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  1. Dark_Electro

    Map Crash

    ok the default layer is where buildings and stuff should be placed then the flags should be placed on the corosponding layer relative to the number of players
  2. Dark_Electro

    Altering Overgrowth

    yeah i know alot of people find fixes for thier problems but then they don't post it(irritating)
  3. Dark_Electro

    Trouble Exporting Max To Bundled Mesh

    ok do you have the 3ds max tools and why is the file you have linked to a viz scene because it does not work (and viz is a rendering program not modeler)
  4. Dark_Electro

    Star Wars Mos Espa Buildings

    is it an enterable structure? otherwise the model looks good
  5. Dark_Electro

    Is It Easy To Make A Vehicle

    one question about the tanks and the tracks could you do something like the mamoth tank from C&C3 which has a two sets of treads on each side of the tank
  6. Dark_Electro

    Exporting From 3dsmax9 I Get Unknown Property "savematerial"

    thanks for completing that path i forgot were i actualy went
  7. Dark_Electro

    The Objects are too shiny

    also forgot to mention that on the models in the editor and in game the detail overrides the color(no color showing) so is this something to deal with the texture itself or th ealpha channel
  8. Dark_Electro

    Exporting From 3dsmax9 I Get Unknown Property "savematerial"

    it could either be a problem with 64 bit or vista i would not know i don't have either
  9. Dark_Electro

    ice_killer recruiting

    hey junk is that why the mod for bf 1942 just like went away?
  10. Dark_Electro

    The Objects are too shiny

    i have the _c (DXT1) and _de (DXT5) with the alhpa channel being totaly black and my static is still extreamly reflective
  11. Dark_Electro

    [BF:A] Croupier's Custom Skins for your Map Tutorial

    hey naybe you could change the name of this thread cause this method does not only work for textures it also works with custom statics(don't know about PCO's don't have any) just a thought
  12. Dark_Electro

    Exporting From 3dsmax9 I Get Unknown Property "savematerial"

    ok you have to first delete every thing that you copyed over to the 3ds directory then navigate to here C:\Documents and Settings\"user name"\Application Data there should be a folder either autodesk or 3ds ( i can't remember) then delete anything related to battlefield 2 now you go and follow mschoeldgen's advice
  13. Dark_Electro

    Bf2 Tools For 3ds Max - Setup

    ok i got it work i had to delete any thing related to bf2 out of every 3ds max folder(more than just what you add to the main directory)
  14. Dark_Electro

    A Few Basic Questions About The Bf2 Editor

    1.the 700MB files are needed to do lightmaps period 2.they can make making a map faster but no matter what you have to use the editor 3. i don't know
  15. Dark_Electro

    Exporting From 3dsmax9 I Get Unknown Property "savematerial"

    still it does not work for me i still get the savematerial error yes i have looked at the plane and hanomag tuts and looked at the naming and stuff and it made no diffference