips, just plain files) and it's much easier to edit stuff on the fly without having to unzip-rezip every damn time you make a small change. an unpacked map is typically about 150mb compared to 50mb for a packed map, but this is 2019 and we aren't as scared of filling up our hard discs as we were back in 2005 when BF2 was new. good luck.
  2. dammit, when reading your title i thought it meant EA had already planned to release it - not 'will they ever release it'
  3. clivewil

    Welcome Back Bf2Editor!

  4. clivewil

    Navmesh Problem

    sounds like Python might not be properly installed or associated? and don't just run the bat file; open a cmd window, cd to the correct folder and run the bat from in there. the window shouldn't close until you do it manually.
  5. aha good old sagethumbs, i use that myself because it makes photoshop .psd's show thumbs too. it's a great little add-on.
  6. you might be better off looking at the ai for the soldiers rather than for the grenade - perhaps you could try changing their behaviour in AIBehaviours.ai, e.g. from memory there's a 'take cover' behaviour that might stop them running if its value was lowered enough, of course i might be wrong but it's worth a look
  7. clivewil

    Lod1 Heirarchy For Statics

    only lod0 needs the set of col meshes, you can delete nonvis_ and anything downwind of it from lod1 <br> <br> in most cases you'd use the same shader because the material would be the same and the UV's would be similar too, although less complex
  8. clivewil

    P-51d Mustang And Bf-109e Emil

    nope. doesn't work for me. might be a script problem or it doesn't like my version of firefox. no option to use bold, underscore, italic, font size - i get none of that stuff, i have to enter the tags manually from memory. preferred the old board setup.
  9. clivewil

    P-51d Mustang And Bf-109e Emil

    hmm not for me it didn't, i had to use < br > or else it all shrunk into one chunk 'more reply options' just shows me a preview of my reply, it doesn't give me any options and what does "this is project reality jet" mean, is he saying i stole it, or that PR did
  10. clivewil

    P-51d Mustang And Bf-109e Emil

    cheers! how's the B-29 stick bombing in the first clip, i knew they had a large load but wow - massive hurt underneath that lot. i gave some thought to your baka/ohka last week - it has a very simple cockpit which is a plus seeing as i hate making cockpits. you'd have to stretch reality with the landing gear though, e.g. keep the skid but have invisible wheels so it could land and steer on the ground, or else it wouldn't be much use -------- we need some formatting tools in here, the new forum doesn't recognise line breaks. it makes all my text turn into a single paragraph -------
  11. clivewil

    Updated Ipb Software

    i'm glad the url loop got fixed. one question: where's the formatting tools gone to, e.g. quote, bold, font colour, link, image, codebox etc? i can't see them anywhere...
  12. clivewil

    Updated Ipb Software

    all ok so far, apart from the initial scare of thinking i'd come to the wrong site
  13. clivewil

    Corona's Shaders

    interesting. thanks Corona
  14. clivewil

    How To Make A Transparant Object

    use the material name Alpha || AlphaEnvMap and don't give it a normal map, colour map only
  15. clivewil

    Mod Bots Can Use Tv Guided Missile

    that's only the weapon ai template, you will also need go to the the heli's tweak and change the hellfire projectile from the TV one (agm114_hellfire_tv) to the laser-guided one (agm114_hellfire) and change the targeting/guidance system to laser too, e.g. change ObjectTemplate.target.targetSystem TSTVGuided to ObjectTemplate.target.targetSystem TSLaserGuided i've probably forgotten some small details, but that's the bulk of it