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  1. 👀 I pop on very rarely
  2. Great work Detrux, good to see the forum back up, and back to normal.
  3. Hey all! Detrux has always been difficult to contact I'm a moderator, but I'm unable to delete topics or posts anymore, think whoever restored the site didn't restore the privileges. Plus some spam bots have 40,000+ posts and topics, so would need someone able to delete accounts along with posts to even get close to clearing the site. but I'm removing posting abilities of bots when I see them though.
  4. They look very much like bf4 buildings, to be your "own". In bf2 we are quite limited to how you can do destroyable buildings, we cant do like how you see in modern games where you make a mesh then set where and how to break it in the engine/editor, its just done with a second destroyed building object and swapped meshes through code on destruction, with a some effects in-between. Which in this case I imagine with such a large building isn't going to look very nice. But to start make a new model of it destroyed, and I'm sure someone can give you the info on the coding which isn't my line of work
  5. You need to double the size of the detailmaps in the editor folder.
  6. Hard to see the problem area from your pics because of the writing, but i bet all you need to do is add some verts here and clean the edges up. (shown in pic, maybe better little lower too) to fix it and it wount affect the overall curve. Hope my pic helps, if not and are stuck upload the file and sure myself or clive could find an easy fix.
  7. Yea needs better triangulation, they way too long and narow, i'd add some verts along the center spine to trianglate to, so to get those triangles more triangle looking.
  8. More exact, its an ati card editor bug, as said by CB will be ok ingame, only problem is doing the minimap image.
  9. Looking real nice, looks like your a regular max pro I would keep in mind chopping it up into small bits, so to get nice detailed lightmaps which will bring this to life when done Keep up the good work
  10. What version of windows you useing? might be an admin rights thing.(check properties on the .bat and nvdxt.exe files to run as admin) Also check that that nvdxt.exe and and .dll's are inplace. Failing that, its been awhile but could test out your batch and a LM file, that you could upload if stuck, i've no doubt had this problem, but been too long to remember the fixes.
  11. Naa you dont need to run point light pass, but wount hurt To create the .dds files you need to run the .bat file as said before. create you own or alter the one that should be in the tool files. make sure all paths are correct to your computer.
  12. you set the sun in the editor, place camera where you want it then light settin/sun/set sun from camera.. Mavrik347, theres easy way to import the overgrowth yea... think rhino has a tut somewhere on pr forums... but basicly all you have to do is place 1 of each trees used as statics, then select them all, then select all same type button, then in options with all selected tick is savable, think thats how it goes.. not opened bfed in awhile
  13. Top stuff Cassio, look forward to trying it
  14. Bensta


    They no doubt used a custom object, not done with the terrain.
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